Friday 22 December 2017

Favorite card of 2017

(Note: I had this prepared to post before I left for Arizona for Christmas. While just looking at my last post, I realized that I left out a scan that had an absolutely amazing card from Wes! Oops. Anyway, I'll post a follow-up when I return home after Christmas. Now to get to the new post.)

Since I'm posting again, I should make sure that I follow some of the blog trends and contests that are going on. With that, here is my contribution to P-town Tom's Favorite Card of 2017 contest.

Whether it is due to the disgust over the Browns winless season so far, following last year's great success, I really haven't picked up that many Browns cards this year, and that may have influenced my pick.
2017 Donruss - Press Proof Red #203
I guess I'm just living in the past but I love this card of a football legend, and to make the card even better I picked it up at a show with Night Owl. (Come to think of it, last year's favorite card was also found at a show with Night Owl too. Maybe the event helps make the cards better.)

I love the photo on this card - the mud on the uniform, and how you can see Jim Brown looking forward finding that hole to run through or an opposing player to run over!

A funny thing about this card is that I don't own the regular base card yet which is a little surprising because I've really enjoyed the Donruss cards this year. I think it says a lot about me that my two favorite sets put out this year are two of what would be considered the lower end sets: Donruss and Panini Classics. Now if Panini would just give me something similar to Topps Total I would be thrilled.

Thanks for running the contest P-town Tom. It is always fun seeing everyone's choices.


  1. I really like the picture on that card... you're right, the mud really makes it! Happy Holidays and thanks for participating!

  2. I don’t pay attention to the NFL anymore but when I cared, I was a Browns fan. I still enjoy picking up cards of the players of yesteryear.

  3. Great looking card. Love the nicely cropped action shot.