Sunday 21 October 2018

A minute a card: five random cards from my collection 2

I think doing these on Sundays will allow me to avoid talking about disappointing games.

Same rules as last week (although I've changed the name from 'five minute post'), the five minutes refers to up to one minute to comment about each card, the set-up time for this post don't count in the five minutes.

Let's see what random five cards the Trading Card Database gives me this time:

1994 Pro Line Live #23

Bernie Kosar's backup at Miami, although Kosar was younger. Replaced Bernie in Cleveland. Ended up having a fairly long career with stops in Baltimore, New York and Dallas afterwards that I remember.

2014 Panini Certified #154 (SN/999)

Did not have a great career with the Browns. Has made a couple of stops in the league since being released. I know he is playing somewhere now but not sure where.

2010 Panini Certified #297 (SN/699)

A nice cards that the Trading Card Database tells me was a redemption card. I'm pretty sure I picked it up in a store nice and cheap.

Hardesty looked good at various times, but couldn't overcome injury problems year after year.

2001 Pacific Canvas Impressions #32

If I recall correctly, these cards only look like canvas, but feel glossy.

I really don't know what I can say about Tim Couch that I haven't said already. Oh, I know, he did color commentary for the Browns during pre-season. I enjoyed listening to him.

2011 Playoff National Treasures #270 (SN/99)

I had high expectations for a long career out of First Round Pick Phil Taylor. Sadly, injuries derailed his career, and this first round pick didn't work out for the Browns. A common story.

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  1. That Tim Couch card looks sweet! Kinda reminds me of Topps Gallery.