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More Browns from Sportlots

With my last Sportlots order, I pretty much concentrated on more recent Browns cards, especially ones I was missing from last season. This order started with looking up Joe Thomas rookie year cards, and then after finding two with the same seller, looking through the seller's inventory and picking up early expansion era Browns.

2007 Topps Draft Picks & Prospects - Chrome Bronze Refractor #115 (#/250)

I was so thrilled with the first round of the 2007 NFL Draft, getting both Joe Thomas and Brady Quinn. I'm not going to complain about that draft since Thomas will be going to the Hall of Fame. I can only hope that this year's draft gives the Browns a Hall of Famer.

I like getting this card in his Badgers uniform. I don't mind a bit of variety in my Browns collection.

2007 Bowman Chrome - Uncirculated Rookies #BC94 (#/1079)

I was happy to find this card to add to my Uncirculated Rookie Quinn card.

Nice to get these two Joe Thomas cards. I suppose it is both good and bad that I still have so many more of his cards to find.

Top (l-r): 1999 Fleer Focus - Stealth #43 (#/300); 1999 Upper Deck Century Legends #7
Bottom (l-r): 2002 Donruss #44; 2000 Pacific Private Stock - Gold #113 (#/181)

I'm pretty much doing this post by player. I only had one each of Terry Kirby and Otto Graham, and they conveniently combined with the two JaJuan Dawson cards for a scan.

I don't remember having any other cards of Dawson in his Tulane uniform. On the back of the card it says that his quarterback at Tulane was Shaun King.

Bringing up quarterbacks, here are more cards of the player most represented in my collection.

Top Left: 1999 Collector's Edge 1st Place - Successors #S5
Top Right: 1999 Donruss Elite - Primary Colors Yellow #32 (#/1875)
Bottom Left: 1999 Finest - Prominent Figures #PF9 (#/5084)
Bottom Right: 1999 Leaf Rookies & Stars - Freshman Orientation #FO-6 (#/2500)

An interesting back on the card that Tim Couch shares with Peyton Manning. It says to look for these two to become two of the great QBs of the decade and to really heat up the old Browns/Colts rivalry. Sigh.

Pretty rare numbered cards in the rest of the scan. If you're wondering why the Prominent Figures card might be numbered to 5084, on the back of the card it lists the Top Ten NFL Single Season Passing Yardage Highs, and that is the number of yards that Dan Marino threw for in 1984.

1999 Score - Settle the Score #24

You can see Ricky Williams' name on the card. He is actually pictured over Tim Couch's shoulder on the top left of the card, but it is lost due to the foil/silver on the front of the card. I'll show the card back where you can see Williams featured, with Couch in the background.

Moving on, I love the bottom left card below.

Top (l-r): 1999 Playoff Prestige SSD - Spectrum Purple #161 (#/500); 1999 Topps - All Matrix #AM22
Bottom (l-R): 2000 Pacific Vanguard - Press Hobby #1; 2000 Skybox - Sunday'sBest #1 

Not that us collectors would ever wonder where the card companies get the names for their sets or inserts, but I wonder why the top right card is All Matrix.

I really like the Press insert, and only wish that the headline was true.

The background of the Sunday's Best insert is supposed to look like stained glass, but as it is foil or silver card you can't really see it.

Top: 1999 Pacific Crown Royale - Card-Supials #2
Middle: 2000 Pacific Omega - Stellar Performers #1
Bottom: 2002 Fleer Authentix - Stadium Classics #9

I like the look of the Stadium Classics insert.

Top: 2002 Pacific Exclusive - Maximum Overdrive #5
Middle: 2002 Pacific Heads Up - Head First #3
Bottom: 2002 Pacific Heads Update - Generations #13

A few more horizontal inserts. The tops two look better in person as they ae foil/silver and don't scan well.

I don't remember when Fasani was drafted by the Panthers, but since he's sharing this card with Tim Couch, he now has a presence in my collection.

Top Left: 2001 Fleer Authority - Authority Figure #12 (#/1750)
Top Right: 2001 Pacific Crown Royale - Now Playing #2 (#/1000)
Bottom Left: 2002 Score - Number's Game #8 (#/3040)
Bottom Right: 2003 Bowman's Best - Blue #63 (#/499)

The Authority Figure insert has Tim Couch paired with Quincy Morgan. Since Couch is listed first, the card will be placed with the Tim Couch cards in my collection, not with the Morgan cards. I don't try to get doubles of cards like this, they aren't for PCs, they are for a Browns collection and only one is needed.

I'm a sucker for cards appearing as movie posters. I just like how they are formatted.

From the quarterback who is the most numerous in my collection, we'll move on to a guy that he passed balls to, and who has the second most cards in my collection.

Top Left: 1999 Collector's Edge Odyssey - Cut 'N' Ripped #CR2
Top Right: 2002 Playoff Contenders - Championship Ticket #21 (#/250)
Bottom: 2001 Pacific Invincible - Widescreen #4 (#/2500)

Can you see the ball in the Widescreen card? It is partly obscuring Kevin Johnson's helmet. I'm guessing that pass wasn't a completion.

These three cards bring me to over 300 different Kevin Johnson cards in my collection.

Top Left: 2000 Collector's Edge Masters - Future Masters Gold #FM11 (#/2000)
Top Right: 2000 Donruss - Rated Rookies #RR-40 (#/2500)
Bottom Left: 2000 Fleer Showcase - Next #6
Bottom Right: 2000 Press Pass - Big Numbers Die-Cut #BN3

Since I'm grouping these by player as opposed to set, you'll recognize some similar cards in the next scans.

Top Left: 2000 Collector's Edge EG - Golden Edge #GE36 (#/2000)
Top Right: 2000 Collector's Edge Masters - Future Masters Gold #FM14 (#/2000)
Bottom: 2000 Collector's Edge Masters - Rookie Masters #MR12 (#/2000)

I miss Collector's Edge cards, even though I look back and don't like how many sets they had for me to collect.

Top Left: 2000 Donruss - Rated Rookies #RR-16 (#/2500)
Top Right: 2000 Pacific Vanguard #134 (#/762)
Bottom: 2000 Stadium Club #169

Add Pacific cards to the Collector's Edge ones that I miss - and Fleer too, even if none are shown right now. I guess I just miss competition among brands.

The green Vanguard card is a base card. In the set, the backgrounds were different for rookies, and AFC and NFC veterans. Now they probably wouldn't waste three different colors on those backgrounds because they would need them for color variations.

I love how crisp the photo is on the Stadium Club card.

Top Left: 2000 Pacific Vanguard #133 (#/762)
Top Right: SkyBox Dominion - Extra #208
Bottom: 2000 Pacific Paramount - Draft Report #8

Dennis Northcutt wearing the Arizona Wildcat colors, but with the licensed parts removed.

Top (l-r): 2001 Fleer Focus #219 (#/1850); 2001 Ultra #264 (#/2499)
Bottom: 2001 SA*GE HIT - Rarefied Silver #R48 (#/999)

If you only take a quick glance at the Ultra card, you might think that Gerard Warren is wearing a white Browns uniform, but it is his Florida Gators uniform with the Gators removed from his orange helmet.

Top (l-r): 2001 Fleer Showcase #128 (#/1500); 2001 Ultra #267 (#2499)
Bottom (l-r): 2001 Press Pass - Breakout #B20; 2001 Press Pass SE - Old School #OS18

For those trying to figure out the college uniform, it is the Kansas State Wildcats.

Top: 2001 Fleer Tradition Glossy - Rookie Minis #417 (#/350)
Middle: 2001 Pacific Invincible - New Sensations #9 (#/1250)
Bottom: 2001 Quantum Leaf - Rookie Revolution #RR-13 (#/4000)

As much as I wonder why Fleer put out the regular and glossy versions of their Fleer Tradition set, I like the minis were added into the glossy set.

Top (l-r): 2001 Pacific Dynagon - Premiere Players #7 (#/999); 2001 Pacific Prism Atomic - Rookie Reaction #6
Bottom: 2001 Pacific Invincible - New Sensations #8 (#/1250)

James Jackson is missing the U on his helmet on these Pacific cards.

Top (l-r): 2002 Flair #106 (#/1250); 2002 Fleer Premium #148 (#/1250)
Bottom (l-r): 2002 Fleer Showcase #158 (#/1500); 2002 Pacific Private Stock - Class Act #6

It was nice to pick up so many numbered base set rookie cards that I was missing with this order. You can see three of them above. André Davis went to Virginia Tech.

Top (l-r): 2002 Flair #107 (#/1250); 2002 Pacific Exclusive - Blue #186 (#/299)
Bottom: 2002 Pacific Heads Up - Inside the Numbers #5

All told, with shipping, this purchase was about the same price as two blasters, but with the major difference that I knew I needed all the cards in the order. These were all ordered from the same seller, and as you can tell, I pretty much only looked at his inventory through 2002. I'll have to remember to look for more cards from him in the future.

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  1. That Donruss Elite Primary Colors is a beautiful card. Love the shine!