Wednesday 14 November 2018

Blaster of 2018 Topps Big League

While in a local Walmart recently, I spotted a few blasters of Topps Big League. I decided to pick one up.

Pack 1:

I like leader cards, and it has a nice photo of Sale throwing the ball.

Yay! A Met in the first pack.

Does Stanton have the same facial expression while swinging on both cards? It's kind of cool to see the ball on both cards.

Pack 2:

Some nice horizontal cards - a league leader, a great action shot, and a throwback uniform.

Second pack, second Met!

I like the action shot with Bader making a catch.

Smoltz shows me that there are retired players in the set. Good to know. But I guess Smoltz didn't get the message that he was supposed to point his finger here, not pump his fist.

Pack 3:

Another couple of league leaders cards. But why do I seem to be getting all these AL Leaders?

I think that is a great picture of Buxton running the bases. I like that his whole body is shown.

Okay, I can't complain about getting these two base rookies, or the player's weekend Rosario card, and the fact that it means that I've received three Mets in three packs.

Nice photo of Crawford with the helmet coming off on the gold card, but it is loses points for being a member of the Phillies.

Pack 4:

Okay, I like this Baseball Landmark card, and another good fielding shot on the Schwarber card. Schwarber is framed nicely in the card with the ivy in the background.

Another AL Leaders card, and another good photo with LeMahieu throwing the ball.

I'm sure Night Owl would accuse me of trying to sneak a Dodger card by him, so I better point out the Seager card.

Too bad, the Mets in consecutive packs stopped at three.

Pack 5:

Cool! Another Ballpark Landmarks card. I'll have to take a look at the checklist to see what else is out there.

And another AL Leaders card? But I'm a National League guy...

I guess that the gold Dodger card will have to make its way to Watertown at some point.

As I picked up one blaster, I noticed that the one behind it had a different image. This made me look closer at the boxes, and when I saw that one of them had an Ohtani card on the box, well, I knew which one to grab.

If you look at the bottom right corner of the box, you'll see that there is a bonus pack of four blue parallel cards.

It is nice to get another Ballpark Landmarks card in the blue parallel pack, and I like the Sisco card in his catcher's gear.

All in all, I'm very pleased with this blaster. There are obviously lots of league leader cards, and a really cool Ballpark Landmarks subset. It really tempts me to try and complete this set, but I know that I would have to buy quite a bit to complete the 400 card set. I'm sure that I will buy some more of it in the near future.


  1. Love that action shot of Mookie Betts. I've got a collection of outfield action cards, and that would would fit in nicely.

  2. Ohtani and Torres in the same pack is pretty cool!

  3. Until you pulled that Bellinger goldie I was going to say you pull parallels like me -- players from teams that almost nobody collects. Glad to see that wasn't the case!

  4. That Betts card is fantastic! In fact a lot of the landscape action shots have been really nice in this set.