Sunday, 2 October 2022

Browns Cards from the Dollar Store

 A couple of months ago, I was surprised to find a nice envelope of cards in the mail. Looking at the return address, I saw they were from a fellow Canadian, Doug from the Sportcards From The Dollar Store blog.

Note, I said this was a couple of months ago. I'm a bad blogger. I was going to post something about receiving these, so I didn't send an email thank you...  And then I realized just how much time had passed, and just want to apologize for taking so long to thank you, and show some of the great cards that I received.

On the left are a couple of Myles Garrett cards. He missed today's Browns game after his single-car accident that he was lucky to walk away from. I hope that he means it when he says that this was an eye-opening experience and that he is going to change his driving habits.

The top left card is from the 2021 Panini Phoenix set, and the bottom left one is a Red & Blue parallel from the 2019 Panini Rookies and Stars set.

The top right card is a Next Level insert card from the 2020 Score set. Nick Chubb always seems to give it his all every game and is a pleasure to watch play.

The bottom right card is a Gold parallel of Jarvis Landry from the 2020 Score set. Jarvis Landry is playing for the Saints this year, and I wish him all the best. I think he really set an example of professionalism to the players on the Browns when he was traded for before the 2018 season.

My camera work didn't really help the four 2021 Panini Prizm cards above. You can see part of the shadow effect on the Denzel Ward card from holding my phone above them to take the photo.

I really enjoyed adding a new Eric Metcalf card to my collection. He was one of my favourites when he played for the Browns.

Here a couple of rookie year insert cards of the Browns former starting quarterback, and number one draft pick, Baker Mayfield. They are both from the 2018 Panini Rookies & Stars set.

I still like Baker Mayfield, and wish him all the best in his future career. I think the way things ended between him and the Browns was unfair to him, and even though I didn't think that he should have played hurt as much as he did last season, he gave it his all to try and help the team.

I was very surprised to see this card, and really have to thank Doug for this card. It is from the 2018 Panini Rookies & Stars - Rookies Longevity Signatures Blue set.

For some reason, the Browns seemed to have a stretch where they weren't drafting Ohio State players, no matter how successful they were. Denzel Ward was drafted with the 4th pick of the 2018 NFL Draft.

These 1989 Panini Stickers were among the cards that were sent. I remember buying these stickers and trying to finish the sticker book. These stickers bring back many fond memories of collecting, and of these players from the late 1980s Browns teams that I loved so much.

Doug, thank you so very much for the package, and I'm really sorry that I didn't send you a message that I had received it. The cards and stickers were greatly appreciated.

Monday, 25 July 2022

Contest winner

I would like to thank those that made guesses as to the first Minnie Minoso card that I owned. There were no correct guesses but Brett Alan came so close!

The first Minnie Minoso card that I owned was the 1977 O-Pee-Chee #262 Record Breaker card.

Images taken from The Trading Card Database.

Brett Alan guessed the 1977 Topps version of this card (#232).

As many people that I've traded with know, I'm Canadian, and grew up buying all of these smaller O-Pee-Chee sets.

This card fascinated six-year-old me. Seeing a really old guy on the front of the card, and then reading that he was 53 when he got a hit was crazy! (Of course, now that I'm closing in on 52, I don't think it is that old!)

I'm pretty sure that this card may have triggered the first time that my father told me about Negro League baseball. I know that I heard about the league before I saw "Don't Look Back: The Story of Leroy 'Satchel' Paige" in 1981.

Since nobody guessed the card, I'll randomize all of the commenters in the order that they commented. If Jon or Matt win, since they didn't guess a card signifying they didn't want the Exhibit card, I'll send them something else instead, and then randomize the list again.

Here we go:

List Randomizer

There were 7 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

  1. Jon
  2. bbcardz
  3. Matt
  4. Fuji
  5. GTT
  6. Brett Alan
  7. defgav

Timestamp: 2022-07-26 02:14:51 UTC

And it's Jon! I'll get in touch with you and find something else to send you.

We'll try the randomization again:

List Randomizer

There were 7 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

  1. GTT
  2. defgav
  3. bbcardz
  4. Matt
  5. Brett Alan
  6. Fuji
  7. Jon

Timestamp: 2022-07-26 02:35:36 UTC

Don't use this service for giveaways! Use Multi-Round Giveaways instead 

You have randomized this list 2 times.

Congratulations, GTT! If you could send me an email with your address, I'll get the Minoso in the mail to you. My email is in my profile on this page.

For those that noticed the twenty minute difference between the two randomizations, well I was watching the end of the Phillies/Braves game.

As a Mets fan, I really didn't want either team to win, but a Phillies win would give the Mets an extra half-game in the standings. I found myself in the uncomfortable position of hoping for a Phillies win. And they actually came back late to win! I'll grudgingly say "Good job!" to them. Now go on and sweep the series!

Saturday, 23 July 2022

Baseball HOF Contest and Announcing a New Set Blog

Okay, what is two and a quarter years between posts?

I'm still around and collecting Browns cards. I mostly took a break from collecting during COVID times, but picked up some when available, and still read a lot of blogs.

I'm a lot disgruntled with my Browns for the Deshaun Watson trade and contract, not because I don't think that he is more physically talented than Baker Mayfield, but for the off-field accusations that he is facing. I don't want him as the face of the team that I cheer for, as quarterbacks mostly are.

I haven't worn any of my Browns clothing since the trade, and I won't attend any Browns games while he is part of the team. I'm still going to cheer for the team, but not for him. I'm sure that I will wear Browns clothing when the season starts, but I dread how many people might ask me for my opinion of him.

I am still collecting all Browns cards, so I will add Watson cards to my collection, but really doubt that I will scan and show any of his cards on here in any posts. (Of course that would also mean that I have to post.)

Anyway, I'm going to announce a new card blog that I will be starting, but first will start this post with a small contest to hopefully draw some views to the announcement of the new blog.

The prize for the contest is an exhibit card that I picked up at a local show some time last year of one of the new Hall of Famers that will be inducted tomorrow:

The winner of the contest will be randomized from all those that answer a question correctly in the comments below:

What is the first Minnie Minoso card that I ever owned?

(For anyone interested in seeing a bunch of Minnie Minoso cards, a gallery of them can be found at The Trading Card Database.)

I will announce the winner on Monday. I look forward to seeing your guesses.


Over the years of reading card blogs, I have always been intrigued by the various set blogs out there. I thought about the various sets that I owned and wondered if I should start one of my own.

Then I came across an old sealed set of 1988 Swell Greats football that I had bought at a card show a while ago.

I figured doing a card by card blog of this set would be a good idea as it is only a 144 card set, and it would also allow me to learn more about the members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame through the Class of 1988.

Looking in my Browns collection, there are 12 cards from this set in there. To make sure there is a Browns card in this post, here is the Jim Brown card from the set:

Thanks for reading this announcement, and I hope that you will enjoy the 1988 Swell Greats Football - Card by Card blog!

Monday, 6 April 2020

RIP: Hall of Famer Bobby Mitchell

I was saddened to see the news that Bobby Mitchell passed away at the age of 84. I was not alive to see him play but books, football cards and the internet taught me about him.

Throughout this post I'll show various Bobby Mitchell football cards in my collection. All images have been taken from the Trading Card Database, although I had originally contributed some of the scans.

1992 Sunoco Browns Hall of Fame #9

Bobby Mitchell was drafted by the Browns in the 7th Round of the 1958 NFL Draft. He played four seasons with the Browns, sharing the backfield with Jim Brown, and returning punts and kickoffs.

1959 Topps #140 - RC

Mitchell scored a touchdown in his first NFL game, a 4 yard pass reception from Milt Plum in the second quarter of a game in Los Angeles, against the Rams, on September 28, 1958. The Browns won 30-27, and Bobby Mitchell ran for 50 yards on 10 carries, while also catching 5 passes for 26 yards with the one touchdown.

Bobby Mitchell finished his rookie season with 500 yards rushing, with a 6.3 average per carry, and one touchdown. He also caught 16 passes for 131 yards and 3 touchdowns.

To go with those offensive stats, he also contributed as a returner on special teams. He averaged 11.8 yards on 14 punt returns, and 25.2 yards on 18 kickoff returns for the season.  A highlight came in Cleveland on November 23, 1958 against the Eagles, when he had touchdowns on a 98 yard kickoff return, and a 68 yard punt return.

1960 Topps #25

Hmm, that photo looks familiar.

In his four seasons with the Browns, Bobby Mitchell played in 50 games. He scored 38 touchdowns in those games, 16 rushing, 16 receiving, 3 punt returns, and 3 kickoff returns. He averaged 5.4 yards per carry, and 11.4 yards per reception, and made the Pro Bowl in 1960.

1961 Fleer #12
1961 Topps #70

After the 1961 season, Bobby Mitchell was traded to the Washington Redskins for their Heisman winning, number one pick of the 1962 NFL Draft, Ernie Davis.

1963 Topps #159

As you might notice with the position listed on this card, upon joining the Redskins, Bobby Mitchell was moved out of the backfield into a receiver position. He led the NFL in receiving yards his first two seasons with the Redskins.

1988 Swell Greats #84

In 1983, Bobby Mitchell was named to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He was named as an inaugural member of the Browns Legends program that began in 2001.

When he retired, his 14,078 combined net yards was second in NFL history, behind his old teammate Jim Brown's 15,459 combined net yards.

To finish this post, I will show the Bobby Mitchell memorabilia card, and autograph card that I own.

2012 Panini Playbook - Fabled Fabrics #5 (SN/49)
1998 Ron Mix HOF Autographs - Platinum (SN/2500)

Rest in Peace, Bobby Mitchell.

Monday, 12 August 2019

Recent Sportlots order: 2007 - 2018 cards

Here is the final batch of cards from my recent Sportlots orders.

Top (l-r): 2007 Topps - Copper #62 (#/2007); - Copper #253 (#/2007)
Bottom (l-r): 2007 Upper Deck - Football Heroes #88; 2010 Topps Chrome - Bowman Chrome Rookies #BCR-8

I only owned one of the ten copper parallel cards for the Browns team set before this order. As with most parallels, I'll grab them when I can.

I was a fan of both Brady Quinn and Colt McCoy, and am very happy to pick up new cards of both of them.

L-R: 2010 Panini Classics - Sunday's Best #8; - Team Colors #14

Two nice inserts for the 2010 Panini Classics set.

Top (l-r): 2010 Topps Unrivaled - Gold #108 (#/499); - Rookie Autographs #108 (#/99)
Bottom: 2012 SAGE Hit - Red #103

With the Topps Unrivaled cards, here is another instance where I've acquired a parallel and autograph before getting the base card. The autographed card is the most expensive card of this post at $2.00. It is my eleventh autographed card of Montario Hardesty.

I already owned the base card for the Brandon Weeden card.

Top (l-r): 2012 Topps - Gold #104 (#/2012); 2012 Topps Magic - Minis #128
Bottom (l-r): 2012 Topps Prime Retail - Blue #141; 2013 Panini Crown Royale - Bronze #16

A bunch more parallels of Browns cards where I already own the base cards. I haven't looked through my binders yet, but I'm pretty sure that I already own this Crown Royale Weeden card. I was happy at how few cards I bought that turned out to be doubles.

In my first Sportlots post, I mentioned that I started looking through the site by looking for Panini Stickers that I needed. Here is the start of what I bought.

Top (l-r): 2016 Panini Stickers #2 and #99
Bottom: 2016 Panini Stickers #100

The team logo sticker in the top right is foil.

The mascot shown on the bottom sticker is one of the NFL created Rush Zone mascots. I read that the Browns one is named K-9.

Top (l-r): 2016 Panini Stickers #101 and #102
Bottom (l-r): 2016 Panini Stickers #103 and #106

The three darker scans are foil stickers. I like the look of the textured stripes in the background on them.

Top (l-r): 2016 Panini Stickers #107, #108 and #109
Bottom (l-r): 2016 Panini Stickers #110, #111 and #112

I like the illustrated Barnidge sticker in the middle of the top row, but the eight on his number and his left leg seem a little off to me.

Top (l-r): 2017 Panini Stickers #12 and #98
Bottom: 2017 Panini Stickers #99

Another year of stickers, and another of the Rush Zone mascot stickers.

Top (l-r): 2017 Panini Stickers #100, #101 and #102
Bottom (l-r): 2017 Panini Stickers #103, #104 and #105

Again, the stickers that scanned dark are foil.

The Brock Osweiler sticker might be the only card to show him in a Browns uniform. He was listed as a member of the Browns in the Prestige set, but was still in his Texans uniform.

Top (l-r): 2017 Panini Stickers #106, #107 and #108
Bottom (l-r): 2017 Panini Stickers #109, #110 and #111
I think that I prefer the illustrated Browns sticker in this set compared to the one in the previous year. I kind of like the reflection in the visor.

Top (l-r): 2017 Donruss Certified Cuts #83; 2018 Panini Classics #23
Bottom (l-r): 2018 Panini #69 and #71

Outside of the stickers, there were still base cards that I needed that were found in the different sellers' inventories.

Top (l-r): 2018 Panini Elite Draft Picks #17 and #45
Bottom: 2018 Panini Prestige #119

There always seem to be college cards of Browns draft picks that I need. I don't mind collecting them. They're good for a change of pace every now and then.

Top (l-r): 2018 Panini Rookies & Stars #69 and 70
Bottom: 2018 Panini Rookies & Stars #71

Tyrod Taylor may not have had many starts with the Browns before Baker Mayfield took over, but from everything that I read, he was a great mentor and leader with the team. I know that he signed with the Chargers in the off-season, but I haven't heard anything about how he is doing with them. I wish him the best!

L-R: 2018 Panini Stickers #97, #98 and #99

These foil stickers had fancy patterns  in the background. Of course, with the Duke Johnson trade last week, neither player on the foil stickers above are with the team anymore.

Top (l-r): 2018 Panini Stickers #102 and #105
Bottom (l-r): 2018 Panini Stickers #108 and #109

I've been reading and hearing that Myles Garrett has been pretty dominant so far this training camp. Garrett finished last season with 13.5 sacks, falling half a sack short of the team record. I think that if he stays healthy, most people expect him to break the team record this year.

L-R: 2018 Panini Playoff #46 and #49

My purchases finished off with a couple more base cards that I needed.

The cards shown in this post came to $19.38, which is basically the equivalent of another blaster.

When looking to buy individual inexpensive cards, it is hard to beat Sportlots prices.  They are generally better than you will find on COMC during sales (although COMC gives you the additional benefit of seeing the exact scan of your card), and definitely better than the individual prices on eBay. You just have to pay attention to the different sellers' shipping prices.

The other problem with Sportlots is that it can be a little time intensive to search through various sellers' inventories. All in all, though, I think that the return I get from the cards and their prices is well worth the time that I have to spend to construct the orders.

Saturday, 10 August 2019

Recent Sportlots orders: 1999 - 2007 cards

Continuing the cards from recent Sportlots orders, with these cards being from 1999 - 2007.

Top (l-r): 1999 Upper Deck Century Legends #166; 2001 Score Select #48
Bottom: 2000 Topps Gallery #63

I previously owned a parallel of the Jim Brown card. It is always nice to add the base card to a parallel.

The blue border on the Northcutt card has some chipping on the bottom. A little unfortunate, but not really that noticeable in the binder, and I have no problem paying $0.18 for it.

Even though the Kevin Johnson card came out before the Northcutt card, I figured by putting it on the bottom of the scan it would be close to the grouping of his other cards below.

Top (l-r): 2000 Bowman Chrome #29; 2001 Bowman Chrome #45
Bottom (l-r): 2001 Fleer Authority #30; 2001 Stadium Club #105

Stadium Club had great photos in football too!

Top: 2002 Donruss Elite #8
Bottom (l-r): 2001 Topps Archives #62; 2003 Donruss Gridiron Kings - Heritage Collection #HC22

When I manage to catch Browns pre-season games on tv with the Cleveland coverage, I enjoy listening to Tim Couch in the booth. Last Thursday's game had Couch in the booth, Bernie Kosar doing sideline commentary, and Joe Thomas as a special guest in the booth for the third quarter.

It is nice to pick up a couple of new Ozzie Newsome cards to my collection, including the Topps Archives reprint of his rookie card.

Top: 2002 Pacific Atomic - Countdown to Stardom #5
Bottom (l-r): 2003 Fleer Mystique #19 and #20

I don't know how many various insert cards that I have of William Green. I enjoy them, but there are so many. I guess that is what happens with a team's rookie running back.

Top (l-r): 2003 Topps Draft Picks and Prospects - Chrome Gold Refractors #85; 2003 Upper Deck Standing O #177
Bottom (l-r): 2004 Fleer Authentix #113 (#/750); 2004 Topps Draft Picks and Prospects #72

I'm sneaking in another Kevin Johnson card here. I previously owned the die-cut parallel of the football from this set.

I like the shiny refractor for the Quincy Morgan card, and the inset "ticket" on the Authentix Luke McCown card.

Top (l-r): 2004 Fleer Tradition - Blue #89; - Blue #100
Bottom (l-r): 2004 Fleer Tradition - Blue #130; - Green #167

As basic as they are, I love the colored parallels for the 2004 Fleer Tradition set.

L-R: 2004 Playoff Prime Signatures #24 (#/999); 2005 Donruss Gridiron Gear #125 (#/399)

Another Ozzie, and the beginning of a bunch of Charlie Frye cards.

Top: 2005 Donruss Throwback Threads - Rookie Hoggs #27 (#/750)
Bottom: 2005 Playoff Contenders - Legendary Contenders Green #10 (#/750)

I'm not going to complain about adding another Jim Brown card to my collection.

Top (l-r): 2005 Playoff Prestige - Draft Picks #DP3; 2005 Press Pass SE - Old School Collector's Series #OS9
Bottom (l-r): 2005 SAGE Hit - Autographs Silver #5; 2005 SAGE Hit - Reflectors Blue #R5

Here are a bunch of cards with Charlie Frye in his Akron Zips uniform. The autographed card was the most expensive card of this post at $3.00.

I've probably mentioned it before, but my roommate owns an Akron Zips baseball cap. When we stopped at a sporting goods store on a football trip to Cleveland, he wanted to buy a baseball cap, and really liked the look of the Zips caps. I don't really think he knew what it was beforehand but he likes it and still wears it a fair bit.

Top (l-r): 2005 SPx - Holoview #8; 2005 Topps Total - Silver #326
Bottom: 2005 Topps Total - Silver #139

I'm so happy that the Browns signed Phil Dawson to a one-day retirement contract. He deserves to retire with the Browns.

An interesting thing about his retirement contract - it was a legitimate contract, and they added him to a roster spot before he retired. It wasn't just a ceremonial contract. Now, from what I read, that also means that his rights stay with the Browns if he wants to come out of retirement.

Top (l-r): 2005 Score #68 and #71
Bottom (l-r): 2005 Topps Total - Silver #68; 2006 Topps Total - Red #204

It seems to always surprise me when I need Score base cards, although for cards where the player in the Browns uniform is listed with his new team, I can easily miss them.

Top: 2005 Topps Total - Silver #348
Middle: 2005 Topps Total - Silver #421
Bottom: 2006 Topps Total - Blue #353

I guess this is time to make my usual comment about loving Topps Total.

Adding the parallels of Michael Lehan, and Derrick Frost to their base cards removes both of them from the group of players that I only have one card of in my collection.

Top (l-r): 2005 Topps Turkey Red - Red #191; 2006 Finest - Refractors #91 (#/399)
Bottom (l-r): 2006 Leaf Rookies & Stars - Gold #26 (#/299); 2006 Playoff Prestige - Turning Pro #10

The red Charlie Frye parallel is a double. I thought I was ordering the base card. Oops.

Top (l-r): 2006 Topps DPP - Chrome Black #20; 2006 Topps DPP - Chrome Black Refractors #128
Bottom (l-r): 2006 Topps Turkey Red - Autographs Gray #TW; 2007 Leaf Certified #163 (#/1500)

The chrome black refractors seem to look so much better in the scans than they do in hand.

The Travis Wilson autograph was the most expensive card of this post at $2.49.

The total purchase cost for this scan was just a little more than a blaster at $23.31.