Tuesday 15 January 2019

One card post: A Clue - Browns fan auto

In a break from posting my last COMC order, I'm going to post a card that I won on eBay.

In 1992, Pro Line had a five card Team NFL insert set that consisted of Muhammad Ali, Milton Berle, Don Mattingly, Martin Mull and Isaiah Thomas, all wearing NFL team clothing.

I was able to find a Martin Mull card at a card show pretty quickly, but had never been able to find the autographed version of the card for a price that I wanted to pay. I've noticed some lower prices in completed auctions now and then, but I either didn't see the auction, or the buy it now listing when they happened.

Only having the one card in my collection, Martin Mull was destined to show up in one of those one card posts that I am working on.

That has changed.

The other day, for fun, I typed Martin Mull's name into the eBay search bar, with no additional qualifiers, and then looked through what was listed.

There was an auction entitled "MARTIN MULL COMEDIAN AUTOGRAPHED CARD", that showed the back of the 1992 Pro Line autographed card. It had a Buy It Now price of $1.99, with $3.50 shipping.

This was way cheaper than any other copies that I had seen of the card, so I read the description and saw something that gave me a slight pause, before I decided to chance it. I mean, why show the back of the actual card if you were going to state this: "YOU ARE BIDDING ON AN AUTOGRAPHED CARD OF THE ABOVE NAMED PERSON ONLY.THIS AUTOGRAPH WAS RECEIVED AS A REQUEST THROUGH THE MAIL AND COMES WITH A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE."

(I think they like their CAPS.)

Really, for $5.49 shipped, I thought it was worth taking that chance. Especially since they had good feedback, and offered the money back guarantee - not that I would have returned it had it turned out to be a hand signed copy of the regular insert card. Not for that price. As I said, I was willing to chance it.

Well, I went to my PO Box, and found this card waiting for me:

1992 Pro Line Portraits - Team NFL Autographs - Martin Mull

Yep, that is the card from the scan. No card number, and has the crimping in the corner of the Pro Line certification.

Woo hoo! A welcome addition to my collection!


  1. How is it that I never knew that Martin Mull had an autograph in this set? Being a big fan of his, I think I now may have to look for one of my own.

  2. Jackpot. Sweet purchase. The vender says he received it through a request in the mail. I wonder if Mull actually had a stack of these certified autographs that were given to him by Pro Line and he'd send them to fans who requested an autograph.

    1. I think it was probably pack pulled and forgotten, or bought in a collection and that the seller didn't realize what they had. Not complaining.

    2. I think you might be right , they probably made so many of these