Wednesday 24 July 2019

More Score - 120 cards to show

Over the last few weeks, since I bought my Score blaster, I've also picked up three of the 2019 Score 40 card Value Packs.

As you all know, it is fun to open packs. I really don't have too much expectations when I buy these packs. Based on there being 32 teams in the NFL, I would hope that each pack would have at least one Browns card in it, but I know that I've been unlucky enough to be shut out before. I just hope it doesn't happen too often. If it does, then I'm likely to stop opening packs.

Here is what I pulled in the three packs.

Pack 1:

Eric Berry is still a free agent right now. I would love to see him join the Browns.

Dion Lewis is a former Browns player.

Another former Browns player here with the Steelers card of Joe Haden. It has an interesting photo.

It still seems funny to see Adrian Peterson in a Redskins uniform.

When I went through the cards in my blaster a couple of posts ago, I pointed out a few cards that had photos in the smoke that I assume is from the pre-game introductions. Here is another one with the Julius Peppers card.

I like seeing punter or kicker cards.

The packaging at the beginning of this post mentions that there are exclusive red parallel cards inside. This one starts the insert cards in the value pack.

The Saquon Barkley is a red parallel of an insert card. I really wish that inserts wouldn't have parallels.

I don't like seeing that the Michael Thomas' All-Hands Team photo on the card happened against the Browns.

Two Saquon Barkley inserts in the same pack.

Between the last two scans, you can see the three different type of Epix inserts - Game, Season and Moment.

Uh, oh, starting to look like this pack is going to shut me out from getting a Browns card to add to my collection.

Josh Jacobs was a first round pick of the Raiders.

For the rookies in this scan, Rodney Anderson was drafted by the Bengals, Dwayne Haskins was a first round pick of the Redskins, and Nick Brossette signed with the Patriots as an undrafted free agent.

The Jaylen Smith card is my first double that I've opened from this year's Score cards.

The other rookies are Trayveon Williams, drafted by the Bengals, Dexter Lawrence, drafted in the first round by the Giants, and Dexter Williams, drafted by the Packers.

No Browns in the pack, but I was lucky enough to pull cards from all three division rivals. Sigh.

Pack 2:

I did say earlier in the post that I like kicker and punter cards. Too bad that I pulled one from the Ravens. Justin Tucker is pretty talented though, not just a great kicker, but a great singer as well.

Flipping through this pack, I get Tucker, then Shawn Williams of the Bengals as the third card. It kind of left me feeling blue when I moved on to the next card...  Okay, sorry, that wasn't a very good one.

And I didn't stay blue for long. Two Browns players in the next four cards of the pack!

Let's see their backs.

I would hope that Callaway would improve on his stats for his second season, but the arrival of Odell Beckham, Jr. will probably make that difficult. I could see Callaway's targets dropping for the season.

I hope that Garrett moves well past the Browns single season sack record this season. It could be quite possible now that he has Olivier Vernon playing on the defensive line with him this year.

I'm happy that the Browns will not have to face Antonio Brown twice a year anymore.

That is a pretty cool photo of Stefon Diggs waiting for the ball to arrive. It is always cool when you see the whole ball like that in a photo on a card.

What is better, the cheerleader in the background of Desean Jackson's card, or the photographers in the background of Tajae Sharpe's red parallel card?

The top two cards are the last red parallels of the pack. Johnathan Abram was a first round pick of the Oakland Raiders.

Awesome! The Baker Mayfield Signal-Callers insert card!

This has been a good pack for the Browns, enough so that I'll ignore the fact that this pack has seen the return of getting Steelers insert cards.

I wish that they used a different photo on the back, but I won't complain about getting a Browns insert card.

Clelin Ferrell, on the NFL Draft insert card, is another Oakland Raiders first round draft pick.

More draft picks to identify.

Dwayne Haskins was a first round pick of the Redskins, while Justice Hill was drafted by the Ravens, and D'Andre Walker was drafted by the Titans.

A.J. Brown makes two Titans draft picks in a row in the pack, followed by Nasir Adderley, drafted by the Chargers, Tyree Jackson, an undrafted free agent signed by the Bills, and Johnnie Dixon, an undrafted free agent signed by the Texans.

This pack was very successful. It had three Browns out of the 40 cards, and had no doubles in it from what I had bought previously.

The next pack was bought last night as an impulse purchase when I was running some errands.

Pack 3:

Okay, seeing Baker Mayfield on the top of this impulse purchase makes me very happy.

A grouping of four running photos in this scan. It is interesting that you can pretty much see each defender locked in on their target, whether it is the ball, or the quarterback.

As the only offensive player pictured, Jay Ajayi seems to be looking out for the defenders.

I suppose that it would have been too much to hope for to go through a pack with no Steelers.

Just a little while ago, I had a notification of a football story pop up on my phone letting me know that Taylor Lewan was being suspended for four games after testing positive for a banned supplement. That is too bad for the Titans. It means they will be missing their Pro Bowl left tackle when they play the Browns in their season opener.

I like the leaping photo on the Marquise Goodwin card.

Oh, boy! A red parallel of a Steelers insert card! The only good thing I'll say about it is that it is nice to see an offensive lineman represented in an insert set for receptions.

The DeAndre Hopkins All-Hands Team insert card has a great photo. It is nice to see him all stretched out on the card.

Damien Harris was drafted by the Patriots.

All right! A second Browns card in this value pack!

I hope to see many Browns celebrations this season!

Rashan Gary, on the NFL Draft card, was a first round pick of the Packers.

The two cards on the bottom of the scan are doubles from my blaster.

Continuing on from the last two college cards from the previous scan, these four are all doubles as well.

Once again, with two Browns cards among the forty in this pack, I'm pleased with the pack.

With the cards that I've bought, I'm not likely to try and complete the set, and am willing to trade off cards from my Score posts. I'll probably continue to buy some more packs as I get the urge as long as I don't start pulling too many doubles. When I do buy them in the future, I may post the Score packs, or may not, depending on how much stuff I have to post about in the blog.

At this point, I still need six of the ten Browns base cards, and there are at least two more of the college team cards that I need to get for my collection, their draft pick Greedy Williams, and a undrafted free agent signee, David Blough.

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  1. Like you, I enjoy seeing the cards of kickers/punters, especially in a modern set. I like a lot of the photos that were used in this set, it's too bad they didn't include any retired greats, otherwise I might've actually been tempted to buy a few packs.