Monday 8 January 2018

eBay printing plate purchases and Christmas packs 6 and 7

I picked up a few recent eBay purchases today, and will show two of them today. I found something odd about one of them.

(A third purchase had an issue that I'm dealing with the seller about. One card (printing plate) was missing, but it was the item that made me look through their other listings where I found another 11 cards to add to the order. I'm hoping that it works out - so far communication has been very good and it looks like an honest mistake. They immediately, within three minutes of my email, sent a refund for the missing printing plate and said they will send it for free if they locate it. But I really want the printing plate and don't mind paying for it. I'll update about this later, but it will be at least a week from now when I return from a trip. I think I'm rambling.)

The first purchase was for a single printing plate, and this is the one that I have a question about.

I can't see which printing plate this is mentioned on the card anywhere. Did I miss something? I don't remember seeing the backs of any other printing plates that didn't say which one it was somewhere on them.

Comparing it to other printing plates I own, and looking at the ink around his shoulders, I'm pretty certain it is the magenta printing plate.

The second purchase started with a printing plate, but the seller had other cards that made their way into my shopping cart as well.
I figured this one out! It's the cyan one! I'm s-m-r-t.

I also found this Corey Coleman to add to the purchase.

I never know what to think about these encased cards. If it was just graded from a company I would crack it open, but when they come that way from the company...  I'll leave it for now. I can always open it later if I ever really want to, but if I open it I can't reseal it again.

I got these two cards for a good price but may not have placed the order without the rest of the purchase. These cards guaranteed that I would be making a purchase from the seller and therefore buy the two above Colemans..

I'm pretty excited about these.

So these cards serial number each letter out of 80, and two that I bought are number 02, which is pretty neat, but that means that there are two sets of 80 for the letter A? How would they differentiate which A is which? And someone could actually find the same number out of 80 for each? Weird.

The backs of each card are the same.
In any case, I'm halfway to spelling out his name, and As should be easier to find so I think I have a goal to shoot for. Of course none of the missing letters are currently on eBay or at COMC at this time.

The Coleman and Graham cards together, with shipping, was the price of two blasters. I didn't have a problem with that.


Moving on to continue opening the packs I received for Christmas, here are two packs of...
...1988 Fleer!

Pack 1:
First, the sticker. I forgot about the stadium backs! You have to love those!

Nice star power with Gwynn, Durham and the Crunch Time card.

I love the card of Hassey who must be laying down a sacrifice. I can't see many catchers trying to bunt for a hit.

A couple of long-time veterans in Joe Niekro and Buddy Bell. Nice.

Pack 2:
I saw a Chargers game at the stadium, although it had been renamed as Qualcomm Stadium by then.

And the crooked scans get me again.

Some big stars in here with Strawberry, Henderson, Carlton and Parker. Those were a couple of fun packs to open.

As with any of these Christmas packs, if you see something you want let me know in the comments or by e-mail.


  1. My vote is magenta as well. Matt Nokes and the Kingdome. Man I miss the 80's.

  2. I'm a fan of printing plates...they are pretty cool. I like how the one of Coleman shows the serial numbers of the aluminum roll. Or steel, or whatever metal they use, I have no idea, LOL