Tuesday 3 January 2017

Late Christmas present

I'm still down in Arizona, and am not looking forward to leaving on Wednesday, but one advantage to being down here is the opportunity of a late Christmas present from my mom.

I mentioned to her that I had been eyeing a framed autographed photo and when she found out who it was of she told me that she would like to buy it for me as a late present since she said she didn't get me much other than socks. (She was right about that but I wasn't expecting anything else since she also wrote me a cheque to cover some of my travel expenses.)

Anyway, the reason she understood is that she knew who my childhood hero was.

The Kid
Thanks, mom!

BTW, my trip home on Wednesday is going to overnight in Chicago, and I arrive just before 9:00 pm. If anyone wants to get together for a drink near O'Hare with a fellow blogger, let me know.


  1. I'm pretty sure Dimebox Nick works at a book store at O'Hare.

    That Carter auto is super cool!

  2. Very cool Christmas present. Who doesn't like The Kid? Every now and then, I'll go out of my way to target some of his Expos cards for my collection. Have a safe trip home.