Wednesday 2 March 2016

Wallet Card Wednesday - 8

It has been two weeks since Ottawa had their cold snap followed by its record setting one-day snowfall. As mentioned before, I had a water pipe break in my house.

Well, the landlord sent a plumber by to repair the pipe (successfully), but they did open up quite a few holes throughout the house to find the leak. Sadly, they haven't fixed everything yet as witnessed by this week's first wallet card photo.

From what I gather, our house was in the best shape of the seven or eight in the neighbourhood that had pipes break. Perhaps we are last on the list to repair...  It doesn't really bother me right now, but eventually I'll call them to speed them along.

Leaving work yesterday there was a storm warning in effect. The snow started late, but they were calling for about a foot of snow.  Here is what I woke up to.

Thankfully, we only got about a third of what they were calling for. (My Tucson is on the street, over my roommate's car on the driveway.) I'm really ready for winter to end.

Go ahead, call me a bad Canadian. I'm okay with that. I'm so looking forward to visiting my mother in Arizona in a few weeks.

Today is about -9, -18 with the wind (that would be 16 and 1 for you Americans). The wind is nasty. And I decided to walk to a local mall for lunch to feed an addiction.

I absolutely love both chocolate and mint - I have a real sweet tooth - and found these mint M&Ms over Christmas. Sadly, they disappeared from the stores just afterwards. Luckily a local specialty candy store next to the mall where I went for lunch still has them in stock. Mmmmmm.

The walk was okay when the wind was at my back. Walking back to the office was not pleasant since I stupidly forgot my tuque and scarf in my office. And how does this Canadian go around town in winter?

My clothing is a great ice-breaker as everyone loves telling me how bad my team is. I'm glad they enlighten me because I don't think that I know that already.

I bought the jacket last year at the Browns Fan Fest that I attended. The tuque and scarf were gifts from friends over the last couple of years. I think my friends might wonder just how much of a billboard for the team I can become.

Actually, what is surprising is how many people don't recognize the Brownie on my jacket. I often get asked what it is.

Anyway, you readers in the south, I am very jealous of your warm weather, and your exhibition baseball going on. I am watching the Baseball Network with longing as they show the various spring training sites. I really can't wait to get to Arizona.


  1. Have fun in AZ.. I'll be stuck here a couple hours away from your current locale lol..

  2. My area has all 4 seasons that seem to meet up in March. Yesterday was 65 today it is 30. Next week we may push 80.

  3. brr. I love when people tell me my team sucks, so great!