Thursday 1 August 2019

eBay purchase and a TCDB trade

Recently on eBay, I managed to win an eBay auction with a minimum $0.99 bid, with $0.99 shipping.

1971 Kellogg's #49

For some reason, I've never found the two Browns from the 1971 Kellogg's set at card shows. I don't check eBay for them often, but on occasion I take a look. Luckily, I spotted this one about a day and a half before its auction was going to end.

There were scans of both the front and back of the card in the listing, and perhaps others thought it was too rough to bid on, but I am thrilled to add this card to my collection.

I still need the Bo Scott card, but the cheapest it is available for on eBay right now is $5.25, with $3.99 shipping. I'll keep waiting to find it at a show, or for a cheaper auction to start.

The 1971 season was Erich Barnes' last in the NFL.


Another trade envelope was waiting for me during my last trip to my P.O. Box. This one was initiated by Trading Card Database user 'mrdonnee'. He saw a 2018 Panini Prizm - Red, White and Blue parallel card of Lamar Jackson that I had on my  trade list, and offered me two Browns cards for it.

Originally, I was hoping to save the Jackson to trade for either a Baker Mayfield card, or for a parallel of one of the other Browns rookies, but when I saw one of the cards being offered, I decided it was a good trade.

L-R: 2018 Panini Prizm #155; 2018 Panini Prizm - Prizm Lazer #155

I had never actually seen one of the Prizm Lazer cards before, and thought that it would be worth trading for. Once I got the Lazer card in hand, and saw it, I was even happier with the trade. And the card scans so well too.

Thank you, 'mrdonnee'!


This next part is just a health update, and has no cards.

I can't believe that August is here, and I know that a lot of card collectors are reading about the National right now.

A convention that I usually attend always seems to be the same weekend as the National, and it is again this year. That would be Gencon, a game convention that takes place in Indianapolis.

Sadly, I just didn't get quite healthy enough to attend Gencon this year. Although I've made the hour long drive to my P.O. Box a couple of times, and I think that I could probably sit in the car for the three hours to Syracuse if I wanted to right now (but I would probably be limping around a bit when I first got out of the car), there is no chance that I could make the approximately fourteen hour drive to Indianapolis. I don't think that I could even tolerate sitting in airline seats for the required times for flights to Indianapolis.

It sucks that I can't be at Gencon, and I've been getting texts from friends that are there that are wondering if I am there, or telling me that they've just heard about my curling accident and the follow-up surgery. I'm very disappointed that I don't get to see these friends.

For a health update, last week I went to my first rehab appointment. I had a good appointment, and the therapist gave me two stretches that she wants me to do three times daily in three sets of 30 seconds. She also told me that she wants me to go for a daily walk, suggesting that I start with five minutes and work my way up to a half hour.

After a week of doing what I was asked, I am noticing a difference.

I'm feeling it when I do my stretches, but I am also noticing that it doesn't hurt as much when I lift my leg up to get into my car. The stretches must be improving my range of motion, and that is making things better.

The walks have frustrated me. For my first walk, I figured that I would go for about ten minutes. I felt that I should be able to handle that. 

I planned out a route, and went for my walk. I couldn't walk as fast as I thought I could, and it turned out to take me about 18 minutes to walk my planned route. I know that I was limping, and I was very tired when I finished, but it didn't seem too bad.

The next day, however, I was sore, and knew that I would have to shorten my route. I knocked it down to approximately ten minutes, and have been doing that route since. At first I was feeling pain in both hips, as well as my right knee, but that has been getting better.. I know that my stride still isn't a clean one, but I don't think that I'm limping as badly either. If it goes well for the next couple of days, I'll try to stretch out the time a little bit.

I never thought that I would get to a point where I would struggle to walk. Even when I've been the most out of shape that I've been, I could, in normal circumstances, easily walk for extended lengths of time without any problems. But I guess that after four months of not really moving around much, and really only walking between rooms, or between my car and whatever building I was going to, or shopping for groceries, my body wasn't ready for such, and I use the term loosely, exercise.

I'm frustrated with my recovery time even though this is still fitting into the timeframe that the surgeon told me about before my surgery. I guess things are working out, and there are lots of things that show my that I'm getting better, but it is just too slow, and I seem to be missing out on so many things that I want to do.

Right now, my hopes are to extend the walking time, and keep the therapist happy with my progress. I would also like to get down to Syracuse or Binghamton for a ball game sometime soon, and I'd like to play a round of golf before the end of summer. (I have to ask my therapist if she thinks the golf will be possible.) I would also like to get down to a friend's birthday barbeque just outside of Baltimore at the end of August. We'll have to see if I can spend about eight hours driving by then.

I know that I probably won't be able to do all the things that I want, but at least I have something to work for with my rehab.

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  1. It's good to see another update. Is there a set timetable of when you're supposed to be completely healed and back to normal?