Thursday 27 December 2018

Favorite card of 2018 and a couple of Christmas gifts

Once again, P-town Tom of the Waiting 'til Next Year... blog is running a favorite card of 2018 contest.

Looking at this year where the Browns have returned to respectability, one might think that I would have a Baker Mayfield, Denzel Ward or Nick Chubb card as my favorite. These rookies have all had wonderful seasons and I hope to accumulate many of their cards over what I hope are long and successful careers in Cleveland.

However, looking through the 2018 cards that I added to my Browns collection, the one that jumped out at me went in a different direction. I feel that it is a nice tribute to a future Hall of Famer.

Here is my favorite 2018 card that I added to my collection:

I love the photo of Joe Thomas carrying his helmet. It shows him, the person. I also don't mind the shiny pattern in the background that helps spotlight Thomas further.

I'm also very pleased with the write-up on the back of the card.

Thank you, Joe Thomas, for the great career that you had with the Browns.

I've really enjoyed seeing Thomas on Thursday Night Football telecasts. I really hope to see him in more prominent tv roles. I find him to really be funny, with good insights.


I exchanged Christmas gifts with a good friend today.

I bought him a remote controlled R2-D2, his wife some chocolates and a page-a-day calendar, and his daughter a couple of board games and Barbie-like Bella Twins wrestling figures.

From them, I received a book:

Of course, my comment about the book was that since the Browns have never made a Super Bowl there won't be any stories worth reading in there.

To go with it, they also gave me something that I have never owned before:

I have a number of Browns jerseys, but have never owned a Kosar one. The oldest jersey, and my first jersey, was an Ozzie Newsome one. I am very happy to add this one to the rest of them. And I am happy to have another old style, classic jersey.

A funny thing about the jersey is that after he gave it to me, he joked that now he needed to get a Cowboys Kosar jersey that we could wear together. Okay, that really isn't that funny, but then I told him that if he did that we would then have to get his oldest friend, and my roommate his own Kosar jersey too. My roommate is a Miami Hurricanes fan. I just think it would be funny for all of us to go to a bar wearing different Kosar jerseys. (We don't have any Miami Dolphins fans in our group.)


  1. Love that this card is of an OL. They get about as much love as middle relievers in baseball. Thanks for the post!

  2. Thomas is the man. Loved that he stayed loyal to Cleveland and their fans. Great card.