Friday 18 March 2016

A few recent eBay purchases

I'm sure that to help spread out shipping costs, most of you will do the same thing that I do when you see a card you like - look to see if the seller has any other cards you can get shipped together.
Top: 1962 Post Cereal #75 Paul Wiggin
Bottom: 2008 Sage Hit Make Ready Cyan #57 Brady Quinn / John Carlson
As it turns out these two cards were being sold by a seller that had an Eric Metcalf Starting Lineup figure that I wanted to buy, and I wasn't going to leave these cards in that seller's possession when they had a place in my collection.

The Post Cereal card is a Short Print, and brings me up to having 11 of the 15 Browns from the set. I'm slowly getting there but need Jim Brown, Bobby Mitchell and two more Short Prints (Galen Fiss and Sam Baker) to finish the set. Hopefully some day.

As a Notre Dame fan, I love the Brady Quinn and John Carlson card. I don't have the base version of it, so I'll have to track it down at some point now that I know it exists.

Okay, for the next part, no judging. I'm a Browns fan and want all the Browns cards I can get.

When I saw this card with a BIN for $50, I thought for a few minutes before pulling the trigger.
You might not fully see it in the bottom left - 3/3
Although his Browns career wasn't successful, he's still a Heisman winner, and has his notoriety. I don't think the value of a card like this will plummet and make me regret buying it. And you have to give him credit for having quite the signature.

What helped the decision to buy that card was to get the following cards at under $2.00 each and have the combined shipping not increase.

Again, let's look at the autographs. Isn't Connor Shaw's so much nicer than Terrance West's and Vince Mayle's? Mayle's seems to get smaller and smaller on the different cards that I get.

I have to research to find out what the bottom Manziel card is. Does anyone know, is it be a box topper of some type?

And lastly, a few exciting parallels from 2015 Topps that I needed to fill my collection!

Say what you want about his short stay in Cleveland, and about the fact that it is an airbrushed Browns uniform, I do like that photo on the Dwayne Bowe card.


  1. West's auto is a disgrace. I mean... if you don't like signing the pieces of tape,then don't do it. Johnny's auto is exquisite! The post cereal Brown is one of the only Jimmy Browns I do own. I love this blog by the way!

    1. You're an easy audience, being a fellow Browns collector.

  2. The Manziel jumbo red Draft Picks card is a retail exclusive parallel that were included one per blaster box. They are parallels of the Draft Picks insert from the 2014 Prestige Football release. There were also Blue, Black and Platinum jumbo versions.