Wednesday 23 March 2016

Wallet Card Wednesday - 11

Okay, this week's wallet card post isn't the greatest...

The first photo that I wanted to have was my wallet card enjoying St. Patrick's Day last week, but it turned into a bust for me when the manager of my curling club asked me if I would go in there at night to see if the bartender was being overwhelmed and needed any help. And if she did, to jump in and help her.

I am the club's emergency backup bartender, so that is what I am still around to do, but as it turned out she had it well in control and the rush of heavy drinkers we thought might occur didn't. I had fun talking with the bartender and keeping her company for a couple of hours, but I didn't go out and enjoy some Guinness and sing songs like I planned. And no wallet card celebrating...instead I will celebrate St. Patrick Day's by posting a picture of a purchase from a St. Patrick's Day game two years ago:

Different sport, right city
I've been complaining about the weather, and was so happy last week to see Spring showing up. Well, last night, after trivia, I went out to my car and it was covered with a bunch of wet snow that was still falling.

I cursed, and then figured that I would pull out my wallet card and take a picture. I didn't look at it until today...

Crap! A lousy photo. You'd think that with digital photos I would have looked at it first but I wanted to get out of the snow and get home, and just looked at it when I was getting this post ready. Oops.

The card is covering the back left tail light of my car, and you can see a little bit of snow above it, but it doesn't show the rest of what I wanted to complain about. Oh, well.

Anyway, on Friday morning I will be driving to Albany, NY in order to fly to Phoenix under the pretense of seeing my mother over Easter. I *should* get sun and warmth there!

Really, I am planning on attending a few different sports related events in the Phoenix area - I want to go to the Celtics/Suns game on Saturday night, at least one Cactus League game (probably to see Tony's Brewers because I like the Maryvale park), and want to go to the art gallery since I heard there was a baseball card display going on there. I'll be sure to post some of what I'm doing here.

Looking around the office for something interesting to photograph, I found something my boss brought back after attending a meeting or reception a couple of weeks back.

I used to love the Pink Panther cartoons so I gladly took the stuffed Pink Panther that she brought me. Do kids today even know the Pink Panther? And how many of you are humming Henry Mancini's Pink Panther theme right now?

Here, I'll help:

That's it for this week. I hope that next week's wallet card photos will be a bit more exciting.


  1. That whole album is good. Have fun in Arizona!

  2. So, yeah, RGIII. What's your take?

    1. I'll try to post on it tomorrow, probably from an airport, but my quick take: he's very talented and we have a new head coach that can really put his talents to use.

      From everything that I have seen all year, I was a big Paxton Lynch fan. I would almost like to see them not draft a QB at number 2, and see if they can get Lynch with the 32 pick, or even trade up from there. I would still draft a QB somewhere - the Browns always have too many injuries to not draft one.

      Okay, this will all probably be repeated when I post about it.