Thursday 25 October 2018

Value Pack of 2018 Donruss football

Here is the second value pack that I bought a few days ago when I drove to Ogdensburg to renew my post office box.

I knew that there were Baker Mayfield cards in this set showing him in a Browns uniform, so I picked a value pack of 2018 Donruss football to see if I could get one.

As much as I dislike the Steelers, I don't mind seeing Ryan Shazier on television as he visits his old team. After his spinal injury, it was good to see him walking on the field in Cincinnati where he suffered the injury.

I'm sure all of these players have had to be careful not to trip on the graphics at their feet. I joke about the graphics, but I like the cards. I just wish the player's position was somewhere on the front of the card.

I like that all these photos appear to be game shots.

Nice to see a Browns card. I was a little disappointed to hear that Carlos Hyde was traded to Jacksonville last week, but I understood the reasons why. I think that Nick Chubb and Duke Johnson should be able to handle things for the Browns.

I think that Hyde was a very valuable person to have with the team through training camp and the start of the season. He is a good professional that seemed to fight hard on every carry. I think he did a good job of mentoring Nick Chubb, and I wish him well in the future.

Of course, Leonard Fournette will still be the starter in Jacksonville when he's healthy, so Carlos Hyde might not be as busy as I'm sure he wishes he would be.

Here are my four Press Proof Blue parallels from the pack. The blue looks good on the Oilers and Lions cards.

The Browns need another experienced wide receiver. A Cleveland sports writer wrote an article on receivers that might be available. Golden Tate was one that was mentioned. If he is available, I think it would be a very good pickup. He's a solid veteran that would provide a dependable target for Baker Mayfield.

Well, we moved on to the rookie portion of the pack, and I got a card of one of the top rookie quarterbacks, but it is Sam Darnold instead of Baker Mayfield. Maybe I'll have better luck next time.

I like the Rookie Gridiron King card. It has a bit of a textured feel to the front of it.

I love the photo of Uchenna Nwosu stretching on his card. How would you like that for your rookie card?

That's it for the fronts of the cards. Here are examples of the various backs.

As for the pack, it contained one Brown that I needed, so that is good. I like how Panini is handling the Donruss brand. It is an inexpensive set that shows the rookies with their new teams. I'm sure that I'll pick up some more Donruss packs when I get the urge to open something.  I just wonder if I'll find a Mayfield card in one of them, or whether I'll find one somewhere else first.


  1. That blue Earl Campbell is spectacular!

  2. Earl Campbell with the blue border is perfect. Nice Freeman card as well. Fun post.

  3. Not the biggest fan of this year's design... but Panini did a great job with their photography.