Friday 26 July 2019

Surprise PWE from TCDB user 'karsal'

On Wednesday, my roommate brought in the mail from the community mailbox for our home. It is very rare that I get unexpected mail, usually I find unwanted mail (read: bills), along with various bits of junk mail. On Wednesday, however, there was a PWE addressed to me with a return address that had no name on top of it. It took a very short time for it to register who the envelope was from, and that was made easier by the fact that I could feel the stiffness of cardboard inside the envelope and knew that it had to be from a card collector.

Inside the envelope were three 2019 Panini Prestige cards. I laughed when I saw them because I had already started working on the post about the Prestige value pack that I had bought. I figured that this would make a natural follow-up, and so this PWE jumped ahead of some other planned posts.

2019 Panini Prestige #35

Isn't that first sentence from the back of the card an indictment of the Browns franchise? I hope that those seven wins become his career low for a season.

2019 Panini Prestige #54

Hey, look at Baker Mayfield hiding behind Nick Chubb on the front of this card!

The three carries for 105 yards against Oakland that are mentioned on the back of the card included touchdowns of 63 and 41 yards. It makes it easy to figure out how far the third carry went.

Nick Chubb also set the franchise record for the longest run with a 92 yard run against Atlanta.

I commented about Mayfield being behind Chubb on the card. My mind went there because I'll always laugh at the association between Mayfield and Chubb.

Some football fans will have seen, or heard, that Baker Mayfield was "mic'd up" during the Browns game against the Falcons. I can watch the video over and over again and love the exuberance shown by Mayfield. The video also shows Chubb's 92 yard touchdown run. If you don't want to watch the whole video, watch from the 2:35 mark.

I don't think I'll ever forget that.

The final card sent to me is my first Baker Mayfield "hit".

2019 Panini Prestige - Stars of the NFL #SS-BM

I probably could have gone without showing the back of this card. The scan really doesn't add anything to this post. After complaining about the backs in my last post, however, I feel that I should show this one too so that you can see that the back is really no better on this card.

Going back to the PWE. In the body of the post, I haven't yet identified the sender. I did in the post title, but I had a musical reason why I wanted to go back to it at the end of this post.

The return address on the PWE was from Pembroke, Ontario. Quickly I realized that it must be from TCDB member 'karsal', who I met at the last local card show.

What musical reason could come out of that? Well, seeing Pembroke always makes me the think of a music lyric: "...and high on the ceiling of a Pembroke club there was twenty nine boot marks signed with love."

I don't expect many of you to know what song that is from, so I'll just go ahead and link the Stompin' Tom Connors song, "Big Joe Mufferaw":

Kari, thanks for the great cards! Look forward to seeing you at a future Ottawa card show!


  1. Nice pickups. Mayfield is fun to watch, and the Browns have a load of talent. But with more expectations come more pressure. Hope they have a successful season.

  2. You are welcome!
    They are in the proper collection now.