Thursday 4 April 2019

Some more recent purchases

I recently bought some Cleveland Browns cards from Trading Card Database member Bounty13, a Dan Marino collector. He shows his collection off at

He gave me a pretty good deal on some hard to find Browns cards, and then threw in some extras as well.

I have some very similar stickers to these, but these are different. They are the UK version of the Panini stickers.

Top (l-r): 1989 Panini Stickers UK #245 and #246
Bottom (l-r): 1989 Panini Stickers UK #247 and #248

A couple of my all-time favorites in Matthews and Newsome are in the above scan.

Top (l-r): 1989 Panini Stickers UK #249 and #250
Bottom (l-r): 1989 Panini Stickers UK #253 and #254

Top (l-r): 1989 Panini Stickers UK #255 and #256
Bottom (l-r): 1989 Panini Stickers UK #257; 1989 Panini Stickers #251

Okay, the bottom right sticker isn't a UK sticker, it is a regular one of the foil helmet that he threw in and that I included in the scan as it is an upgrade of the one that I already owned. (Mine had a little scuff on it.)

As to how you can tell the difference between the stickers, it is found on the back.

You can see the Panini UK stickers have blue sticker backs, and say "American Football" on them, as opposed to the black sticker backs on the regular Panini stickers.

Also, you can see that the UK stickers have the player's name on the back, and some statistics. The UK version of the foil helmet, which I don't own yet, says "Cleveland Browns Helmet" on the back.

After discovering the awesome 90s Panini Gridiron cards a while back, I was thrilled when I saw that he had 1996 Gridiron cards. Since I love how the backs actually talk about the game where the photos were taken, I'm showing both the fronts and backs.

1996 Pacific Gridiron #26

1996 Pacific Gridiron #27

1996 Pacific Gridiron #28

1996 Pacific Gridiron #29

The last two cards were from a dark day that I still don't like to talk or think about. It is funny that the Rison card doesn't mention the events, but the Vardell one does.

L-R: 1997 Fleer - Million Dollar Moments Void Back #7; - Million Dollar Moments No Purchase Necessary #7

There are two cards in this scan, and I already owned a regular version of this Lou Groza Million Dollar Moments card.

I guess the blank front version of the card was what people got back when they got in touch with Fleer for the No Purchase Necessary part of the contest.

Here are the two backs of these cards that I needed. The one with Groza on the front is a returned version with the void stamp on it, and the other one is the blank front version.

Since Groza isn't mentioned on the blank front card, I didn't ask for it for my collection. It was included with the cards sent to me. Since I have it, I'll put it beside the other ones in the binder, but I really don't consider it to be a Browns card. Nothing on it would identify it as such.

It was nice to add so many new 1990s Browns cards to my collection.

I also picked up some cards from after the expansion team came back.

L-R: 2001 Bowman's Best #108 (#/999); 2001 Topps Chrome - Refractors #52 (#/999)

I love the photo on the Gerard Warren jersey card.

The Kevin Johnson refractor was another throw in to the shipment.

Left: 2002 UD Authentics #103 (#/1000)
Middle: 2005 Upper Deck Legends - Future Legends Jerseys #FL-BE
Right: 2008 SP Authentics #117 (#/1399)

Those are a couple of numbered rookie base cards along with the Braylon Edwards jersey card. Don't you just love how they used to number all the rookies.

Along with the cards from Bounty13, I also bought an inexpensive printing plate off of eBay.

I won it with a fairly low bid, and it soon arrived from Hawaii. I hate that this printing plate has travelled further than I ever have.


  1. I didn't know that people sold stuff on the TCDB? I had also forgotten that Andre Rison had ever played for the Browns!

  2. God bless Pacific... they were always innovating!

  3. Hmmm... if I ever decide to start clearing out my collection, maybe that's when I take the time to dive into TCDB.