Friday 25 December 2015

Merry Christmas!

All the best to everyone on this Christmas Day, and for the rest of your holidays leading to the new year! May everyone have a safe, healthy and prosperous 2016!

And for the card collectors, may all the hits you pull fit your collections, or be cards that you are looking for.

Well, that's what Kosar sounds like...

Last Saturday, my choir performed its final Christmas concert of the season. This season, for the first time, I was a soloist.

Terry, son of Terry? Whoops, the son is Eric. It's his card!

You may wonder what these error cards are for...

 No, I didn't botch my solo. 

Oh, what was the solo? Well, here is a version of it:

"Snoopy's Christmas", by the Royal Guardsmen, has always been one of my favorite Christmas songs, and when two weeks before our first concert of the season our director asked if anyone would like to perform a solo since our program was a little short, well, I jumped in with this song.

I arrived at our venue on Saturday, and looked at the program - my name was on the front with the Tenors where our membership was listed, and hey, there it is in the middle of the program as a soloist. And they spelled MacLennan right. Great!

The first half of the concert went by, which included my solo. I thought it went very well, people were happy. Awesome! And I had a nice sense of relief at finishing it. I went out into the crowd for the intermission sing-a-long, and ran into a couple of friends who laughed at my name change. I was puzzled. I had looked at my name.

Well, it turned out that I had looked at my last name, but skimmed over my first name. Generally they don't get Angus wrong. But they did. The front had Angus right, but for the solo they listed me as Agnus MacLennan (which is even a misspelling of Agnes!). Ouch.

Well, since our community tv station was broadcasting this, I better go check with their control booth to make sure they fix it when they broadcast it. I talk to the man in charge, and he says that he is pretty certain that they went with Angus but that he would check it and change it if necessary before the broadcast.

Sunday evening rolls around. I turn the tv from football to catch the first showing of our concert. We get to my solo, and sure enough, "Agnus" pops up. Aaaarrrrggggghhh! I'll hear about that one.

I'll be getting a copy of the concert on dvd in the New Year. If people want, I'll try to post it. (It will be another learning experience for me on the computer. That is part of what this blog is for - to teach me how to do some of this stuff.)

In the meantime, I'll let the chorus express my sentiments for this Christmas season:

"Christmas bells, those Christmas bells,
Ringing through the land,
Bringing peace to all the world,
And good will to man!"

Merry Christmas!


  1. I had never heard that one till today.. Then again, this year I did as much to avoid hearing Christmas music as I could..

    1. One part of singing in a choir, you have rehearsals. I can't remember if our first Christmas season rehearsal this year was the last Friday in August, or the first one in September. I've been singing Christmas music that long...