Wednesday 17 July 2019

Received a blind trade package from Bump and Run Football Card Blog

I had a surprise bubble wrap envelope waiting for me when I went to my P.O. Box in Ogdensburg last week.

Quite a while ago, Trevor at the Bump and Run Football Card Blog and I had discussed making a trade. For some reason, we never actually got around to making it.

When I opened up the envelope, I found a bunch of Browns cards and a note from Trevor hoping that I'm up for a blind trade, and commenting that he's sure that a lot of the cards would be duplicates, but that he hoped I could find a home for them.

I was happy to receive them, and was thrilled to find a bunch that I needed. We'll start with them.

2016 Panini Spectra - Monumental Memorabilia Neon Green #16 (#/25)

Okay, this is quite a start to the package, although I had seen the card when we first discussed trading. You have to love the stain on the white part of the swatch!

Oh, Joe Haden, I used to like you, and was very upset when the Browns let you go. However, and I don't blame you, you signed with the Steelers and I just can't cheer for you anymore. I'll probably get around to liking you again after you retire.

2016 Panini Black Gold - Gilded Signatures #GL-GB (#/199)

Okay, this card did not scan anywhere as good as it looks in hand. I know the name scanned a little dark, but I'm sure that the autograph will let you know that this card is of former Browns Tight End Gary Barnidge. It is a beautiful addition to my collection.

1996 Collector's Edge - Too Cool '95 Rookie Standout #25

What can I say about this card? It already says that it is "Too Cool"!

I liked watching Eric Zeier, the former Georgia Bulldog, in his rookie season with Cleveland in 1995, but then paid absolutely no attention to him after he moved along with the team to Baltimore. Nothing personal against him, I didn't watch any NFL games in 1996.

I must say, though, that I like this card, and it is good to get another Zeier card in his Browns uniform.

L-R: 1999 Collector's Edge Odyssey - Millenium Collection #38; 2000 Fleer Ultra - Gold Medallion #140G

I'm always happy to add a couple of new Tim Couch cards to my collection.

L-R: 2000 Fleer Focus #238 (#/2499); 2002 Fleer Premium - Star Ruby #SR51 (#/100)

It is nice to get parallels like the James Jackson Star Ruby card, but there is something special about getting a rookie base card that I need. I know that they are both numbered, and the Star Ruby is numbered a lot lower, but I really want to complete the base team sets. I hate the fact that they started making all the rookies harder to get, and numbered them back in the day.

L-R: 2012 Score - Glossy #53; 2012 Topps Magic - Mini Blue Border #39

I'm so glad that Score is not making their Glossy parallels any more. In the past, while going through my collection, I came across some instances where I had two Glossy cards in the binder, or two regular cards. I always seem to have to check over and over. This card helps the slow pursuit to getting the Glossy team set.

I was so happy to see this Mini Blue Border card of Travis Benjamin that I let it slip out of my hand and gave it a slight corner ding as it hit the ground. So stupid of me. Not as stupid as my curling fall that laid me up for two and a half months, but stupid none the less. Ah well, it still has a good place in my collection.

L-R: 2012 Topps Platinum - Orange Refractors #102; 2013 Topps Chrome - Orange Refractors #106

I think orange parallels look nice on Browns cards. Doesn't everyone like having a parallel matching one of their team's colors?

L-R: 2013 Bowman - Mini #52B-BM; 2014 SAGE Hit #101

I love the Bowman mini, even if they weren't allowed to use the licensed college LSU uniform.

L-R: 2017 Panini Prestige - Draft Big Board #19; 2018 Panini Rookies & Stars - Purple #180

I had previously owned the Myles Garret card from the Draft Big Board insert set, so it is nice to get a second Browns draft pick out of the set. Only one more to go - DeShone Kizer.

Moving on from these cards that I needed, here are the cards that I already had.

2006 Bowman Chrome - Uncirculated Rookies #71 (#/519)

Okay, I already have this card, but this one is still going into my collection.

I already owned a copy of this card, but the copy that I had found had already been freed from its case. If it was a graded card, I might open it, but since it is sealed with the Topps tape and came this way, I'll keep this one sealed with the D'Qwell Jackson sealed one that I have. I think I'll still leave the loose one in the binder.

It was a cool card to see in the package.

Top (l-r): 1995 Topps Finest #248; 2000 SkyBox Impact #36
Bottom (l-r): 2000 Topps Stars #174; 2000 Fleer Ultra - Head of the Class #9 HC 

These are doubles, but as you saw above, the package did add a new card for both Eric Zeier and Travis Prentice.

Top (l-r): 2006 Bowman Sterling #7 and #21
Bottom (l-r): 2007 Donruss Threads #74; 2011 Upper Deck #17

I love these Bowman Sterling cards, and Lawrence Vickers was a good fullback for the team.

The Upper Deck college cards are fun to see. I was too young to remember players like Greg Pruitt in college, so it is nice to get cards like this now and then.

Top: 2012 Score - Numbers Game #17
Bottom (l-r): 2013 Bowman - Black #37; 2013 Panini Prestige #208 

I never really noticed the light pattern on Barkevious Mingo's helmet on the above card. I mean, it can't be a natural reflection. It is kind of weird.

Top (l-r): 2013 Panini Prizm #16; 2013 Panini Prizm - Prizms Blue #13
Bottom (l-r): 2014 Panini Certified #25; 2014 Topps - 1000 Yard Club #22

The Browns traded for Davone Bess at the 2013 NFL Draft, and he then came to Cleveland and had his worst season. So typical.

In a recent post I showed that I traded for this 1000 Yard Club Josh Gordon card. I went from not having the card to owning doubles. Doesn't that often seem to happen?

Top (l-r): 2015 Donruss #6; 2015 Leaf Draft #62
Bottom (l-r): 2015 Panini Clear Vision #11 and #63

This scan has it all! Johnny Football, Vince Mayle, and a pair of clear acetate Panini Clear Vision cards! What's not to like?

Top (l-r): 2015 Topps Platinum #13; 2015 Topps Platinum - Gold #13
Bottom (l-r): 2015 Topps Platinum - Rookie Xfractors #116; 2016 Panini Absolute #18

Three different types of Topps Platinum cards that includes another Vince Mayle card, and a RG III sighting.

Top (l-r): 2016 Panini Classics #32 and #52
Bottom (l-r): 2016 Panini Prestige #45 and #46

Top (l-r): 2016 Panini Prestige #50 and #196
Bottom (l-r): 2016 Panini Prestige #212; 2016 Panini Prestige - Banner Season #39 

A depressing thing about the two previous scans of 2016 cards...only one player was still with the Browns in 2018, and he has asked for a trade this year. Sigh.

2016 Score #78

As I got to the end of my scans, I realized that if I had actually used the four cards per scan for the doubles, as opposed to making one scan of three with the horizontal card, I wouldn't have had one leftover card. Poor planning on my part.

Trevor, thanks for the cards, and I'll be hitting you back sometime soon!

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  1. I'm glad you needed some of them. I knew you would like some Vince Mayle, regardless.