Thursday 22 November 2018

Another Sportlots order - Part 2: Post-expansion years

I'm not in the United States, and celebrated my Thanksgiving last month, but I hope that all my American friends are having a great Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for all the great blogs that I get to read, and for all the friends that I've traded with. I have met a few of you in person, and there are many more of you that I would love to meet some day.

Now I get to watch football and work on this post. I even get to watch an ex-Browns quarterback play today with Colt McCoy getting the start for Washington. Too bad I didn't buy any of his cards in this order.

Continuing yesterday's post on my Sportslot order, here are the Browns cards from after their return to Cleveland in 1999.

Top (l-r): 1999 Collector's Edge First Place #37; 1999 Leaf Certified #27
Bottom (l-r): 1999 Playoff Absolute EXP #39; 1999 SPx #22

Comparing to the Collector's Edge card from yesterday, by 1999 their cards have become the same cardboard as everyone else. The First Place Kirby card completed the base team set for the Browns, as did the Absolute EXP Chiaverini card for its base team set.

I like the SPx card with the featured inset photo on the card.

L-R: 1999 Pacific Omega #59; 1999 Donruss Elite #68

As an expansion team, there are plenty of 1999 Browns cards with the players in their old uniforms. The Shepherd card has his team identified as the Browns on the back of the card to go with the orange color border on the card.

L-R: 1999 Press Pass - Paydirt Silver #2; 1999 SP Signature #173

A couple more Tim Couch cards that I needed. I was very surprised that I needed this Press Pass parallel. I'm sure that I have passed on it a few times in the past. I guess that is why it is important to actually check the wantlists we make.

L-R: 1999 Upper Deck Encore #44; #45; and #46

I really like how these Upper Deck Encore cards scanned.

Does anyone else think it is cool when the photo of a player shows his back and his name? I mean, I don't think that I would want to see it all the time, but for a football player with a helmet on, you really don't see much of the player's face anyway, so I think this makes for a great shot.

Top (l-r): 1999 Playoff Absolute SSD #22; and #24
Bottom (l-r): 1999 Playoff Absolute SSD #161; and #137

I was so pleased to see that the seller had this many Playoff Absolute SSD cards. These are all from the base set. All the players have the blue borders, and the team checklists for each card is in the team color.

I still have to get the blue bordered Madre Hill card to complete the base Browns team set.

L-R: 1999 Playoff Absolute SSD - Purple #22; - Purple #23; - Purple #200

Yes, those are purple, not blue. The scan doesn't fully show the difference. I'm a little surprised at the size difference between how the cards are cut.

These complete the Purple team set, to go along with the Green one that I had already completed.

L-R: 1999 Playoff Absolute SSD - Red #22; - Red #23; - Red #24

These red bordered cards leave me one short of this Browns team set - Madre Hill. Again.

L-R: 2008 Donruss Classics #107 (#/999); 2008 Leaf Limited - Threads #25 (#/100)

As I've said in many posts, I never mind adding new cards of Hall of Famers, so this Marion Motley card is quite welcome.

The Derek Anderson card was the most expensive card from my purchase at $2.00. No other card, from either post was more than a dollar.

Top (l-r): 2008 Score Select #399 (#/999); 2008 SP Rookie Threads #24
Bottom: 2008 SPx #33

The scanner really added color to the Score Select Martin Rucker card.

L-R: 2008 Topps Chrome - Refractor #TC147; - Refractor #TC248; - Blue Refractor #217

So many refractors to collect.

L-R: 2008 Topps Chrome - Xfractor #TC87; - Xfractor #TC147; - Xfractor #TC217

But at least I knocked a few more off of the old wantlists.

L-R: 2009 SAGE HIT #94; #43; - Glossy #43

I wondered whether the Glossy parallel would scan differently than the base card. It looks like it came out just a touch darker.

Kaluka Maiava is the nephew of "The Rock", Dwayne Johnson. He was part of a very talented linebacker corps with USC, playing alongside Clay Matthews, Brian Cushing and Rey Maualuga.

Maiava was born in Hawaii, which is funny since his cards are shown with David Veikune's card showing that Veikune played for Hawaii. Veikune was born in Alaska, but must have moved to Hawaii fairly young as he played high school football there as well.

L-R: 2010 Score - Gold Zone #317 (#/299); 2011 Upper Deck - 20th Anniversary #20A-111; 2011 Upper Deck College Legends - Bowl Game Heroes #BGH-CW 

So many Score parallels to find, and I'll keep working on them.

I really like the Upper Deck anniversary card as I remember buying so much of the 1991 set. The card design is so familiar.

I picked up a Bernie Kosar Bowl Game Heroes card recently, so I get to add this Charles White one to it. There is still a Greg Pruitt for me to find.

L-R: 2012 SAGE HIT - Red #76; 2012 Upper Deck - Rookie Exclusives #RE-BW

This order gets finished off with the two first round draft picks by the Browns in 2012. I'm sure they would have been priced more back then than I had to pay now, with neither card costing more than a quarter.

I must say that Sportlots can be great when you find a seller with so many cards that you need. You can really find some nice inexpensive cards, and the best part is that there are so many sellers whose inventories I haven't searched yet.

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  1. Didn't know about The Rock's nephew. Very talented bloodline. Love those 1999 Playoff Absolute SSD cards. Acetate and cardboard make a beautiful combination. As for the photographs featuring backs of players... I don't have a problem with it. My issue is whether or not the it's zoomed in too close. I prefer to see my athletes with their legs, arms, head, and equipment is left intact.