Saturday 12 January 2019

COMC order Part 2 - 1994

Here is the second part of my recent COMC order. These are the 1994 cards that took almost 25 years to find their way into my collection. (Isn't that scary?)

L-R: 1994 Classic NFL Draft - Draft Stars #11; 1994 Collector's Choice - Gold #373

The Antonio Langham card is mirrored and scans darker than it is in person. It is the only Browns card in the twenty card Draft Stars insert set.

The Pepper Johnson card is the first Gold parallel that I have in the Collector's Choice set. It has some damage on the top of the card but is fine for me considering that I had never seen one of these parallels.

Top: 1994 Classic Games Monster of the Gridiron Temporary Tattoo
Bottom: 1994 Collector's Edge - Boss Squad EQII #Boss 3

First of all, I showed the tattoo above along with this Vinny Testaverde insert to show its relative size.

I'll briefly talk about the Testaverde card before moving on to the tattoo.

The Boss EQII parallel is the third version of this Boss Squad card that I own, and now goes with a regular and silver version of the card. The top part is clear plastic, and the print up top is bronze foil.

As for the tattoo, I recognize the image of Bad Bone, the Monster of the Gridiron portrayed by Eric Turner, but I've never seen these tattoos before and know nothing about them.

COMC had it listed as being a "1994 Classic Pro Line Live Coca-Cola Monsters of the Gridiron - Temporary Tattoo". The Monsters of the Gridiron cards were made by Classic, but not as part of the Pro Line Live set. I haven't seen these tattoos before, and have no knowledge of them being part of either set.

Has anyone else seen these before?

Here is what is on the back in case it is of any help to anyone.

With that out of the way, I'll move on to parallel cards that I recognize.

Top (l-r): 1994 Collector's Edge - Pop Warner 22K Gold #30 and #31
Bottom (l-r): 1994 Collector's Edge - Pop Warner 22K Gold #33 and #34

I almost managed to pick up all five of the Browns in this parallel set. I still need to find card #32, Eric Metcalf.

1994 Finest - Rookie Jumbos #212

Yesterday, I read a post on the Chronicles of Fuji blog talking about oversized cards. This card is 4.25" x 6", shiny, and a great addition to my collection.

Here is the back:

The hat that Steve Everitt is wearing seems to be a very similar style to one that I had him autograph for me years ago after a game when he was playing for the Eagles.

L-R: 1994 Pacific Prisms - Team Helmets #7; 1994 Pacific Prisms - Gold #113

I've always been a fan of cards with the Browns helmet on it, so I was happy to finally get this card.

The Testaverde card is the first of the three Browns cards from the set that I have been able to get in the gold parallel.

1994 Playoff Contenders - Promo

It was great to find this promo card of Eric Metcalf. It has a different front picture, back picture, and write-up than the Metcalf card that was actually used in the set.

Here is the back of the promo card:

The following two dog tags completed the 1994 team set for me.

L-R: 1994 Pro Tags #35 and #36 

I like these tags, but don't think they are as nice as the earlier ones that I showed in my last post.

Before this purchase, I only owned one of the nineteen 1994 Stadium Club Members Only Browns cards. I added a bunch of them here.

Top: 1994 Stadium Club - Members Only #31
Bottom (l-r): 1994 Stadium Club - Members Only #75; - Members Only #144

Wow, the player names don't show up very well in the scans of these cards. The top card is Anthony Pleasant, while the bottom two are Vinny Testaverde and Eric Turner.

Top (l-r): 1994 Stadium Club - Members Only #215; - Members Only #225
Bottom (l-r): 1994 Stadium Club - Members Only #325; - Members Only #347

Top cards are Michael Dean Perry and Eric Metcalf, bottom ones are Steve Everitt and Rob Burnett.

Top (l-r): 1994 Stadium Club - Members Only #370; - Members Only #429
Bottom: 1994 Stadium Club - Members Only #531

The top two cards are Michael Jackson and Mark Carrier, while the bottom one is Pepper Johnson.

I like looking at these old cards. I prefer these uniforms to the ones the Browns are wearing now.

I also picked up the Stadium Club Browns Super Team Members Only card.

1994 Stadium Club - Super Teams Members Only #6

I love this photo of Testaverde handing off to Vardell.

Look, the Browns had a better record this season (7-8-1) than in 1993!

The Browns game against Miami was on my birthday. Dan Marino suffered a season ending injury and Scott Mitchell came in to win the game for the Dolphins. I was not happy.

I was happy that the Browns were 5-2 to start the season. But it turned out to be the season where the Browns released Bernie Kosar. And the season shown above also seems to support my internal dialogue that the Browns have always sucked after bye weeks.

The following Bowman's Best insert cards were also found in the Stadium Club set:

Top: 1994 Stadium Club - Bowman's Best Refractor #11
Bottom: 1994 Stadium Club - Bowman's Best Members Only #23

I hate that the refractors are not marked as such on the back of the cards in this set, but you can really tell from the scans. I think I gave away a refractor that I still need because I didn't notice the difference once.

It is tough to see in the scan, but the Members Only is printed going down on the silver part of the card right above Donnell Woolford's shoulder.

1994 Topps - Special Effects #655

This was the last Special Effects parallel that I needed to complete the 24 card team set.

In 1994, Topps also put out two Archives sets - for 1956, and 1957. Although I have the base versions for both years' team sets, I needed a bunch of the gold parallel cards. Here are some of the missing ones.

Top: 1994 Topps Archives 1956 - Gold #9
Bottom: 1994 Topps Archives 1956 - Gold #45

Two great cards - a Hall of Famer in Lou Groza, and a team picture card. And of course, the gold is pretty much scanning as black.

L-R: 1994 Topps Archives 1956 - Gold #69; - Gold #117

These four gold cards bring me up to seven of the ten cards for the team set.

Top: 1994 Topps Archives 1957 - Gold #3
Bottom: 1994 Topps Archives 1957 - Gold #16

Another gold card of another Browns Hall of Famer with the McCormack card.

And for some reason I have always liked that photo of Johnson with both hands on his helmet.

Top: 1994 Topps Archives 1957 - Gold #52
Middle: 1994 Topps Archives 1957 - Gold #93
Bottom: 1994 Topps Archives 1957 - Gold #114

There are thirteen different Browns in the 1957 team set. These gold cards give me eleven of the thirteen cards that I need. Almost there.

This COMC order added 37 needed cards to the 1994 part of my Browns collection. I'm thrilled to have added so many.


  1. Nice haul. Go big or go home, right? Lol. Love that Langham refractor!

  2. Lots of cool stuff here, love your comc posts.