Sunday 4 November 2018

A minute a card: five random cards from my collection 4

The Browns showed some nice offense today after the coaching changes this week. I'm not surprised that they weren't able to outscore the Chiefs though.

For the fourth installment of this series, let's see what five cards the randomizer at The Trading Card Database found for me out of my collection.

1999 Bowman's Best - Future Foundations #FF13

I like these Bowman's Best cards, and this insert is pretty nice and bright.

Not going to complain about seeing another Kevin Johnson card. He's one of the bright spots from the expansion 1999 team.

2012 Panini Prizm - Decade Dominance #23

A Browns Hall of Famer.

When I read this, I was sure that it said Decade of Dominance. I was wrong.

I love that the modern sets are still including new Ozzie Newsome cards.

2012 Panini Certified - Mirror Blue #155, (#/100)

The randomizer did a good job of picking some of my favorite players for these five cards.

A nice parallel card, even though I think they make too many parallels.

1987 Topps #79

Okay, this card has always made me laugh. I don't really remember Harry Holt, and I don't think that I have any cards of him, but he is featured on this team card.

The only reason I know his first name is because it is shown on the TCDB card page.

1992 Pinnacle #50

Yep, the randomizer hit my three favorite players from the late 1980s.

I liked the Pinnacle sets when they came out. They seemed to be a nice premium set.

Clay for the HOF!


I like these quick posts. They are sure to bring up cards that I would not likely be showing on this blog for any other reason.

I didn't go over a minute typing my thoughts on any of the above cards, but I did have to go back and correct a couple of typing errors. I don't want to purposely post those.

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  1. I spy with my little eye... Michael Jackson. I remember him back in the 80's with my beloved Hawks.