Sunday 18 November 2018

A minute a card: five random cards from my collection 6

Another weekly installment showing five random cards from my collection from the collection randomizer at The Trading Card Database, with one minute of commentary on each card.

1990 Pro Set #70

What can I say? An absolutely great football name! A nice photo for a defender.

I miss Pro Set. They always had such large team sets that you got players that you wouldn't normally get. So they were overprinted...

2003 Topps Total - Silver #40

Speaking of sets giving you players you don't normally get, I miss Topps Total for the same reason. Although White, as a running back, would get cards made of him in most sets.

I didn't mind having a parallel or two to get, especially since border colors are so easy to figure out.

2004 Leaf Limited - Bronze Spotlight #136 (#/100)

I'm happy when I get cards of Browns that are in the Hall of Fame. Love the old helmet.

This parallel picked up the color from the scanner. I actually like the refracted colors that show up.

1998 Ron Mix HOF Autographs - Platinum (#/2500)

Well, a randomizer is a randomizer. I showed this card recently when I updated my all-autograph team. I still love it though, and am happy to show it again.

I'm really happy to have "The Toe" inscription with the autograph.

2000 Impact #49

Nice action shot on this card. I like how there is a border to the card but that it just fades the photo into it.

Impact was a nice low-end set to pick up. I actually bought some of it when it came out. The return of the Browns to the NFL brought my collecting back for a short period.

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  1. 1990 Pro Set rules! That Groza is pretty cool too.