Thursday 3 March 2016

A good Walk to the mailbox

Matt, from Bob Walk the Plank, tore himself away from staring at Bob Walk's mustache long enough to send me an envelope to my home address in Ottawa.

Last night after work I took a short walk to look in my mailbox and found a nice bubble wrap envelope waiting for me there. Inside were some wonderful cards!

There were these great Browns Contenders cards...and yes, I can't wait until I can use Browns and contenders in a sentence that doesn't involve cards.

I'm hoping that having Ray Horton back as Defensive Coordinator will help Barkevious Mingo. He was drafted in Horton's first go around with the team, and I'm hoping that he will be used better.

Nate Orchard started to come around  at the end of the year, and Charles Gaines saw action in the last half of the year. I hope that both improve and play big roles with the team this year.

Terrance West played last year with the Titans and the Ravens, and in two games against the Browns last year rushed for 47 yards on 10 carries.

Duke Johnson and Danny Shelton were rookies last year, and both have big expectations for their future.

It is funny to compare all the autographs that were sent to me.

Gaines and West are pretty much just their initials; Duke Johnson, not much more than that. And I think Johnson might have been afraid of running out of room on the sticker.

I like Shelton and Orchard's autographs. You still might need to know who it was that signed it, but when you know you can make it out. And I always like when players put their numbers - it really helps out if the autograph isn't on a picture.

The Mingo autograph is one that seems more like a B-ingo one. (And yes, go ahead and sing it out.) I guess the swoop after the B could be the M.

Anyway, all these cards are awesome to me and much thanks go to Matt!

And Matt, for a taste of Browns mustache goodness, I'll take a trip to the 70s for you.

1975 Topps #314

1976 Topps #23

1977 Topps #420


  1. Barkevious Mingo may be the best name in sports currently. If I collected football actively I'd chase after his cards just because of his awesome name.

    1. His family named one of his brothers Hughtavious.

  2. Glad you liked the cards. That was my first experience trying to buy Browns cards. I was surprised to see how well Joe Thomas cards sell.

    1. It must have surprised dealers you knew to see you looking for Browns cards. Joe Thomas would be the one current Brown whose cards would be expensive for his play, as opposed to Johnny Football whose are expensive due to his notoriety.

  3. Nice bunch of cards! I think the "initialized" autos are simply players getting lazy. I have a West auto where he actually signs a name and not just a "T" and a "W".