Wednesday 10 July 2019

Local card show

Last Sunday saw the most recent monthly local card show. Due to my hamstring injury and surgery, it had been a few months since I last attended it.

There is one dealer that I often trade football cards with. I bring in stuff that I know that he might want for his collection, and then I let him tell me if it is enough to trade for any Browns cards that he has for me, or if I might have to throw in a few bucks as well. At this show I had enough to trade straight up for the following Browns that he had for me.

L-R: 2018 Donruss Optic #158; 2018 Donruss #308

The other day I had a small e-mail exchange with Tony at the Off Hiatus Baseball Card blog, and he hoped that I was enjoying Nick Chubb. My reply was that I loved him as a player, but was disappointed that I didn't have many of his cards. 

I had horrible luck last year pulling Browns cards. Not a good time for me to not pull them with Baker Mayfield, Denzel Ward and Nick Chubb rookie cards to collect.

Although they were the only rookie year cards, these two Chubb cards weren't the only ones that were traded to me.

Top: 2019 Score - All-Hands Team #AHT-2
Bottom (l-r): 2019 Score - Scorecard #111; 2019 Score - Captains #C-17

I was watching the Bengals game on tv when Chubb made the catch pictured on the card. Is there any wonder that I love him as a player?

C'mon Score, the Browns released Jamie Collins in early March. I don't mind having some final Collins cards to add to my collection, but I'm sure that you could have found another player to include for the Browns.

Last year's Score set still had Joe Thomas as the Browns representative in the Captains insert set. I have no problem with Myles Garrett replacing him this year. It will be interesting to see what happens next year. Will Baker Mayfield get the spot in next year's set? Personally, I like seeing Garrett there, as offensive players, especially quarterbacks, always seem to get plenty of insert card love.

2019 Panini Legacy #26 and #25

I had been looking at small lots of Browns cards from Panini Legacy on eBay recently. I didn't buy any, but it was close. It was good that I waited. The dealer pretty much had the Browns base team set, with Mayfield and Chubb joined by an Odell Beckham, Jr. card for active players. On the Beckham card, he is listed as being with the Browns, but still in a Giants uniform. I'm sure I'll get that card pretty easily.

The base set also had the following Browns from the past.

2019 Panini Legacy #127 and #116

It seems that Ozzie Newsome seems to always make the cut as one of the legends in Panini's sets. It is nice to see Eric Metcalf join him in this set. I'm always happy to see new Eric Metcalf cards, and to add them to my collection.

2019 Panini Legacy #184 and #168

From a quick look through the checklist, I believe that these are the only two Browns draft picks in the set. It is nice to get them in this trade.

2019 Panini Legacy - Record Book #RB-NC; 2019 Panini Legacy - Lasting Legacies #LL-JB

Finally, these two insert cards were also in the stack traded to me, giving me a good start to this year's Legacy set.

A couple of days before the show, one of the members on the Trading Card Database asked on the forums if anyone was going, and if so, whether they wanted to meet.

Another member that has been making TCDB trading cards quickly piped up that he would like photos of any meet-up. I jokingly answered that a photo would take away my anonymity.

Anyway, I met up with Kari, karsal on the TCDB, at the show, and he asked about the photo.

I thought of a way to save my anonymity.

We did take another photo with me facing the right way, but after being told that the lighting was too poor, I didn't post the other photo to the forums.

We will have other opportunities for photos since the Ottawa shows are monthly, and quite a few other TCDB members show up to them regularly. This was my first time meeting one of them, and I had a great time talking with Kari at the show.

Now Kari isn't the first card collector I've met, either TCDB members, or other bloggers. I honestly don't remember if I've actually posed for a picture with any of the others. I don't think that I have.

At the card show, one of the dealers near the front usually has sports jerseys for sale. I always glance at them, but never expect to see a Browns one, especially one that would fit me.

Walking in the other day, I saw brown and white Browns jerseys. There were two brown Mayfield jerseys, and two white Beckham jerseys. I didn't look closely at the Beckham jerseys, but it appeared that one of the Mayfield jerseys was big enough to fit me. I asked how much the jerseys were, and then said that I would be back later. After all, I hadn't been to the show in a few months, and I didn't know whether the football dealer had a whole bunch of Browns that I would need to buy. I didn't want to commit my money right away.

After talking with Kari, I went to walk back to the front of the hall and buy the jersey. The dealer was gone. The dealer at the table next to me informed me that he fell ill and had to leave. I hope he's all right, and I hope that he'll bring the jerseys back next month.

I continued walking the hall, and went over to a table that sometimes had some interesting football cards. The dealer told me that he hadn't added any new Browns cards to his boxes, but I decided to flip through the boxes anyway while talking with him.

I had forgotten, and maybe the dealer had too, that there was in fact one Browns card in there that I had wanted before, but that he had priced a little higher than I wanted to pay.

I pulled out the card, and asked if the price had gone any lower. The dealer came down a bit, saying that he actually didn't mind keeping the card as people always seemed to want to talk about it, and as I was thinking about it, I noticed that he had some old unopened boxes, and oddball stuff.

Wanting to open some packs, I asked about a price for the card, and some other stuff and he agreed.

After getting home, I looked at eBay, and saw one completed auction that was a little cheaper than I paid for the card, and one card up for auction that had just started that was similar to the completed auction. There was also one copy listed for well above what I paid. However, having a card in hand that I don't need to worry about driving to Ogdensburg to pick up has to be worth the price difference, so I'm not worried about it. And I did also have the add on stuff too.

2014 Topps - Rookie Premiere Autographs Dual #RPDA-MB (#/25)

I like the card, and if Drew Brees ever retires and Teddy Bridgewater successfully succeeds him, the card could eventually turn out to be a good deal. If he doesn't, then it is still a needed card numbered out of 25 for my Browns collection.

Here is a photo of the other stuff that I picked up with the card.

I had fun opening the 1990 Pro Set Series II box. I found about six or seven variations that I needed, and added them to my set. I also pulled a copy of the NFL Superpro card that was in better shape than the one that I previously owned.

I previously owned the 1990 Final Update but I needed an extra copy of the Jim Shofner coach card for my set. My original copy is in my Browns collection.

The dealer had Canadian prices of $5 for the Update set, and $15 for the box. I also picked up a loose promotional set card of Peyton Manning with these, but mailed it off in a trade yesterday. Bundled with the Manziel card, I didn't pay anywhere near those prices.

Had the jersey still been available, I wouldn't have made these purchases, but I'm happy to have picked them up. I just hope that next month I'll be able to go home with a new Baker Mayfield jersey.


  1. Glad you're back to going to shows!

    Yeah, you've definitely never taken a photo with me. Nobody needs that.

    1. I can understand no photos with you. Once they started, everyone would want one, and once the famous Night Owl was identified, paparazzi wouldn't leave you alone.

      Here is something to ponder, would paparazzi try to sell your paper pictures of the famous Night Owl?

  2. Like NO said, it's nice to hear that you've recovered enough to be able to start going to shows (amongst other things) again. Pro Set boxes are always fun to open, even if you don't need anything from them they'll still provide some enjoyment.