Tuesday 9 February 2016

UD Hockey Day in Canada

Even though I don't collect hockey, I do read blogs and websites and heard that last Saturday was Upper Deck Hockey Day in Canada and the US, with separate packs and checklists for each.

Canadian checklist
I was out running around on Saturday, and figured it would be no problem to drop into three local card stores taking part in the promotion. Two of the stores gave out packs with any purchase, while the third store was giving everyone that came in three packs of cards. The first store I went to, while giving me two packs for a $30 purchase that I made, said they didn't get any special separate cards to give away (you know, the separate #16 Connor McDavid card), while the other two stores gave away the 16th card with a purchase.
I wound up with six packs of cards, and two of the #16 McDavid card. From those packs I got most of the set, just missing the Gretzky and Domi cards.

In the spirit of helping US hockey fans that couldn't get these at their local stores, these are available for trade. I have multiples of some of these cards.
Here are some backs:
Continuing with the hockey theme to this post, I also went to last nights Senators game against the Lightning.

As seen from the empty ice surface, I got there a little early, before the pre-game skate. I expected traffic to be worse getting there. I was invited to the game by a friend, and we had seats in the 300 level.
The Lightning rested their starting goalie, Ben Bishop, which was both good and bad. Bishop is a former Senator, and seems to have their number when playing them, so it was good that we didn't have to face him, but I like Bishop and would have liked to have seen him play.
Okay, my phone was doing something funny here, capturing the motion of the players

The Senators were on their game, and the Lightning played a little flat, a combination that led to a 5-1 Ottawa win.
Since this is a Browns card blog, I will show you one of the cards that I picked up at a local store to get the extra McDavid card:
2004 Topps Signature Edition #87

I have a few uncirculated cards. It is tempting to open them, but since they came this way, I'll leave them like that.
I did get down to my post office box over the weekend so more Browns cards will be coming later this week.


  1. Lightning looked like they thought they were at practice. At least you got to see the home team win...

  2. Any chance you're willing to ship the Connor McDavid #6 my way? I'll email you about some things I plan to send you. Great haul, by the way!

    1. Sure thing. I've been meaning to email you as well.

  3. I picked up a couple packs today at Jeff's. They still had some. I think I want to see about getting the set..