Tuesday 2 February 2016

Oddball Hall of Fame purchase

I will have plenty of new cards to show off after I get the chance to go down to my post office box in Ogdensburg. It has been a couple of weeks, and I'm getting a little antsy. But I did have one new purchase from a Canadian show up at my home the other day.

While browsing Browns cards on eBay I came across one of these cards which led me to look for other items by the same seller. I wound up buying the following three cards:

The 1974 Fleer Immortal Roll cards are slightly bigger than the average card at 2.5" x 4", which shows how big this Grolier Life in America Jim Brown is. All new good additions to my collection.

A nice thing in the package was that there were two of the Paul Brown cards, one with a slight bit of damage. I guess the seller decided to include it as a bonus. (It already is put aside for a fellow Browns fan that will probably read this.)


  1. Nice oddball! I've always had a thing for those Fleer cards, but I've never seen that Life in America set before. They remind me of the old Sportscaster cards.

  2. Great pickups Angus! Like Tony that Brown card is new to me as well.