Saturday 4 March 2023

Blog Bat Around - Alphabet Challenge

I've seen a few people tackle Nachos Grande's card blog name Alphabet Challenge, and figured that it would be something that I could jump in with for my blog. Of course, mine will be with Cleveland Browns players that have cards that I own.

D - Dieken, Doug

Long-time left tackle, and then broadcaster for the Browns. He has pretty much always been associated with the Browns for as long as I've followed them.

A - Alzado, Lyle

I don't have many memories of seeing him as a Brown, although I do remember him with the team. I remember him more for his personality and his play with the Raiders.

W - Warfield, Paul

For years I would go into a local card store and look at the cards locked in a cabinet hung on the wall. Inside there was a 1965 Philadelphia Paul Warfield rookie card. I always wanted it, and eventually gave myself the go-ahead to buy it. I consider it to be my first big card purchase.

G - Groza, Lou

It was tough to not go with Otto Graham here, but I had heard of "The Toe" before I had heard of Graham, and loved the fact that a tackle was also the kicker for the team.

D - Dixon, Hanford

Credited with naming the Dawg Pound. Loved having Dixon with Frank Minnifield together for years as Pro Bowl cornerbacks.

A - Anderson, Derek

He had a great 2007 season, and I was so disappointed when the Browns missed the playoffs with their 10-6 record. His week 2 win (51-45) against the Bengals is a very fond memory.

Y - Young, Glen

This is a strange pick. As far as I can tell, Glen Young is the only Browns player with a last name starting with Y that I own a card of. On the other hand, I love these 1986 McDonald's cards!

C - Cribbs, Josh

He brought so much excitement to special teams, and developped as a receiver. He was also used in the Wildcat offense when it was all the rage.

A - Acho, Emmanuel

Not for his playing career, but for his YouTube videos and his media career.

R - Ryan, Frank

The last quarterback to win a Championship for the Browns (1964). I love that he managed to earn his PhD in Mathematics during his NFL playing career.

D - Dawson, Phil

Browns kicker from the 1999 expansion season through the 2012 season. I'll always remember his kick against Baltimore that went through the uprights, bounced off the support post and back through the uprights and landed ahead of goal posts. After much discussion, the officials called it good and had to get the Ravens back fron their locker room where they were celebrating their win. Dawson then kicked the game winning field goal in overtime.

S - Sipe, Brian

The Browns quarterback when I first started following the team. Love those Kardiac Kids!

This was fun, and there were a couple of tough choices. If I were to do this again in a few years, Nick Chubb could pass Josh Cribbs, and I found it to be a difficult choice between Brian Sipe and Webster Slaughter, one of my favorite receivers with a great name!

One thing that I noticed is that the letters for my blog name don't include the necessary letters for some of my favorite Browns - Steve Everitt, Bernie Kosar, Clay Matthews, Eric Metcalf, Ozzie Newsome, Joe Thomas. Instead I get three 'D's, and three 'A's to choose from.

I hope you enjoyed my contribution to this Blog Bat Around.


  1. Lou Groza - kicker/defensive end. You don't see that anymore!

    1. And I don't think we're supposed to see that here as he was a kicker/offensive tackle.

      I've never noticed the card said defensive end.

  2. Very nice, thanks for playing along :)

  3. Despite not being a Browns fan, I do have to say that is a great selection of players for your challenge.

    A side note...did you send out the Panini stickers I requested last fall?

    1. I've got them set aside for you but I think I need you to email me your address.

  4. That Sipe mini poster is awesome! Blast from the past. Just like Minnifield and Dixon.