Tuesday 27 March 2018

Landing a white whale

After winning the Willinghammer Rising World Cup of Trading last year, and I think as a Canadian I added part of the world to the World Cup, along with cards I received from Wes, part of the prize I received was money in my paypal account.

Since I've seen that Wes is a big hitter in his various trade wars, I decided that I wanted to honor his reputation and use my winnings to splurge and try to buy big cards that I have wanted over the years. I had a few ideas in mind, and periodically did searches to see if I could find any of them at prices I wanted to pay. One card on a recent search caught my attention.

1991 Pro Set Platinum - Paul Brown Platinum card (#/1500)

I bought a lot of Pro Set Platinum boxes and packs chasing this card when the set came out. I didn't know if the card was inserted into the packs, or if it was a certificate for the card, but I wanted one! (I now know that you had to find a certificate for the card in the pack.)

Although it is numbered out of 1500, I only remember seeing one in person before - in a case at a card show with a price that was way more than I wanted to spend. I didn't manage to actually hold the card.

This card that I received is interesting in that it appears to be shrink-wrapped. You can kind of see that on the sides and corners of the card's front scan. I don't know if it came like that originally, or if the seller did that, but the card in its shrink-wrap fits in a one-touch case so it is fine with me. The white specks on the scan are either on my scanner or on the outside of the wrap and picked up by the scanner. I don't notice them when looking at the card in hand.

Last week, I saw an article on the Sports Collectors Daily blog that gave a one-day 15% discount code for eBay. Having seen the Paul Brown card for $60, I was able to grab it for $51 with the discount code. (Thanks, Sports Collectors Daily, for posting about the discount code!)

It is great to add a card to my collection that I have wanted for so long.


  1. Sadly as much as I love 90's cards and have a growing list of wants, I have never heard or seen this card. Pretty cool. Congrats on the add!

  2. Congrats on the nice addition to Dawg Day Cards.

  3. Now that's the way to spend some prize winnings! I too had never seen one of these before, and you have to know that with a card like this from the 90's, that there isn't 1,500 of them out there floating around, so it's probably quite a bit rarer then most people know.

  4. It's always fun to learn about a card you never knew even existed. I busted a bunch of this product back in the day, but don't recall ever seeing or hearing about it. Congratulations on this purchase and the new addition to your football card collection.

  5. Pretty great! I love the hand numbering!

  6. Add me to the list of collectors who never knew of this card. Congrats on winning the big JBF WCOT contest, and on adding this to your collection!