Wednesday 25 January 2017

Fairfield repack the second

According to the comments I received, people enjoyed the last Fairfield repack that I opened and performed a running commentary on. I guess I should give people what they want and do another post with a repack that I bought in Arizona over the Christmas holidays.

To remind people, the repack advertises 75 football cards plus a pack, and the "Jumbo Box!" packaging states that "1:4 CONTAIN A HIT!"

In the first box that I opened, 1990 Pro Set had the most cards, followed by 2013 Topps. I wonder how different this box might be.

Let's get to it!

2015 Topps Fire - Rookies Gold #11 (#/499) - Devin Funchess, Panthers: I was surprised to see a shiny parallel in the window of the box so I grabbed it.
1990 Pro Set #363 - Christian Okoye, Chiefs: The Nigerian Nightmare gets 1990 Pro Set started again.
1989 Score #168 - Carlos Carson, Chiefs: The back of his card says that he was drafted by the Chiefs in 1980 and had 345 career receptions when the card was printed...and I don't remember him at all.
1993 Stadium Club #128 - Al Smith, Oilers: I know you can't see it, but I prefer the smaller photo on the back of the card better. I guess with this one you can see his face better.
1989 Topps #226 - John Booty, Jets: Shake, shake, shake. Shake, shake, shake. Shake your...  I wonder how sick he is of that song!
2011 Panini Threads #138 - Josh Freeman, Buccaneers: I am surprised at how quick his career finished. I thought someone would pick him up as a backup.
2006 Fleer #94 - Joey Galloway, Buccaneers: I really love the simple card design of this Fleer set.
1998 UD Choice #29 - Tyrone Poole, Panthers: Not familiar with this set as there are no 1998 Browns, but obviously they rebranded the Collector's Choice cards.
1989 Topps #308 - Jamie Holland, Chargers: 1989 Topps is the first set to have two cards!

1991 Topps #434 - Burt Grossman, Chargers: Of the first ten cards, four teams have been represented twice.
1996 Donruss #44 - Ken Dilger, Colts: Nice design. He looks big. <checks the back> 6'5, 249 lbs.
2001 Pacific #175 - Ken Dilger, Colts: Not just another team represented twice, the same player on back-to-back cards!
2012 Topps #270 - Philip Rivers, Chargers: I've always liked him as a QB. Chargers jump out to the lead with three cards.
2012 Panini Rookies & Stars #114 - Rashard Mendenhall, Steelers: So happy that I don't have to root against the Steelers in the Super Bowl this year. It doesn't work as often as I would like.
2013 Score #81 - Jermichael Finley, Packers: A talented receiver, too bad he had to retire after an injury suffered in the 2013 season.
2011 Playoff Contenders #45 - Darren McFadden, Raiders: A great running back when healthy.
1988 Topps #54 - New Orleans Saints team card: Previous year team leaders and schedule results on the back. I miss team cards like this.
2007 SP Authentic #15 - Carnell Williams, Buccaneers: Cadillac pulls the Bucs into a tie with the Chargers.

2014 Topps Chrome #174 - Michael Sam, Rams: I saw his CFL debut in Ottawa. He wasn't a factor in the game.
1991 Pro Set #176 - Ray Donaldson, Colts: Love seeing Centre cards. Colts now tied with the Chargers and Bucs.
2012 Panini Crown Royale - Retail #36 - Paul Posluszny, Jaguars: One of the many linebackers produced by Penn State over the years.
1990 Score #639 - Charles Arbuckle, Saints - Better known as an ESPN college football analyst.
1991 Pro Set #270 - Joe Bugel, Cardinals: Love to see a coach card. Second 1991 Pro Set card.
1990 Pro Set #262 - Vai Sikahema, Cardinals: Won by knockout over Jose Canseco in a celebrity boxing match.
1989 Pro Set #192 - Jay Schroeder, Raiders - Sad to say but all I remember is all those interceptions against the Bills in the playoffs.
1995 Fleer #370 - Trent Dilfer, Buccaneers - Way too busy a card. Buc #4.
1987 Topps #393 - Chris Washington, Buccaneers - Bucs are starting to pull away!

There was actually one more card before this card, but I've added it in the next grouping of nine. Right now I'm going to show that I pulled a 1 in 4 hit from the repack!

2003 Bowman Chrome #226 - Shaun McDonald, Rams: Had a seven year career with the Rams, Lions and Steelers. Caught 220 passes for 2490 yards with 11 TDs in his career.

1997 Score Board NFL Rookies #23 - Ricky Parker, Bears: Can't say I've heard of this set, or this player. He's wearing his college Aztecs jersey.
2013 Topps #261 - Geno Atkins, Bengals: Was probably the best defensive player in the AFC North this year.
1990 Pro Set #130 - Duane Bickett, Colts: Colts close within one of Bucs, 1990 Pro Set takes the lead at three.
1991 Pro Set Platinum #175 - Kevin Gogan, Cowboys: Love this set. Part of great O-Line that blocked for Emmitt Smith.
1984 Topps #57 - Paul McDonald, Browns: Yay! A Browns card! And the oldest card in the repack so far.
1993 SkyBox Premium #112 - Jay Hilgenberg, Browns: Another Brown! And another Centre card. Back of the card pictures him going up against former Bear teammate Steve McMichael. What's not to like?
1989 Topps #29T - Issiac Holt, Cowboys: I had forgotten that spelling of Issiac. Counting it as a 1989 Topps and it ties 1990 Pro Set.
1992 Upper Deck #332 - Chris Martin, Chiefs: I like the horizontal shot of him diving/falling over a teammate. The back photo is someone helping him up and it may be right afterwards, you can see a Ram in the background.
2008 Score #333 - Matt Ryan, Falcons: Matt Ryan rookie card! If they win the Super Bowl it may be worth tons of money! ;)

1998 Bowman's Best #5 - Isaac Bruce, Rams: More familiar spelling of Isaac. Nice and shiny card in hand.
2014 Topps #158 - St. Louis Rams team card: Rams tie Colts, pull within one of Bucs.
2015 SAGE HIT #96 - Bryce Petty, Baylor Bears: First college card in the repack.
2015 Topps #409 - Breshad Perriman, Ravens: First Raven in the repack. I'm indifferent to that.
2006 Topps #293 - Tiki Barber, Giants: Surprised that this the first Giants card. Giants all-time leading rusher.
1984 Topps #339 - Al Baker, Cardinals: Bubba! Future Brown. I would like to get to his BBQ restaurant. My college roommate hated facing him in Tecmo Bowl.
2015 SAGE HIT - Artistry #ART-14 - Amari Cooper, Alabama Crimson Tide: College insert card. Part of a bright Raiders future.
1995 Pro Line #237 - Mark Ingram, Packers: Yeah, signed with the Packers, but he is the Dolphin on the front of the card. Why would they use a photo of him with a Packer in it?
2011 Upper Deck University of Texas Football #36 - Lam Jones: Second overall pick by Jets in 1980 Draft. Olympic sprinter, did not have the hands to match.

1991 Pro Set WLAF #143 - Jason Garrett, Riders: Went on to become Troy Aikman's backup and currently coaches the Cowboys.
1991 Pro Set WLAF #116 - Billy Owens, Thunder: Those jerseys! Starting a run on WLAF cards...
1991 Pro Set WLAF #52 - Kirk Maggio, Fire: Former UCLA Punter. WLAF set now tied for set lead.
1995 Pro Line #358 - Michael Timpson, Bears: Will the Bears get a card of a player in their own uniform?
1992 Fleer #30 - Leon Sills, Bills: Another nice, simple Fleer design. Too bad about the 1995 one.
1991 Pro Set WLAF #59 - Tim Broady, Galaxy: I think I'm more interested in the cheerleaders to his side.
1991 Pro Set WLAF #125 - Clarkston Hines, Skyhawks: WLAF is starting to run away with this.
1990 Pro Set #671 - Cortez Kennedy, Seahawks: Hall of Famer rookie card!
1995 Upper Deck #182 - D.J. Johnson, Falcons: I like the photo on this one.

1998 Score #107 - Rob Johnson, Bills: I just think of him starting in the playoffs ahead of Flutie. Good call, Bills.
1991 Wild Card Draft #84 - Paul Justin, Arizona State Sun Devils: Bounced around Arena League, WLAF, and NFL for eleven years.
1991 Upper Deck #397 - Tony Bennett, Packers: No, not that Tony Bennett.
1991 Pro Set #357 - Gene Barth: Back of the card says that he was about to enter his 21st year as a NFL Official.
1995 Collector's Choice #185 - Bryce Paup, Bills: Two stealth Bills cards in this scan.
1993 Topps #649 - Steve Everitt, Browns: One of my favorites. Another Centre card.
1990 Fleer #398 - Checklist: Heh, the Browns are listed on this one. I don't think I have it in my binder yet. I'll take it!
1990 Pro Set - Super Bowl Art #21 - Super Bowl XXI: Pulls 1990 Pro Set into a tie with WLAF.
1990 Pro Set #105 - Eric Williams, Lions: And back into the lead they go!

2012 Topps #431 - Andre Roberts, Cardinals: Cards are making a threat to catch the Bucs.
2004 Topps #73 - Drew Bennett, Titans: I love seeing photos of the ball coming in for the catch.
2014 Topps #331 - Prince Amukamara, Giants: First thing I think of when seeing his name is Spaceballs, and when Lonestar finds out he is a prince.
1989 Pro Set #441 - Marcus Cotton, Falcons: I like the red jerseys and helmets.
2010 Donruss Rated Rookies #97 - Tony Moeaki, Chiefs: A name that I had forgotten. I just remember him having a strong start as a rookie.
2009 Philadelphia #59 - Zach Thomas, Chiefs: A stealth Chiefs card pulls them into a tie with the Bucs!
2011 Topps Chrome #198 - Donovan McNabb, Redskins: Best of the 1999 Quarterback Class.
2011 Absolute Memorabilia - Retail #3 - Tim Hightower, Redskins: I'm wondering why the design choice was made to eliminate the bottom, bottom-right part of the photo.
2011 Topps Prime - Retail #102 - C.J. Spiller, Bills: Became the Bills starter allowing them to trade Marshawn Lynch to Seattle.

2011 Score - Hot Rookies #12 - Greg Little, Browns: A fourth Brown. I'm happy with that.
2013 Topps #386 - Cordarrelle Patterson, Vikings: 75th card of the 75 card repack...
2013 Topps #249 - Travis Frederick, Cowboys: A friend of mine was initially disappointed when the Cowboys drafted Frederick. He has since changed his mind.
2013 Topps #148 - Von Miller, Broncos: A nice photo of a great defensive player.

So both repacks had two things in common. First, they had more cards than promised, 76 last time and 77 this time. Second, 1990 Pro Set, with six, came out on top for the most cards in the repack. I appear to have pulled cards from over 50 different football sets.

The Buccaneers and Chiefs tied for the most cards, with 5, followed by the Colts, Rams, Cardinals, Browns and Bills with 4. I think that five teams not represented in the box: Patriots, Dolphins, Texans, Eagles, and 49ers.

One difference this time, however, is that my free bonus pack was not a pack of 1990 Pro Set.

I am pretty happy to see this because I didn't buy any of it this year, and with all the draft picks the Browns had there is a good chance I'll pull a card for my collection.

2016 Leaf Draft #5 - Bralon Addison, Oregon Ducks: Not drafted, signed with Broncos, released, signed with Bears.
2016 Leaf Draft #38 - Jayron Kearse, Clemson Tigers: Seventh-round pick of the Vikings.
2016 Leaf Draft - All-American Gold #AA-04 - Corey Coleman, Baylor Bears: Woo hoo! Browns first-round pick insert card!
2016 Leaf Draft #70 - Noah Spence, Eastern Kentucky Colonels: Buccaneers second-round pick.
2016 Leaf Draft #18 - Corey Coleman, Baylor Bears: Coleman hot pack!

Well, I'm very happy with the pack that came in this box!

All in all, I had a fun time with the repack. I didn't really expect anything for my collection, so the two Colemans, and the Fleer checklist card were bonuses to me.

The comments from last time made me do this again, so I hope everyone enjoyed this post.


  1. Not bad. I loved those World League cards from Pro Set.

  2. This is great again...Thanks for doing more of them. I hope to see more in the future.

  3. Great work on the ongoing commentary Angus! That looks like it was a fun repack.

  4. Solid repack. Favorite card = 1990 Pro Set Cortez Kennedy

  5. Now that you can retire with the Ryan rookie what do you plan to do with all your free time?

    Burt Grossman sounds like a pornstar alias.

  6. What is the design on that 1990 Fleer checklist? Is it a basketball key?

    1. Oh, and that Amari Cooper is gorgeous.

    2. It kind of looks like a basketball key, but I have no idea what it is supposed to be.

      I'll add the Cooper to the Sorensen from before. (I really have to put that package together for you.)

  7. So... no hit?

    I'm interested in the Bralon Addison card if feel like setting it aside for a rainy day. I'm finally getting something ready to send to you soon.