Monday 5 March 2018

COMC Black Friday: 2012 - 2016 Browns; and Christmas pack 35

Here is the last of my COMC Black Friday order.

Top (l-r): 2012 Panini Limited #101 (#/349); #131 (#/349)
Bottom (l-r): 2012 Panini Prominence - Gold #24 (#/897); 2012 Topps - Gold #3 (#/2012)

I often laugh when I see "Legend" on a card. I guess a Hall of Famer definitely qualifies, and Kosar would definitely qualify as a Browns legend so I have no problems with it here. I really enjoyed picking up these two cards.

I'm slowly picking up the twelve card Topps Gold Browns team set. The Weeden card brings me up to seven of them.

Left: 2013 Panini Certified - Mirror Red #10 (#/250)
Middle: 2013 Panini Certified - Mirror Red #12 (#/250)
Right: Topps Inception - Purple #66 (#/95)

More parallels. I like when the color parallels are easily identified in the backgrounds. I like how you can still see the players in the background through the red filter on the Greg Little card.

Top (l-r): 2014 Bowman - Rookies Black #9; 2014 Panini Rookies & Stars #153 variant
Bottom (l-r): 2014 Panini Prizm #287 variants

I guess I can't really get 2014 Browns cards without getting cards of Johnny Football.

I was really surprised that I didn't have the Rookies Black version of the Bowman card. It was good that I actually checked COMC against my collection on the Trading Card Database as I was looking what to buy. If I had to guess when ordering, I would have passed on this card.

The other three cards are all variants of the original base cards with Manziel in different poses. There are four variations to go with the base card for the Prizm set. Two more to go.

L-R: 2014 Panini Limited #20 (#/399); 2014 Topps Supreme - Blue #12 (#/144); 2014 Topps Valor - Strength #178 (#/499)

Hey look! An actual base card to go with two more parallels.

One of the Browns veterans found in many of the 2014 sets, Jordan Cameron was coming off a Pro-Bowl season with eighty catches and seven touchdowns. He missed almost half the 2014 season after a concussion and then signed as a free agent with the Dolphins. He ended up retiring because of his concussion history after the 2016 season.

Top (l-r): 2014 SP Authentic #150; 2014 Upper Deck - '94 UD Tribute #94-25
Bottom (l-r): 2014 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions - Green Mini Lady Luck Back #37; - Mini #37; - Mini Green Blank Back; - Mini Canvas #37

Upper Deck had the college license in 2014 so you see Bernie Kosar in his Miami Hurricanes uniform in the top two cards. I just wish they had different photos for the different sets.

Before this purchase, the only Kosar Goodwin Champions mini that I owned was the Red Foil Magician parallel that is numbered out of 14. I would have thought that I would have owned the regular mini ahead of time but I didn't.

I don't know where the photo on the minis is from. In the 1992 Pro Line set, there is a card of Kosar in his high school uniform and it appears as though he is wearing number 20, as he did in college. In the NFL, he wore 19 with the Browns and Dolphins, and 18 with the Cowboys. I'm not sure where the 2 or the blue and white uniform comes from.

Here are the backs of the minis.

I now have all the non 1/1 Kosar minis.

L-R: 2014 Bowman - Rookies Blue #74 (#/499); 2014 Topps Fire - Purple #138 (#/499)

Here are a pair of 2014 rookies, both undrafted free agents that ended up making the team.

Connor Shaw started the final game of the 2014 season. He was then injured the next season in a pre-season game and missed the 2015 season before being released. He then signed with the Bears, but again suffered pre-season injuries in 2016 and 2017.

Isaiah Crowell is ninth on the Browns career rushing yards leaders list. He is a free agent and I don't expect him back with the Browns next year. I don't think he was happy as to how he was used in Hugh Jackson's offense and will sign somewhere else. I'm pretty sure that a number of teams will be interested in him.

Left: 2015 Bowman - Rookies Rainbow Orange #78 (#/299)
Middle: 2015 Panini Certified - Mirror Silver #173 (#/499)
Right: 2015 Topps Chrome - Orange Refractors #164

Nate Orchard was drafted in the second round of the 2015 NFL Draft out of Utah. He started 11 games during his rookie season, was hurt in his third game of his second season, and only started one game last year.

Top (l-r): 2016 Donruss Optic - Aqua #23 (#/299); 2016 Panini Prizm - Prizm #286
Bottom (l-r): 2016 Panini Certified - Mirror #100 (#/499); 2016 Panini Origins - Blue #32 (#/150)

The COMC order finished with more parallels.

I was very surprised when the Browns cut Gary Barnidge last year after drafting David Njoku. But I was even more surprised that nobody else signed him over the course of last season. Oh well, at least his Browns career provided a catch that I'll never forget.


Here is the last of the Christmas baseball packs that I received.

1993 Donruss Series 1

They are clean looking cards but nothing really stands out to me here. I do appreciate the white border, and the fact that the team logo, name and position are easy to see.

There are better photos in this group. I'm not going to complain about getting a Met or new Hall of Famer Jim Thome.

Four pitchers to end things with, all in various stages of pitching.

Blue Jays fans were happy with Mitch Williams in 1993.

All in all, a pleasant pack of cards to open, but nothing special to me. I didn't scan any backs, but they have a different photo on the back which is nice.

I've enjoyed opening these baseball packs since Christmas.  I may have to continue to open random packs from various sports on my blog in the future.


  1. Buying Manziel seems like it's one of those good news/bad news type of situations. The bad news being, that as a team collector you really can't not buy his cards. But the good news is, that here in 2018, his cards are practically free :)

    1. Yeah, I've found some good deals over the last year or so. However I don't want to think of a couple of the prices that I paid just before the time of his first start.

  2. Nice cards, I have really enjoyed your COMC posts.

    1. Thank you. I didn't go with very much high value stuff but I sure got some quantity that I needed.