Tuesday 9 January 2018

COMC Mets purchases and Christmas packs 8 and 9

A couple of years ago I decided to start a project to try and collect the starting nine New York Mets for each season of their existence. I haven't really posted much about it, but I have been working at it, and put a good dent into it last year.

I picked up some more cards during my Black Friday COMC purchases, adding 13 cards and completing 8 more seasons.
1962 Topps #365
This 1962 Charlie Neal card brings me up to six of the starting nine expansion Mets.

When I set up the idea for my project I wanted to only have cards of the players in Mets uniforms. The 1962 season is an exception to that - there were no previous year photos to use. At least Topps made things easier by using photographs of the players without hats.

L-R: 1967 Topps #370; 1968 Topps #572; 1970 Topps #83
These three cards completed the 1967 opening day starters.

I think I may have to include scans of completed pages on my project page. Something to think about. Any thoughts?

L-R: 1968 Topps #563; 1986 TCMA All-Time Mets #3M
Ed Charles completes the 1968 starting lineup, while the Bud Harrelson card gets slotted into the 1970 season, completing that lineup as well.

L-R: 1973 Topps #4; 1973 OPC #540
Those of you that have received cards from me will probably get a kick out of the fact that I found an O-Pee-Chee card to help finish the 1973 starting lineup.
1976 SSPC #535
Until I started reading other blogs I was not really aware of the SSPC sets. This isn't my first SSPC card, but I don't have many of them. I really enjoy the ones I own and will probably try to grab more of them as opportunities arise.

This Del Unser card slots into the 1975 starting lineup, leaving me with only a Dave Kingman card to find to complete it. (I'm trying to find a 1975 or 1976 SSPC Kingman, or a 1976 Hostess one.)

L-R: 1999 Finest #159; 2000 Upper Deck #173
For some reason I was always unable to find Mets cards of Rickey Henderson while looking in stores and at shows. It was easy enough on COMC to find cards to complete the 1999 and 2000 starting lineups.

I had to get the Upper Deck card of Henderson diving. It captures him. Hard to believe that he was over 40 in this picture.

L-R: 2001 Topps Gallery #126; 2014 Topps #US-16
Mike Jacobs had an interesting Mets career. He was drafted by the Mets in the 38th round of the 1999 MLB Draft, played with their minor league teams before being called up and playing 30 games with the Mets in 2005. After the season he was traded to the Marlins as part of a trade for Carlos Delgado. In 2010, Jacobs found his way back to the Mets on a minor league contract, and started for them on opening day that year. He only played seven games for them in 2010. As far as I could tell there were no Mets cards made for him after 2006 so I found this card from his earlier stint in the organization. This card completes my 2010 opening day lineup.

The Andrew Brown card completes my 2014 starting lineup, and makes it so I have complete lineups from 2006-2017.

I now have 471/504 cards towards my project, and 45/56 seasons are complete.


Moving on to my Christmas packs brings me to two packs of...
...1989 Topps!

Pack 1
The important stuff! And, I'm still not trying the gum.
Wax stains on the back, and once again a contest that wouldn't have been open to me since I wasn't a US resident.
It was a pleasant surprise to see the first card in the package was a Randy Johnson rookie card. I remember when he was traded to the Mariners for Mark Langston.

Speaking of Expos trades, Winningham was part of who they received from the Mets in the Gary Carter trade.
Heh. I think that I'm proving that I don't know how to set up the cards on my scanner very well when I try to scan nine cards.

It's weird to see Guerrero and Pena in Cardinals uniforms, and nice to see a Jack McKeon card.

This turned into an Expos hot pack! I think I know where the Wallach card will wind up.

Pack 2:
A different ad card in this pack.

Spotting the checklist as the first card wasn't as nice as the Randy Johnson rookie in the first pack.

Andy Hawkins double.

That Ansley card looks familiar...

Opening two packs and getting two doubles really brings me back to when I was young. It's still fun opening these however.

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