Thursday 18 July 2019

Reading material

Last month, in one of my posts, I commented that I had purchased a book that I had discovered while looking up information on Horace Gillom.

I found this book being sold on eBay by the seller thrift.books. It was listed at $9.56, with free shipping. Based on the information that I had seen online when making my post, I figured it would be a good read and decided to order it.

While looking at the item, I noticed that there was a message saying that there would be a 10% discount on my order if I ordered five books or more. I looked to see if there were any other items that I wanted to order from the same seller. There was.

The above book has an original copyright from 2007, with this paperback edition having one from 2010. It had an original retail price of $16.95.

The copy that I received was in very good shape, and was an old library book from the Guernsey County District Public Library in Cambridge, Ohio. I had avoided other eBay listings for former library books but this one wasn't listed as such. It is a minor thing but I would have liked to know about it.

This book is from 1999 which makes it a great resource for the pre-expansion Browns. The player information is pretty basic. I can find more information on the Pro Football Reference website, but it is nice to have a very quick reference book that I can look things up in. Although the book doesn't have player stats from the 1999 season, this book contains draft listings of the players selected in the Browns 1999 expansion draft, and the 1999 NFL Draft.

This book had an original retail price of $12.95, and was listed at $3.99.

Unfortunately, this book seemed to take a little damage on the spine while shipping. It isn't anything that prevents me from reading the book. It is just a minor irritant.

I have read other books and many articles from Terry Pluto over the years so I was pretty sure that I would like this book. It came out in 2010, with an original retail price of $14.95. It was listed at $3.99.

I finished it yesterday, and learned some new stuff, and really related to a lot of the quotes from Browns fans throughout the book.

The back of the book made me laugh. It also made me hang my head a bit and wonder, but in general it made me laugh.

Here is how the back of the book started:

"Here's a question for any Browns fan...
Why, more than four long decades after your team's last championship … despite a relentless pattern of heartbreak, teasing, and more heartbreak … capped with a decade of utter futility … do you still stick with the Cleveland Browns?
Good question."

Remember, this was written before the 1-15, and 0-16 seasons of 2016 and 2017.

This book is a hardcover. Like with Terry Pluto, I have read a lot of Tony Grossi over the years too. I'm looking forward to reading these stories.

This book is from 2012, and has an original retail price of $19.95. It was listed for $8.85.

The final book from my order is from 2017, and had an original retail price of $14.99. It was listed for $5.02.

I've just started this book, but have only read the Foreward so far. I'm sure that I'll enjoy it. I hope that I qualify as a 'yes' in answering the book's title.

After the 10% discount for ordering the five books, and with free shipping, the total came to $30.54.

With the exception of the spine of the floppy Total Browns book, they all arrived in great shape. I look forward to much enjoyment from them.


  1. That's quite the Browns book collection. Out of all of the teams I collect... the A's hold the title for most books sitting on my bookshelf with 3. I've only ready one of them. One day, I'll get to the other two.

    1. Oh, I've got more kicking around. Now that I seem to be gathering them, I feel bad about giving away Jim Brown and Ernie Davis biographies that I used to own.