Wednesday 11 April 2018

TCDB Trade - jb31

Recently jb31 posted on the Trading Card Database that he had some football cards to trade. I mentioned that I would be interested in Browns cards that he might have and we exchanged a few messages to find a suitable trade.

He sent me a photo of Browns cards that were available, and I spotted a few in there that I needed, but I told him I would trade for the lot of them. As it turned out, there were a few base cards in there that I needed as well.

Here is what I received:
2004 SPx #201 (#/1499)

I'm sure that after being drafted in the 4th Round of the 2004 NFL Draft, Luke McCown didn't expect to start four games for the Browns that season. And then, after having those four starts in his rookie season, that he would only have six more starts for the rest of his career. His career appears to be finished after being released by the Saints in April 2017.

L-R: 2004 Bowman Chrome #186; 2004 Upper Deck Finite #24

When I received the trade picture of the Browns cards, I didn't realize that I needed these two cards. It is a good thing that I decided to trade for them all since I didn't want to try and look all the cards in the photo up before making the trade.

L-R: 2005 Donruss Elite #123 (#/499); 2006 Donruss Classics - Timeless Tributes Bronze #256 (#/100)

I was pretty sure that I didn't have the Charlie Frye card, and knew that I didn't have the Newsome.

I love the color that the scanner adds to the mirrored card when scanning it.

L-R: 2006 Topps Turkey Red - Red #228; 2007 SP Authentic #107 (#/1399)

I like the Turkey Red cards from around this time, they were much better than the ones from 2014. I have a few of the parallels but knew that I needed this one.

Syndric Steptoe was drafted in the 7th Round of the 2007 NFL Draft from the Arizona Wildcats. He spent the 2007 season on the practice squad, played for the Browns for the 2008 season, and then injured his knee during 2009 training camp, and was released.

Thank you for the trade, jb31! I hope you enjoy the cards that I sent you.

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