Thursday 11 July 2019

A few small Trading Card Database trades

I made a few small trades with different Trading Card Database members. All went smoothly, the cards all arrived in good shape, and the traders were all wonderful to deal with.

One trade was with a TCDB member that proudly cheers for the Phillies. For most of the season, 'herkojerko' had a forum thread going where if the Phillies were to win a series, the first five posters that commented on the thread could claim five cards from his trade list. He just ended this generous display of fandom at the All-Star break.

I refused to participate in the thread. Even to get cards, I couldn't cheer for the Phillies to win, and I didn't even want to console myself with prizes celebrating their wins.

Recently, while looking through various sets, I came across yet another one of those cards where the player is wearing his Browns uniform, but the card was attributed to his new team. Upon discovering the card, I looked to see who might have this card on their trade list. 'herkojerko' did.

I found a couple of Phillies cards to send along and pick up this card.

1995 U.S. Playing Cards Ditka's Picks

I said it last post. I like adding new Eric Metcalf cards to my collection. He was definitely one of my favorite Browns of the early 1990s.

Thank you, 'herkojerko'!


My second trading partner is the most prolific trader on the Trading Card Database, and someone that I've traded with before.

'49ants' found a couple of cards from my trade list, and sent me offers for these two cards from my wantlist.

L-R: 1999 Press Pass - Big Numbers Die Cuts #BN1; 1999 King B Discs #2

The two players with the most cards in my collection each add one more to their totals.

I like die-cut cards, and I like oddballs, so these were nice additions to my collection.

I don't ever remember seeing King B products. I don't think they were carried in Canada, or at least in my area. Are they still around?

Thank you, '49ants'!


The final trade was one that I originated.

I decided that I was sick and tired of looking at one card on my wantlist, and took a look to see who had one available for trade. I found a user that had it, and also had some other cards that I need, and made an offer for a bunch of cards that he wanted.

Okay, well, that is too simple. Actually, I reached out to 'Dantheman' before making the trade offer. The card that I was looking for was an error card, and I wanted to make sure that it actually was the error card that was available.

1999 Pro Set #144 error card

Okay, a card of Bill Belichick, and one that I am very familiar with as I have many copies of the corrected version. I've always been pretty surprised that I didn't own the error as well. I don't think it is too rare.

So what is the error? It is on the back.

The corrected version has his position, 'HC' for Head Coach, listed beside his name on the back of the card. That's it. Not a huge error, but it is a card that had eluded me.

Thank you, 'Dantheman', for trading it to me along with these other cards.

2007 Topps Total #24

This card allowed me to complete the Browns team set for 2007 Topps Total. I didn't even own a parallel of this card, so it was great for me to find and get in a trade.

This card marks my first card for both Kevin Shaffer and Hank Fraley. It will likely soon turn up in one of my "Players with only one card in my collection" posts.

It is my fourth Ryan Tucker card, all from Topps Total sets.

L-R: 2009 Score #318; 2014 Topps - 1000 Yard Club #22

These are two cards that I was very surprised were not already in my collection. Without looking at any wantlists, I would have probably bypassed these cards if I came across them at a card show or in a store. For all I know, I did.

The Brian Robiskie card is the last Browns card I need for the team set in the base 2009 Score set.

A funny thing about the Josh Gordon card. I now own two of them. I just received a blind trade package (that I'll talk about in a future post) that had this card in it as well.


I think I'm going to be a little more proactive trading on the TCDB. I'm going to look for cards that are sitting on my wantlists, and try to trade for them. I'm going to see if I can eliminate some small sections from those wantlists, like I did with the base card team sets for 2007 Topps Total, and 2009 Score.


  1. The first two gents you mentioned I've had multiple dealings with. Both of them great traders!

  2. I've traded with herkojerko and 49ants as well. Didn't realize that 49ants was the most prolific trader on there.

    I just checked my collection and I only have three cards on your wantlist. Probably not enough to make a trade but if I come across some more Browns you need I'll shoot you an offer.

    1. I'm still adding things to my wantlist at the TCDB. However, even if I don't add anything that you have, I would still be interested in the three cards you have from my wantlist.

  3. I've seen Belichick's 1991 Pro Set card on several occasions... but didn't realize he had a 1992 Pro Set card as well.