Tuesday 19 December 2017

Season of Giving from TCDB member herkojerko

Near the end of November, Trading Card Database member herkojerko started a Season of Giving thread in the forums. He offered to send cards from members' wantlists to the first five members to respond. I was lucky enough to see the message fairly quickly and today found some cards in the mail.
1994 Signature Rookies - Autographs #30

Antonio Langham was selected with the ninth pick of the 1st Round of the NFL Draft by the Cleveland Browns. He started every game for the Browns for the two years he played in Cleveland before the team was moved to Baltimore, intercepting two passes in each of those seasons. He made the 1994 NFL All-Rookie Team.

He played two seasons in Baltimore before going to San Francisco for the 1998 season. After one season in San Francisco he returned to Cleveland for one season with the 1999 expansion Browns before playing his last NFL season with the Patriots in 2000.

It's pretty cool to get an autograph that I needed from 1994!

Also included were the following cards that tell part of a story.

As Night Owl will probably agree, Porky Pig wearing a Browns uniform makes these Browns cards. (Well, he's not in the middle card but I scanned it for the story.)

Should I make some sort of comment about having Porky be a Browns quarterback is fitting? No? This set came out while Bernie Kosar was the starting quarterback. I don't know if the Browns would have a win with Kosar at quarterback now, as he is 54, but obviously he couldn't have a worse record and his decision making in the red zone would be better.

Anyway, I'm sure most of you remember the various Comic Ball sets that Upper Deck put out in the 1990s. These cards are from 1992's Comic Ball IV set which was a football crossover. These are card numbers 38-42, and Porky doesn't appear in the rest of the "Run and Shout" story. (A Browns quarterback benched? No!)

If you want to see the rest of the story you can find it continuing in the set's gallery at the Trading Card Database.

A big thank you, and Merry Christmas to herkojerko!


  1. It is funny how you can make the argument that some of these earliest autograph sets are probably the best. Always on card, and clean design was standard practice.

    1. Also, numerically more available, it seems, than those today too!