Thursday, 19 April 2018

Package from Scribbled Ink

I found a nice bubblewrap envelope in my mailbox today. It is always nice to have cards sent here, getting them without having to drive an hour to my US PO Box.

This envelope was from Tigers and fish cards collector, Paul, at the Scribbled Ink blog.

(Hey, fellow bloggers, I just thought of something... Paul collects fish cards. Marlins are fish. Send all your Marlins cards to Paul! I'm sure he'll appreciate them.)

Here are the Browns cards that were in the envelope.

L-R: 2016 Panini - The National #63 (#/499); 2017 Panini - The National #31 

It is always nice to get cards from the National Convention. Here are a couple of the Browns first round picks from the last two years.

COMC lists the Jabrill Peppers card as being from the VIP Prizm set, but I haven't found a checklist for the set yet so I just went with the set name description from the back when labelling it above.

2003 Upper Deck Sweet Spot #92 (#/1500)

Chris Crocker was a third round draft pick out of Marshall for the Browns in the 2003 NFL Draft. He played three seasons for the Browns, starting all 16 games of the 2005 season. He was traded to the Atlanta Falcons in March 2006 for a fourth round draft pick in the 2006 NFL Draft.

He wound up having an eleven year NFL career, playing for the Falcons, Dolphins, and Bengals after his stint with the Browns.

L-R: 1995 Topps - Hit List #1; 2000 Bowman Chrome - Ground Breakers #GB6

Here are a couple of nice Browns inserts with a similar theme of breaking a wall or the ground. Being a Chrome card, the Rhett card looks nicer in hand.

Top (l-r): 2000 Score #46; 2017 Donruss #314
Bottom: 2005 Leaf Rookies & Stars #98

I still find it odd to find two Browns on a set checklist. In a way I can understand Braylon Edwards on it, but Charlie Frye? Anyway, I'm happy it was made. More Browns for my collection.

Njoku made some nice catches last year. I expect him to take a step forward next year.

Paul also included a bunch of 2014 SA*GE HIT Low Series cards, including six of the Red parallels.

I like that the Red parallels are easy to spot, but I can't say that I'm thrilled with the red being like glitter that feels like it is going to come off if it is rubbed wrong.

Here are some of the better known names among the regular base cards included.

I really wanted the Browns to draft Watkins and Bridgewater at different times of the 2014 draft. I understood trading down to let Buffalo draft Watkins and getting their first round pick the following year, but I didn't like drafting Manziel when Bridgewater was still available. Oh, well, that ship has long sailed.

Thanks, Paul, for the cards, and for dealing with customs forms and extra costs to mail them north of the border!

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Mets purchases

In my last post I mentioned that I started off looking at cards from Burbank Sportscards while trying to find a Mets card for my Opening Day project.

Here is the card that brought me there:

1998 Pacific Online - Red #491

This card completed my 1998 page. Other than a team set photocard, this Pacific Online set seems to be the only one to show Spehr as a New York Met. While doing an eBay search for his card, I came across this parallel from Burbank. It is nice to finish off that page.

While on their site, I also took a quick look at their Mets cards and picked up two more for my binder.

L-R: 1964 Topps #235; 1966 Topps #360

I grew up listening to radio broadcasts of the Expos. If someone started getting hit by pitch a lot, immediately the radio guys would start talking about Ron Hunt, who at the time was the single-season and career leader for hit by pitch in modern baseball.

A funny thing is that in any league I played in, I tended to lead my team in hit by pitches. I wasn't afraid of the ball, and would gladly take a free trip to first base. I would often twist my body to look like I was trying to get out of the way of the pitch but end up taking it somewhere safe. I was once called on it by an opposing catcher but the ump didn't believe him.

In another online search I was looking for a Dave Kingman Mets card to complete my 1975 page. He was with the Giants in the 1975 Topps set.

I found a very good price on the 22 card 1975 SSPC New York Mets team set.

1975 SSPC New York Mets #9 - Dave Kingman

It was nice to finish the 1975 page, and to get a Kingman card from 1975 to put in it.

I also decided to substitute out a recent Tom Seaver card that had been holding a place in the 1975 page for the following SSPC card.

1975 SSPC New York Mets #12 - Tom Seaver

Seaver with a bat! Awesome!

1975 SSPC New York Mets #19 - Yogi Berra

Yogi started the 1975 season as the manager of the Mets. The back of the card makes note of the fact that he was replaced as Mets manager by Roy McMillan in August 1975.

1975 SSPC New York Mets #7 - Rusty Staub

I'm not going allow Le Grand Orange to share a scan with another card. Actually, I'm going to use his card back scan to show an example of what they look like.

RIP, Rusty.

Here is the rest of the set.

L: 1975 SSPC New York Mets #1 - John Milner
R: 1975 SSPC New York Mets #2 - Henry Webb

L: 1975 SSPC New York Mets #3 - Tom Hall
R: 1975 SSPC New York Mets #4 - Del Unser

Unser was part of the trade after the 1974 season that sent Tug McGraw to the Phillies.

L:1975 SSPC New York Mets #5 - Wayne Garrett
R: 1975 SSPC New York Mets #6 - Jesus Alou

L: 1975 SSPC New York Mets #8 - John Stearns
R: 1975 SSPC New York Mets #10 - Ed Kranepool

John Stearns was another player that the Mets received in the Tug McGraw trade.

Ed Kranepool was the last of the 1962 Mets to play in the Majors. He started as a September call-up at age 17, and retired after the 1979 season having played 1853 games for the Mets. He is still the team leader in games played, having played 270 more games than David Wright.

L: 1975 SSPC New York Mets #11 - Cleon Jones
R: 1975 SSPC New York Mets #13 - George Stone

Cleon Jones' card back notes that he was released in August 1975.

L: 1975 SSPC New York Mets #14 - Jerry Koosman
R: 1975 SSPC New York Mets #15 - Bob Apodaca

Above, we saw that Ed Kranepool was the last of the 1962 Mets to play for the team. Obviously that makes him the last of the 1969 Miracle Mets as well. The second-last of the Miracle Mets to play for the team was Jerry Koosman, who was traded to the Twins in December 1978. Sadly, I don't own a Jerry Koosman rookie card.

L: 1975 SSPC New York Mets #16 - Felix Millan
R: 1975 SSPC New York Mets #17 - Gene Clines

I love how Millan is choking up on the bat.

Before buying this team set, I had previously only owned this Gene Clines card. It was given to me by Night Owl. I love the card, and typing this I don't know why I'm not using this card in my Opening Day project. I think that I may have to replace the 1975 O-Pee-Chee card with this one. Let me know what you think in the comments.

L: 1975 SSPC New York Mets #18 - Mike Phillips
R: 1975 SSPC New York Mets #20 - Joe Torre

The Mets gave Joe Torre his managing start, making him a player-manager in 1977. After only 18 days, and 2 at-bats, he retired as a player to manage full time.

L: 1975 SSPC New York Mets #21 - Jon Matlack
R: 1975 SSPC New York Mets #22 - Ricky Baldwin

Jon Matlack was a Mets All-Star in 1975, and shared the game's MVP award with Bill Madlock that year.

A great team set that I'm happy to have found while searching for a Dave Kingman card.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Recent purchases from Burbank Sportscards and

I was looking for a Mets card for my Opening Day project, and strangely found myself looking through the Burbank Sportscards inventory for Browns cards. I found some nice cards to add to my collection.

L-R: 1963 Topps #24 and #16

I still need a number of cards for the 1963 Topps team set, including the Jim Brown.

I like the clear photo on the team card, and don't mind that it is off-center. The Browns in this set are all short prints, so I'm not going to worry too much about trying to find really good condition cards. I want to fill the holes in my collection.

1991 Wild Card - 20 Stripe #132

Clay Matthews is one of my all-time favorite Browns. I really think that he will eventually make the Hall of Fame via the Senior Selection Committee.

I'm always happy to find missing Wild Card stripe cards that I need.

L-R: 1993 Stadium Club - Members Only #4 and #546

These two cards bring me down to needing one final card for the Members Only parallel - Kevin Mack.

Seeing these cards remind me how much I liked the old Browns uniform design as opposed to the current ones. They may be more old-fashioned, or it may be because the only real success that I've seen for the Browns came in these uniforms.

The order didn't stop with the Members Only parallels.

1993 Stadium Club - 1st Day Production #167 and #372

Michael Dean Perry gave the Browns some really good seasons, making the Pro Bowl five times in his seven seasons with Cleveland, being named to four All-Pro teams, and being named the 1989 AFC Defensive Player of the Year. Of course, he is probably still better known as being the younger brother of William "The Refrigerator" Perry.

These two cards doubled the amount of 1st Day parallels that I own. Fifteen more to go!

L-R: 1993 Pro Set - All-Rookies #8; 1993 Pacific Prisms #15

The Steve Everitt All-Rookie card was the last card I needed from 1993 Pro-Set. It is always nice to take a set right off of the wantlist.

As for the Michael Jackson card, it was on my wantlist, but when I went to add it to my collection on the Trading Card Database, it looked like I already owned it. I haven't looked in my 1993 binder yet, but I'll check it to make sure, and then compare the conditions of both cards.

L-R: 1994 Topps - Special Effects #418 and #628

A couple more parallels for my collection. Isn't it so nice to see cards of kickers and tackles?

There were 24 Browns cards in 1994 Topps. These two Special Effects cards bring my collection up to 23. I'm missing Don Griffin. The "special effect" of the parallel shows better in person

The next parallel is interesting.

1994 Score - Gold Zone #308

No, it isn't interesting because of all the fingerprints that seem to have appeared on the card. It is interesting in that only one side of the card shows the gold parallel, and the team checklist cards are shared with a second team on the other side. From those that I've seen, it appears that it was always the AFC team that shows the Gold Zone parallel.

Here is the other side of the card:

The picture is a little clearer without the gold parallel, isn't it? It was the last Gold Zone parallel that I needed for the team set.

Finally, this next purchase is from a set that I had heard about for years, but had never seen. They are from the 1994 Pro Tags set.

Top (l-r): 1994 Pro Tags #31 and #32
Bottom (l-r): 1994 Pro Tags #33 and #34

I was very happy to find these in Burbank's inventory. I still have a Testaverde and Vardell to find.

I think it has been a while since I've found an Eric Metcalf to add to my collection. Here is the back of his tag to show what they look like.

A couple of friends of mine that are Raider fans were never pleased with Eric Metcalf. They think he always seemed to find a way to beat them.

It was really nice to pick up all these cards from the old Browns team before the move.

Around the same time as my Burbank purchase, I received an email with a sale code from I took a look through their Browns team sets and found two to purchase.

Top (l-r): 2001 Topps - Collection #37, #63, and #121
Bottom (l-r): 2001 Topps - Collection #149 and #152

I'm kind of hit and miss on the Topps Collection parallels. I had found the Collection cards I needed from the 2000 and 2002 sets, and own one card from the 1999 set, but didn't own any from 2001 or 2003 and 2004.

Seeing the 2001 team set available, it was a no-brainer to pick it up.

Getting it showed me a base card that I now need to pick up. The David Patten card is listed as a Patriot and I didn't realize that it showed him in his Browns uniform. I was happy that it was included here, and now I know that I have to find the base card.

Top (l-r): 2001 Topps - Collection #168, #206, and #235
Bottom (l-r): 2001 Topps - Collection #254 and #304

Ah, Spergon Wynn. One of the quarterbacks drafted ahead of Tom Brady. Too bad that Wynn was thrown into a game in his rookie season when he wasn't really ready. I didn't know that would be a common occurrence for rookie quarterbacks afterwards. (I did end up seeing Spergon Wynn play in the CFL.)

Top (l-r): 2001 Topps - Collection #305, #309, and #315
Bottom (l-r): 2001 Topps - Collection #333 and #359

Am I the only team collector that still gets a happy feeling when they get new cards of former high draft picks that everyone considers to be busts? I always seem to remember the optimism that I felt when the Browns draft the players. I'm looking forward to seeing what new players they draft in a couple of weeks.

Another team set that I found was for 2011 Score. Okay, I had all the base cards for 2011 Score, but this was advertised as being from the factory set, and I knew that there were factory set update cards for five Browns rookies.

Top (l-r): 2011 Score - Factory Set Updates #337, #341, and #349
Bottom (l-r): 2011 Score - Factory Set Updates #370 and #372

The team set was very reasonably priced and well worth getting to find five new cards.

Nothing major in these purchases but some nice holes were filled in my collection.

Friday, 13 April 2018

Recent card show purchases

I hadn't been to the local monthly card show for a few months. I managed to get out to the last one and found a bunch of stuff to buy.

L-R: 2014 Panini Boxing Day - Thick Stock #21; 2015 Panini Rookies & Stars - Dress for Success #SD8

I already owned the regular version of the Manziel Boxing Day card, but didn't own the thick stock one. The regular one has a serial number, the thick stock doesn't.

These came from a dealer that comes out to this show once in a while. He sometimes has some nice stuff, but I hate when I have to ask how much stuff is. You're the dealer, you quote me a price. Don't ask me what I want to pay for something. But since he did, I offered him five dollars for these two cards and he accepted.

All of the rest of the football cards shown came from the only regular dealer at the show that regularly carries football cards. He puts Browns cards aside for me, and if I come across anything that I think he'll like, I'll bring it to him and he'll trade with me, or give me credit towards any purchases. The best thing is, he's more than fair in the amounts that he gives me credit for. I really like dealing with the guy. And he's sympathetic to my being a Browns fan!

He was happy to see me, and had some Browns put aside for me. He said that he had brought them the last couple of months. Oops, I guess I should have gone to one of the previous shows.

Left: 2015 Donruss - Stat Line Season Gold #233 (#/140)
Middle: 2015 Panini Rookies & Stars - Longevity Team Logo #172 (#/50)
Right: 2015 Panini Rookies & Stars - Longevity Rookie Signatures Team Logo Type #RS-VM (#/99)

Woo hoo! More Vince Mayle! How can I pass those cards up?

Left: 2015 Panini Rookies & Stars - Longevity Team Name #190 (#/299)
Middle: 2015 Panini Rookies & Stars - Crusade Rookies Blue #CR23
Right: 2015 Panini Rookies & Stars - Crusade Blue #C39

I understood the Danny Shelton trade to New England. He fits their 3-4 better than our 4-3, and we have other young guys the Browns would like to play instead. However, I still like him, and hope he does really well with the Patriots.

I guess I've seen too many Crusade cards over the years because I was pretty sure that I owned both of these cards when I was buying the lot of Browns cards at the show. I figured that even if I wound up with doubles I could find homes for them. Good thing I grabbed them because I needed them.

2017 Panini Classics - Timeless Tributes Orange #270 (#/25)

I can't say that I'm displeased to get a card numbered out of 25 of the number one pick of the 2017 NFL Draft.

After giving him a bunch of traders, mostly base cards or simple insert cards, I paid the dealer twenty dollars for these seven cards. I was very happy with that.

I did find other interesting things to buy at the show than just Browns cards. Some things won't be shown in this post because I bought them for other bloggers, and will let them eventually reveal the cards, but here are some things I bought for myself.

I found a couple of New York Mets items, not for my Opening Day Lineup project, but just to have.

1992 Kellogg's All Star Canadian Tom Seaver

I found this Tom Seaver still in its plastic wrap for fifty cents. And, not surprising as I am in Canada, it is the bilingual Canadian version.

I'll leave it in the packaging for now.

I also found what looked like a complete Kahn's team set for five dollars. As it turns out it was missing four cards of the thirty-six card set - Jeff Innis, Keith Miller, Jeff Musselman and Frank Viola. However, it did have its ad card.

Here are some selected cards from the set.

My all-time favorite baseball player with three of his pitchers. I remember seeing Cone pitch in Montreal a couple of times, but I don't remember ever seeing Gooden or Darling in person.

Looking at the back of the cards:

I think I would take these backs over a lot of the new ones. No facts or write-up, but complete stats.

Managers and coaches had write-ups on their backs. Jefferies had his "Complete Major & Minor League Record" on his.

I may try to pick up the missing four cards at a later date, but am not too worried about missing some right now.

I also picked up some non-sports sets that caught my eye. Combined, they set me back ten dollars.

What's this? What's this?

It's a small 36 card Nightmare Before Christmas set put out by NECA in 2001.

The movie had a great story, and wonderful music.

How can you pass up a Hallowe'en Christmas movie?

I have friends that went out to a couples Hallowe'en party as Jack and Sally. I thought their costumes were great.

I also found a couple of Marvel Comics card sets.

A 90 card base set put out by Rittenhouse called Marvel Greatest Battles.

The set was separated into segments for eleven heroes, with symbols representing each in the bottom left corners. The heroes are Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Rogue, Ms. Marvel, Black Widow, and Elektra.

The backs are very simple, as you can see in the bottom right card above. It is of the Fantastic Four card in the bottom left of the second grouping of cards. It tells who is fighting, and in what issue, along with the artist. I wish they would have given the cover dates of each issue.

Nothing against this set, but I really preferred the next one, a 2012 set from Rittenhouse.

The Bronze Age is an 81 card set. Not only is it artwork that I like, but it is on card stock as opposed to today's glossy cards. I love the years in the bottom right corners.

One of the above teams is a favorite of mine. Yes, I'm Canadian, so it is Alpha Flight.

Go Dazzler!

Moon Knight is my favorite Marvel hero so I'll use his card to show the information on the backs.

I love all the information on these cards. I'll have to keep an eye out to see if there are any other similar sets.

All in all, a pretty good day at a card show.