Sunday 7 July 2019

New old card for my collection

I seem to be following Night Owl with some of these blog posts, first with the blog bat-around, and now with a similar post to his Slipping Through the Cracks post. Well, if I'm going to follow someone, he's a good choice.

I've been trying to do a bit more trading on the Trading Card Database lately. (My user name is armac if anyone wants to trade.) In order to do so, I've had to go through old boxes to list traders on the site, or to dig through and look for cards that I haven't listed yet that are on other collectors' wantlists.

Recently, while digging through a box of 1976 Topps football, I came across a former Browns player.

1976 Topps #127

I recognized the photo, flipped over the card to read the back and couldn't believe that I didn't ever notice that John Demarie was in his Browns uniform on this expansion Seahawks card.

And looking at the card again, I even recognized that the photo is just a cropped version of his 1975 card.

1975 Topps #427

I'm very happy to add a card that I already own as a new Browns card to the 1976 part of my collection.

But wait, there's more!

Not another card that I own, but another card to chase.

As seen from the two cards above, my collection includes cards with the Browns team listed on the front, or players in Browns uniforms that are listed with other teams. However, it also includes cards of players in their college uniforms if they were drafted by the Browns.

In looking at John Demarie's cards on the TCDB, I saw one of those college cards that I hadn't noticed before. He has a card in the 1990 Collegiate Collection LSU set. I'll have to track down a copy.

John Demarie was the Browns 6th Round pick of the 1967 NFL Draft. He started five games in his rookie season, and then went on to start almost every Browns game between 1968 and 1974. In his last season with the Browns, the 1975 season, Demarie only started three of the fourteen games.

After being selected by Seattle in the 1976 expansion draft, Demarie started eight games with the Seahawks that season, his final one in the NFL.

Based on the 1975 card, I assumed that his last name was spelled DeMarie, but John Demarie's obituary has his, and his other family members, names spelled with the small 'm'. I'll have to try to remember that in the future.

John Demarie passed away on November 29, 2015, in Lake Charles, LA, at the age of 70.

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  1. TCDB and I disagree on how to classify a card like the '76 Demarie. I go by the uniform the player is wearing; TCDB (and pretty much everyone else) goes by the most current team name.

    Also I sent you a FR on there (I'm hockeydude)