Wednesday 16 December 2015

Black Friday: The dark years

In my last post I implied that there were Browns cards that might not be as welcome in my collection as might be expected. Those would be the Browns cards that are listed as Ravens.

With my Black Friday purchases, I picked up a few 1995 cards, and a bunch of 1996 cards.

After the move to Baltimore was announced in November 1995, I lost a lot of interest in football. I didn't watch as much for the rest of the year, but I did watch the final Browns game where the fans were pulling apart fixtures in the stadium. I really didn't watch much football at all in 1996. And I really didn't buy any football cards after the move was announced. I wasn't too inclined to support the NFL and any related products.

When I got back into collecting I knew I was going to collect 1995 cards, but wasn't sure what I was going to do about 1996 ones. When I started getting some in lots, I realized that I still wanted to buy the cards where players were in their old Browns uniforms even if the cards said Baltimore Ravens.

I added around 80 cards from 1996 in my Black Friday purchases and will show about half of them here.

Okay, the two far right cards are 1995 - I accidentally mixed them while I was scanning refractors. I just wanted to show refractors, along with the regular cards, from 1995 and 1996. I bought more than these but wanted to pair up players' base cards with the refractors if I could.

I love the clear plastic on these Collector's Edge cards. I believe that I've now completed the Browns cards from the set. (And they identify as Browns cards.)

I love the holograms, and they seem to show up nicely on the scans. The Zeier is a gold parallel.
To me the Pro Line die cuts would be better if it weren't for Baltimore written across the top.

Too bad I can't get a Topps Laser card with Cleveland Browns on it, I do like them. And then there is some shiny cards that don't scan that well. The Stadium Club Matrix card pops nicely, but the background is better when you can move the card back and forth. It has a great photo of Michael Jackson!

I picked up a bunch of Score inserts, mostly Artist's Proofs, but also the Field Force shown on the bottom. It was nice to add some more Keenan McCardell cards to my collection.

A sampling of base Pacific cards with Silver and Blue parallels.

A sampling of Pacific Invincible base cards on top with Silver and Blue parallels below.

I added two of the gold Super Bowl parallels for the NFL Experience set, with the team set of Printers Proofs.

I like the receiver photos on all three of these base cards. The Michael Jackson Skybox Impact card appears to be from the same game as the Stadium Club card above. It looks like this is after he landed.
There were two versions of the McCardell autograph in the Pro Line set. I already had the gold version (the seal in the bottom right corner) and just added the blue one for $3.45. It was one of the more expensive cards that I purchased. Keenan has a nice signature.

I needed the regular Derrick Alexander, and picked up a bunch of Browns Artist's Proofs for the Zenith set.

The next couple of Black Friday posts will deal with numbered cards, and a lot more autographs.


  1. Cool additions, I am with you that if the players are shown wearing a Browns uniform they are still Browns cards. I dealt with a similar situation when the Sonics were stolen and moved to OKC, I refuse to purchase any card showing players in the stolen team's uniform.

  2. Those Presidential cards are cool. Never seen those

  3. I agree that you have to take the Ravens with the Browns when the player is in a Browns uniform. It's the same as dealing with an O-Pee-Chee card with a guy who was "traded".

  4. Corky, being on the losing end of a moving team sucks. You'd think Baltimore fans would have remembered that instead of the glee they showed when they stole the Browns.

    Jeff, I first came across the President's Reserve cards at a local show. I can see if the guy has any Falcons, but it may have come out in two series because he had all the lower numbers I needed and then those were the higher numbers.

    Tony, I agree, and I would buy them if they were in another uniform and the card said Browns.

    And upon re-reading this post, oooh, there are some grammar and formatting problems. I'll have to subtly edit it.

    My laptop at home is broken and I'm trying to use alternate means to post. I don't get the best look on my Blackberry.