Monday 2 November 2015

Weekend Disappointments

I'm not going to say that it was a depressing sports weekend, but I was disappointed with the results after it started so well.

On Friday I was telling my friends that while I wanted the Mets to sweep, my main hope was to just get the World Series back to Kansas City. Friday started well with the Mets win, but then my disappointments began.

Saturday morning I drove to my post office box in Ogdensburg. I was hoping that a bunch of Sportlots shipments would have arrived but only a few things were there waiting for me.

One package contained a card that I've been meaning to pick up for a while, but never remembered to buy:
1993 Playoff #125

A feature on The Trading Card Database is User Lists. I've created some Cleveland Browns lists for my collection, and for them I only want to show players in Browns uniforms on cards that I own. For my list of Cleveland Browns starting quarterbacks, I was missing Mike Tomczak, and shortly after creating that list another collector pointed out this card. I had missed it because in the set checklist it is marked as a Pittsburgh Steeler since it notes on the back that he had signed with them.

With this card, I also picked up the last 1992 Topps base card that I needed for my team set:

1992 Topps #605
I don't know how I didn't have it before, but discovered that it was missing when I finished my 1992 Topps Gold team set months ago and realized that I didn't have this base card.
Another interesting card that was waiting for me was an oddball:
2007 Donruss Pepsi National Convention Football #1
Brady Quinn, one of the many Browns quarterbacks that inhabited Browns fan Tony Timoteo's Halloween display.
Also waiting for me was a card from another inhabitant of the display:
2012 Panini Rookies & Stars #223

This is the fifth autograph in my collection of Brandon Weeden, who is currently the backup quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.
Since I didn't have as many cards to play with as I hoped, and always enjoying the Topps Valor cards, I decided to stop at a local card store on the way home and pick up a box. I'll show the "hits" in a future post, but I'll show the Browns cards that I pulled out of the box now.
The very first card that I saw from the first pack that I opened was a Brown - I was hoping that it would be a good omen. 
2015 Topps Valor #74
Also in the box were: 
2015 Topps Valor #41
2015 Topps Valor #92
I wound up with three of the four Browns base cards, missing #27 Danny Shelton.
I never purchase a box expecting to get Browns hits, and very rarely do, but I hope to get cards that friends will be interested in, or that will be good trade bait to obtain Browns. Unfortunately to me, both autographs were Houston Texans, but as I said those will be in a later post.
Saturday night passed with the Mets, and my hometown NHL team Ottawa Senators both losing, and with a disappointing turnout of kids in costume stopping by for candy. I always like seeing the kids' costumes, but this year there I only saw about 4-5 little kids during the evening, along with about 20 older kids who didn't put very much effort into their costumes.
I used to love Halloween, and always make sure that I have lots of candy to pass out to pay the holiday forward. I didn't wear a costume, but I was wearing my 1986 Mets Gary Carter jersey, and would have rewarded any kid that commented about the Mets or World Series with large amounts of candy, but none did.
Sunday I woke up to reports that the Browns would be having a fire sale before tomorrow's trade deadline, and that Joe Thomas was one of the names being mentioned.
2007 Leaf Rookies & Stars - Rookie Crusade Green #9
Talking about it with friends yesterday, I said the only way I would be okay with them trading him is if I heard him say that he wanted out. If he did, I wouldn't blame him, but I always want to see a future Hall of Famer like that play his entire career with one team. As it turns out, he came out after the game and said that he wanted to stay in Cleveland. Good to hear!
As for the Browns game itself, well, they got turnovers, they were winning at the half, and then Josh McCown got rocked early in the third quarter. Since he was already playing hurt from the previous week, he wasn't in good shape. He was bent over after plays on many occasions. At that point, the team should have over-ruled his not wanting to come out and put in Johnny Manziel. I think, at that point, that a healthy Manziel would have been the best chance to win yesterday's game. And to make things even better the Browns have no time to rest as they play the Thursday game this week against the Bengals.

As for the end of the World Series last night, I want to congratulate the Kansas City Royals for the team that they have built, and the never quit attitude they have. I am thrilled with the season that the Mets had, and hope that they will work to fix some of the weaknesses that were exposed in the Finals. If you had told me that the Mets would appear in the wild card game, let alone the World Series, at the start of the year, I would have been ecstatic! Add in that I went to Citi Field for Game 3 of the Dodgers series, and what a year! I can't wait for it all to start up again!
Anyway, on to the Bengals on Thursday!
1985 Fleer Team Action #14



  1. Love those new Valor cards. Always good to hear good players say they want to stay with your team even through tough times

    1. I don't like that the Browns continued to try to trade him today even after he said that he didn't want to go. I'm glad that he wasn't traded but how much loyalty should he feel to the team after they were still looking to trade him. Sometimes I hate my team.

      I should be putting up my Valor box break and review tonight or tomorrow.

  2. The Valor cards are really nice. I need to get the Kevin White's from the set.

    I really didn't have a rooting interest in the World Series. My main request was for an entertaining series. Obviously more games would have added to the excitement, but games 4 and 5 were both crazy.

    1. I'll keep an eye out for White cards for you. I didn't get any in my box.

  3. Hey bud,
    shoot me your address.... I have some Browns that need a good home.