Saturday 29 April 2023

Trade package: Too Many Verlanders

I always have the best intentions to post the cards from packages sent to me in a timely manner. I figure that I don't need to send out a thank you email right away since the post will be up soon.

So much for good intentions.

I received a great package from Dennis at Too Many Verlanders sometime around St. Patrick's Day, and never did let him know that I received it. Or send him a thank you.

Well, here is the post to show that the package made it. Let's take a look to see what caeds were inside.

We'll start with this 2010 Playoff National Treasures - NFL Gear card of Montario Hardesty numbered out of 25.

I love when the relics have items other than jerseys. It is nice to have the texture of the football in a card.

There have been quite a few Michigan Wolverines that have played for the Browns over the years, and Braylon Edwards is one of them. This means that there is an overlap in Dennis' collection and mine.

I appreciate getting this 2009 Upper Deck - Signature Shots card of Braylon Edwards. 

The second card in the above photo is a 2009 Donruss Gridiron Gear - Performers Jersey Prime card of Brian Robiskie numbered out of 50. It is nice to have the stitching in the swatch in the card.

Edwards and Robiskie only shared part of the 2009 season with the Browns before Edwards was traded to the Jets after four games.

The card on the left is a 2006 Fleer Hot Prospects - Prospectus Jerseys card numbered out of 250.

According to the Trading Card Database, I own 68 different Travis Wilson cards, which has me listed there as his #1 collector. They list 584 different cards for him on the site.

Travis Wilson was a 3rd round pick out of Oklahoma, and played four games for the Browns in 2006, catching two passes for 32 yards. 

The Mohammed Massaquoi card on the right is a 2009 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia - College Materials card of numbered out of 100.

As you can see on the card, Massaquoi was a Georgia Bulldog. He played four NFL seasons with the Browns.

The Ricardo Louis card on the left is from the 2016 Panini Certified set, and is numbered out of 499.

Louis played the 2016 and 2017 seasons with the Browns, and caught 45 passes for 562 yards.

The large jersey swatch in the card on the right doesn't really stand out that much in this photo, but it is the background of this 2016 Panini Clear Vision - Rookie Clear Cloth Jersey card of Cody Kessler that is numbered out of 99.

Kessler started eight games at quarterback as a rookie for the Browns in 2016. How many times did the Browns have to throw a rookie quarterback in when they weren't really expected to play, and then give up on them before giving them a full off-season with the team?

It was nice to get this Ben Watson gold parallel from the 2011 Panini Rookies & Stars set. He was a very solid Tight End for the Browns from 2010-2012 during his 15 year NFL career.

Willis McGahee played the final season of his 10 year career with the Browns in 2013. This card is from the 2014 Panini Prizm set.

Here are some 2015 cards that were in the package.

The Duke Johnson card is from the 2015 Panini Gridiron Kings set, while the Karlos Dansby and Vince Mayle cards are from the 2015 Topps Platinum set.

I enjoyed watching Karlos Dansby play, and was happy to see him play with the Browns for the 2014 and 2015 seasons. During the 2015 season, he had three interceptions for the Browns, and ran two of them back for touchdowns.

The top card of Seth DeValve is a Prizm card from the 2016 Panini Prizm set. DeValve played for the Browns from 2016-2018.

Matthew Dayes played the 2017 season with the Browns. His two cards in the bottom of the picture are from the 2017 Panini Rookies & Stars and Donruss Optic sets.

The Carlos Hyde card to the left is from the 2018 Panini set. Hyde played in eight games for the Browns in 2018.

The Greedy Williams card is from the 2019 Donruss set. Williams was the first Browns player selected in the 2019 NFL Draft, a second round pick out of LSU. After three seasons with the Browns, he signed as a free agent with the Eagles last month.

Here are four cards of Myles Garrett, the first overall pick of the 2017 NFL Draft. They are from the 2020 Panini Legacy, 2021 Donruss Elite, 2021 Panini Chronicles and 2022 Panini Prestige sets.

There are two more Garrett cards at the top of the above photo, from the 2020 Panini Mosaic set, and the 2021 Panini Rookies & Stars sets.

The bottom two cards are a 2021 Panini Prestige card of Jarvis Landry, and a 2021 Donruss card of Kareem Hunt.

I was happy with both players stints on the Browns. I hope that Landry is healthier this year with the Saints, and am still curious to see where Hunt winds up as a free agent. I would be happy to hear that he re-signed with the Browns.

We are now at the final four cards from the package.

The Greg Newsome II card is from the 2021 Panini Playbook set, while the Baker Mayfield card is from the 2021 Panini Select set. 

I like Baker Mayfield and hope he does well with Tampa Bay.

The Denzel Ward and Perrion Winfrey cards are from the 2022 Panini Prestige set.

After some discipline problems hurt Winfrey during his rookie season, he was arrested on a misdemeanor assault complaint a couple of weeks ago. I hope he gets things sorted out.

I would like to finish with a big thank you to Dennis for the wonderful cards. Dennis, I'm sorry that I didn't let you know that I had received the package.

(OhioTim, can you email me your address? My email address is in the Profile link in the blog.)


  1. I'm happy you liked those, Angus, and thanks again for all the fantastic Wolverines you sent my way!

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  3. I've seen lots of cards with a piece of football in them, but have never seen one that also had some of the writing from the football as well.