Friday 9 August 2019

Recent Sportlots orders - pre-move Browns

While looking to pick up some of the more recent Browns Panini football stickers, I found myself once again looking at Sportlots which is usually a good place to find cheap singles of base cards.

I ended up buying cards from multiple sellers, and after my first round of cards arrived, I went back and made another order from one of the sellers. I'm going to put all the cards together for my next few posts. Here are the cards that I picked up from before the Browns move to Baltimore.

Top (l-r): 1967 Philadelphia #40; 1966 Philadelphia #47
Bottom: 1968 Topps #215

The miscut Morrow card brings me down to needing only the checklist that lists the Browns for the 1966 Philadelphia set.

The Fichtner card brings me down to needing the checklist card, and a card of John Morrow for the 1967 Philadelphia team set.

The 1968 Frank Ryan card is the last Browns card that I needed from that set.

Top: 1984 Topps Stickers #34/184
Bottom: 1984 Topps Stickers #139/151

The top sticker has Everson Walls, of the Dallas Cowboys, paired up with the Browns kicker, Matt Bahr.

The bottom sticker is a foil All-Pro sticker with Browns linebacker Chip Banks, and tackle Mike Kenn, of the Atlanta Falcons.

These have left me still needing two more Topps Stickers to collect to complete my 1984 Topps Stickers team set.

Top (l-r): 1993 Pro Set Power - Gold #19 and #157
Bottom: 1993 Pro Set Power - Gold #159

These cards doubled my gold parallel cards from this set. I'm still missing two cards to complete the team set, both of them of Pepper Johnson.

Kosar, Matthews, Mike Johnson... Such fond memories when I see these cards.

L-R: 1993 Pacific Prisms #17; 1994 Pro Line Live - Autographs (#/1000)

This is the third Tommy Vardell autograph that I've added to my collection. At $5.00, this was the most expensive card that I purchased in my Sportlots orders.

The next card is an oddball that I already owned in its packaging, but that I wanted a second version of to open for my collection.

1994 Action Packed Mammoth #MM21 (#/25000)

Okay, so it is an Action Packed card from a set called "Mammoth". But how big are these mammoth cards? Let's put another card on it to give us perspective.

Yep, it is pretty big.

Pro Football Reference lists 107 NFL players that were born in Canada. Mark Rypien is one of them. He is one of three quarterbacks born in Canada to play in the NFL, along with Jesse Palmer with the Giants (2002-03), and Charlie O'Rourke with three teams in the 1940s.

L-R: 1994 Classic Assets #23; 1994 Classic Four Sports - Gold #59

Here are a couple of college cards of Antonio Langham that I needed.

1995 Collector's Edge Excalibur - Challengers Draft Day Redemption

I had never seen any of these redemption cards before, so I was very happy to buy this one. It was the second most expensive card that I bought in my orders, behind the Tommy Vardell autograph.

Here are the details for the redemption.

For the Browns, this redemption card was to be redeemed for a card of linebacker Craig Powell. I don't own the Craig Powell card yet.

L-R: 1995 Pacific #86; 1995 Playoff Prime - Minis #124

I don't know how I didn't already own this Issac Booth card. I would have thought that I had completed the Browns team set, but my wantlist said otherwise.

This is my first Issac Booth card, and there are two parallels to find to go along with it.

This Leroy Hoard card is the last mini that I needed for the team set.

1995 Pacific Gridiron #14

I've shown the red parallel of this base card before. I still really love these oversized cards for their backs that actually talk about the game where the photo was taken.

I know that I've shown the back before, but since I love it so much, I'll show it again.

Over 76,000 fans at the game. Hard for a NFL owner to make money with that sort of attendance.

I really hope that with the announcement that they will be inducting more people into the NFL Hall of Fame to celebrate the 100th year of the NFL, that there is no consideration at all given to the Browns former owner that moved the team. (Yes, I'm not even going to name him here.)

1995 Pacific Gridiron - Copper #61

This was supposed to be the red parallel that I ordered, which would complete my team set. Instead I was sent the copper parallel, which is my first of that parallel.

(Of course, knowing that the copper parallel of Herschel Walker is on The Herschel Hoard's ten most wanted list, I immediately went back to look to see if the seller had a "red" Herschel Walker for sale. Sadly, he didn't have any Herschel Walker Gridiron cards.)

Here is the back, which you'll see is from the same game as the Eric Metcalf card.

This ends the pre-move portion of my purchase.

Not that I intended to do one of those "build a blaster" type of posts, but I just looke at the receipts and calculated how much I spent on the cards in this post. They came to $19.72, of which about half of which came from two cards.

It also turns out that all of these cards, along with a bunch of newer ones, came from the same seller - 'kbartell'. He is a great seller, and my shipment went out very quickly and arrived in great shape.


  1. Some nice pickups for you, Angus. Thanks for asking about the H.Walker, gridiron copper.

  2. Oh man... I remember the days of watching Touchdown Tommy highlights back when he played at Stanford. Cool card.

  3. Sounds like you don't have too many more vintage Browns to get. Mammoth, huh? Never heard of it! I'm very curious to know how that was packaged?

    1. They were packaged and sold individually.

      If you look at the set on TCDB, you'll see some of the cards were scanned in their packaging.