Monday 2 April 2018

2018 Topps Heritage - Part 2

Continuing on with my box break.

Pack 13:

Well,  I guess that this post won't be dragging out the suspense as to whether or not I would be getting an autograph or a relic in my box. Honestly, I was expecting a relic since it seems that most people seemed to be getting one. It was a pleasant surprise to pull the autograph, but I'm not going to pretend that I would have been able to identify the signature if I was shown it apart from the card.

Pack 14:

And my Then & Now insert pops out early too. I never thought of Lou Brock as a comparable for Dee Gordon.

Pack 15:

Eduardo Rodriguez is the first short print of my second half of the box.

I guess the Verlander trade paid off for the Astros. That is quite the pitching staff that the Astros have built.

Good to see Daniel Murphy. I'll still cheer for him, but can't cheer for his team. I just wish he'd stop being successful against the Mets.

Pack 16:

I saw that the chrome cards were 1:35 packs so I knew there would be a good chance to get one.

Happy to see a Mets card in the pack, and also the Beltran card. It is nice to get the career stats on Beltran's card back.

Pack 17:

Raimel Tapia is my second short print of this half box. The brim of his hat looks really big on his card.

Pack 18:

I didn't notice that the Amed Rosario was a color swap card when I first opened it. I only noticed it when I actively started searching for any variations that might be in my box. It always seems rare to pull a variant of a player or a team that you like. It always seems like that is what the other guy pulls so, on one hand, I was very happy to see this one. On the other hand, I wish that card companies wouldn't make intentional errors like this as variants.

Pack 19:

Kurt Suzuki is the third short print for the second half of the box. C'mon, Topps, he's a catcher. He should be in his gear!

I think that Samardzija made the right choice when he picked baseball over football, but I remember wanting the Browns to draft him if he decided to play football.

Turner is another ex-Met that I don't have any ill will towards, but seems to reward me with playing way too well whenever he goes up against the Mets. I wish he would stop doing that.

Pack 20:

I keep seeing a lot of all-star cards. I wonder how many I got in the box?

Pack 21:

I was trying to figure out why the Ichiro card looked so different. I guess without the last name on the card with its larger letters, it just stands out.

Posey gives me my second expected New Age Performer. I guess that just leaves me with one more short print among the expected cards in my box.

Pack 22:

The Mike Napoli card gives me my eighth short print from the box. Something about the photo doesn't seem very flattering to me. Not sure what though.

I guess it is good to still see deGrom with his long hair on his card, but I like his short hair that he has now.

Pack 23:

I'm never going to complain about getting a David Wright card. I really don't expect to see him play again.

Man, was Archie Bradley's triple in the playoffs fun to watch!

Pack 24:

Bonus Deckle! I don't think that I'll complain about that.

All in all, I'm happy with my box. I like the cards and am tempted to try and collect the set. But that temptation is tempered by the significant price increase on boxes in a local store. I don't want to pay that increase.

I'm saving the box-topper to open later.


Okay, I didn't post this last night, or earlier today because I hadn't really reviewed it yet, but since I originally typed it up I went down to Ogdensburg this morning to pick up mail, and hopefully claim my free March Madness upset pizza lunch from the Little Caesars down the road from the post office.

Things didn't quite work out for the lunch. There was a note on the door thanking the consumers for their patronage and announcing that the store was closed as of April 1st. I joked to another guy that showed up at the same time as me that it seemed a bit of an extreme reaction to get out of handing out free pizza.

On the way back to the border crossing, I made my usual stop at Wal-Mart where I figured that I would grab another pack of Topps Opening Day. They were out of it, but they had Heritage blasters so I grabbed one of those.

My next post will show any new cards that I got in the blaster, along with the inserts and the box-topper from this box. Then I should get back to showing my new Browns cards that I've obtained.

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  1. Lucky you, Chromey Puig and the elusive Pederson card. (Elusive for me anyway).

    Not surprised another business closed in Ogdensburg. I'm surprised there's anything left in St. Lawrence County.