Friday 16 November 2018

Players with only one card in my collection - 4

Continuing a series showing cards of five players with only one card in my collection, and using images from The Trading Card Database. I'm also using their sorting tools to look through my collection listed on their site to see who only has one card, and then finding the first five names that I haven't posted yet.
1991 Topps #513

Roy Green played 14 seasons in the NFL, twelve with the Cardinals (nine in St. Louis, and three in Phoenix), and his final two with the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Cardinals traded Green to the Browns after the 1990 season, but he was released by the Browns before the 1991 season started, and was then signed by the Eagles.

He was the 16th member to be inducted into the Arizona Cardinals Ring of Honor.

Although he has plenty of NFL cards, this is the only one associated with the Browns.

1952 Bowman Small #67

Dick Logan is another player that never played for the Browns.

The listings at Pro Football Reference contradict the text on the back of his card. It says that he was drafted by the Browns in the eleventh round of the 1952 NFL Draft, and that he then played in 19 games with the Green Bay Packers in the 1952 and 1953 seasons. He passed away at the age of 86 in 2016.

This, along with a 1952 Bowman Large card, are his only football cards. The team association on the back of the card makes the two Bowman cards Browns cards for my collection. I'm sure I'll eventually pick up the missing Large card.

1954 Bowman #74

I really had no idea of Warren Lahr's history with the Browns until I looked up his information to write this.

Warren Lahr was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1947, but instead signed with the Cleveland Browns of the AAFC. After missing the 1948 season with injury, he played eleven seasons with the Browns from 1949-59.

Lahr was part of four championship teams, one in the AAFC and three in the NFL. He still has the second-most interceptions in Browns history, with 44.

After his playing career, Lahr did color commentary on Browns' broadcasts between 1963-67. He was honored with induction into the Browns Legends Program in 2008.

Warren Lahr died at the age of 45, after a sudden heart attack in 1969.

This is his only NFL football card. Other than this, I'm aware that he has a 1950 Picture Pack photo, and also cards in two different decks of Hero Deck playing cards.

2001 Pacific Invincible - Retail #57

I remember Curtis Enis being the fifth overall pick of the Chicago Bears in the 1998 NFL Draft. I don't think that I was ever aware that he had signed with the Cleveland Browns until I go this card many years after the fact.

After three years with the Bears, Enis signed a contract with the Browns in March 2001, but was forced to retire about six weeks later with a degenerative knee injury.

Even with that short stint that he was signed with the Browns, he has 13 Browns cards listed in the Trading Card Database. I believe that all of them show him in a Bears uniform, with the Browns being listed on the card.

1993 Pacific #296

Today's final player is Shawn Collins, who played his 1992 season with the Browns, sandwiched between three seasons with the Atlanta Falcons, and one with the Green Bay Packers.

I have no memory of his stint with the Browns, and this is his only Browns card.

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  1. Totally remember Roy Green and Curtis Enis. Had no clue either suited up for the Browns.