Monday 18 February 2019

Recent trade and eBay acquisitions

I recently made a trade with a member on The Trading Card Database, and bought a few eBay auctions from another member that had advertised them in the TCDB forums.

Here are the cards that I received in trade from TCDB member "cjjt":

Top: 1999 Upper Deck Ovation - Spotlight #OS1
Bottom: 2000 Quantum Leaf - Banner Season #BS-9 (#/2447)

Always happy to add some more Tim Couch cards to my collection. He's the only player with more than 500 different cards in my collection. Sadly, that isn't even a third of the cards that are listed on at the TCDB.

I love how random the serial number seems to be for the Banner Season card. Obviously the 2447 is shown on the front as being his total passing yards, but still.

L-R: 2000 Collector's Edge Supreme #162 (#/2000); 2000 Collector's Edge T3 - Future Legends #FL15

Currently, I have 34 players with over 100 different cards in my collection. These two bring Travis Prentice to 97.

The Future Legends card image is slightly embossed. It's neat to see him almost breaking out of the card.

2000 Pacific Omega #169 (#/500)

Dennis Northcutt was drafted from the Arizona Wildcats, and is shown in his college uniform with any of the licensed parts stripped away. It sure makes it look pretty generic.

The trade went well, and I hope to complete more trades with "cjjt" in the future.

As for the cards that I won on eBay, they were from TCDB member "SaintOrm", with his eBay handle "pazzocow".

I have bought from him before, and actually picked up my first purchase from him in person in Phoenix during one trip to visit my mother. He's a great guy, and great seller. He currently has a bunch of basketball and football cards listed.

Here is what I won from him recently:

2011 SP Authentic #219 (#/699)

One of these days I will count to see how many different Greg Little autographs that I own. I think it is a lot. They're cheap and it doesn't seem like too many people are chasing them.

This is a pretty cool on-card autograph, with a nice three color swatch.

2011 Upper Deck College Football Legends - Autographs #61

Eric Metcalf was one of my favorite Browns from the early 1990s. This is my first Eric Metcalf autograph, so I'm thrilled with adding it to my collection. I'm glad that it is on-card.

Looking at my collection numbers, Metcalf is the highest ranked player from before the move to Baltimore at 195 cards. Overall, he ranks number five in my collection.

2017 Panini Absolute - Rookie Reflex Red #RR-MD

Just for comparison sake, this is my fifth Matthew Dayes autograph, out of fourteen of his cards that I own. I'm not complaining about that but it just helps show how many autographs are out there for modern players.

Both of these autographed cards were needed for my collection, but which do you think means more to me?


  1. I'm kind of curious now, with over 500 cards, are you the top Tim Couch collector on the TCDB?

    1. I just looked and I'm about 120 cards ahead of the second place person.

      For Cleveland Browns cards, I'm about 4000 ahead of the second place person.

    2. Congratulations on being the top Couch collector!

      That Quantum Leaf Banner Season insert is beautiful! I don't think I opened up a lot of 2000 product, which explains why I don't remember seeing one of these.

    3. That's only with those listed on the TCDB. I'm sure there are other collectors out there with larger collections for both Couch and the Browns.

  2. Nice Metcalf auto! I was going to offer up some of my extra Couch cards, but after seeing your TCDB totals there's no way I have anything you need.

    1. You might be surprised. There are still lots of Couch cards to find. My wantlists will show all the Couch cards I need.