Friday 1 July 2016

Happy Canada Day!

Canada celebrates its 149th birthday today, and I thought that I would make a quick post recognizing those Canadian born players (that I'm aware of) that have played for the Cleveland Browns.

There is actually a Canadian player on the current Browns roster, although he does not have a football card to show.

Offensive Lineman Austin Pasztor started the last four games of the 2015 season for the Browns, after playing the previous three years with the Jaguars, and the Browns had their two best rushing games while he was in the lineup. He was born in Langton, Ontario.

The first Canadian that I'm aware of that played for the Browns was kicker Jerry Kauric, who played for the Browns in 1990. He was born in Windsor, Ontario.

1990 Score Supplemental #2T
The most well known Canadian to play for the Browns is quarterback Mark Rypien who played for the Browns in 1994, but would best be known for being the Super Bowl MVP for the Redskins in 1992.

1994 SP - Die Cut #61
Finally, the only other Canadian to play for the Browns that I'm aware of is O.J. Santiago, who played for the Browns in 2001 and was born in Whitby, Ontario.

2002 Pacific - LTD #111, #/71

One other Canadian born player has a football card with the Cleveland Browns. Nate Burleson was born in Calgary, Alberta while his father played in the CFL for the Calgary Stampeders. He signed with the Browns in April 2014, but was cut at the end of training camp.

Topps included him in the 2014 set, which means with printing plates and parallels there are 11 different Burleson Browns cards. I have two, the base card and a camo parallel.

2014 Topps - Camo #80, #/399

Happy Canada Day everyone!

And, no, I'm not doing an American born Browns players post on July 4.  ;)

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  1. Even though I'm not in Canada, have a Happy Canada Day!