Friday 25 March 2016

Quick thoughts from the Philadelphia airport

First thing, a nice part of traveling is getting to eat at places you don't have at home. Mmm, Pinkberry...

Second thing, walked by a store in the airport called Rosters. It is a store devoted to all the Philadelphia sports teams, none of which I have ever liked. Frightening. (I have liked players on Philly sports teams before anyone brings up individual athletes and asks why I don't like them.)

And finally, my thoughts on the RGIII signing. Before free agency started I wasn't completely sold on either Wentz or Goff with the number two pick. I think they will both be good QBs but think that being a QB is artificially moving them up in the draft. If the Browns could trade down a couple of picks and get one of them, I would love it. But I know that isn't going to happen. A team trading up would probably want one of them.

All college season I liked Paxton Lynch but knew to draft him he would be a project at the beginning of his career. The Browns would need another starter as a bridge. RGIII could be great for that, and if he's successful then whatever prospect was drafted could be traded, provided they didn't need him especially since there hasn't been a recent season where the Browns haven't had to start three QBs due to injury.

An interesting thought occurred to me though... Would the Browns consider drafting Cardale Jones later in the draft as the prospect? With the free agency departures there are plenty of holes to fill. They need help on the O-line. Perhaps Jalen Ramsey if he is available at two, and then an O-lineman with their second pick?

If RGIII doesn't pan out they will have another high draft pick again next year, not that I like that idea but I think this rebuild has to be looked at in terms of more than one season. And I don't really want to see the QB drafted two running for their life behind a line that may not be that strong.

I hope this made some sense as my battery is nearly drained and I really can't review this.


  1. Personally, I feel drafting a QB is a mistake at any round. Build up your lines through the draft; build chemistry there and you can win with journeymen performers at the skill positions; 2000 Baltimore Ravens. Any body can prepare a decent meal when given the recipe( good OC ) and the ingredients ( solid lines )

  2. As I finally read this, I notice that I didn't make the comments on RGIII that I wanted to.

    He has tons of talent and I think that Hue Jackson should be able to maximize it. I'm looking forward to seeing how it works out.