Sunday 28 July 2019

Value pack of 2019 Donruss Elite football

Here is another thirty card value pack that I picked up recently.

I've had pretty good luck recently in getting Browns cards, so I hope that the luck continues.

Third card in the pack, and I get a Baker Mayfield card. Awesome!

The cards are shiny, and there is a diagonal pattern on top and bottom, but the player is not blocked by it. Along with the player's name, the card shows the team logo, position and player number. I like that.

Here is the back.

Again, as with the other 2019 sets, Panini has not put any biographical information on the back of the card. I know I can look it up online, but I like having it on the back of the cards. Simple things like the college that the player attended can help me find cards that other bloggers might be interested in. (And, yes, I generally know what colleges that Browns players went to, but I don't follow other teams as close as the Browns.)

Le'Veon Bell sporting his new Jets duds with some sort of sideline crowd in the background. I wonder how they managed that...

I think Amari Cooper is going to have a good year with the Cowboys. I don't think he was used as well as he could have been with the Raiders.

Is there anyone out there that doesn't like Larry Fitzgerald? He's a great receiver, and seems to be a great teammate. I bought a Fitzgerald jersey a few years back when I went to a Cardinals game. It is the only non-Browns football jersey that I own.

Awesome, a second Browns card in the pack! Nice to see you, Myles Garrett.

This scan also has two of my three pink parallels. The third was horizontal, so I put it with the other horizontal card to scan. The Sternberger parallel is the only rookie card that I pulled in the pack.

Here is the back of the Garrett card:

Okay, a very simple thing that could improve the back of this card. If Panini wants to only show one season of stats, as well as career stats, then they should at the very least say how many seasons the career consists of. I would also like to see a column for games played. Those are a couple of very minor additions that could improve the backs.

Wow, a 'hit' in the value pack! I don't know if getting a Ravens player is any better than getting a Steelers one, but a lot of people seem to be very enthusiastic towards Lamar Jackson.

The Mahomes insert is a pink parallel. The letter in the name is slightly sunken, but it is not a relic or anything.

It looks like it is a Mahomes hot pack.

It looks like I can't go through a pack without getting a Steelers card.

Four QBs to end the pack. A lot of them throughout the pack. I guess that gives it some star power. 

The Donruss Elite base set is 100 cards, and has five Browns in it. I managed to get two of them here. 

The rest of the set are 100 rookie cards numbered out of 699. I didn't get any in my value pack. There is only one Browns card to chase among those - Greedy Williams.

I'm very pleased with this pack. I got two Browns cards, and actually got a relic card in a pack I randomly pulled out of a box at a Walmart.

I'm doing pretty good with Browns cards in packs that I open this year. I may have to tone down my complaining that I pull so poorly.

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