Friday 24 February 2017

Another Baseball Card Blog delayed trade post

Continuing my belated thanks to bloggers that have sent me cards recently, I thank Mike at Not Another Baseball Card Blog.

A long time ago, Mike posted that he had some extras of a 1993 Expos set available. I decided to take him up on one of the cards.

It never hurts to get a baseball card of my favorite player.

Nice guy that he is, Mike also included a bunch of Browns cards for me.

Every Browns card is appreciated even if I already have them. It is just fun to look in an envelope and have memories of the various players and cards.

The 1990 football season, represented by the Score cards above, was the first season where NFL cards seemed very easy to find in Ottawa. I mean, with Pro Set and Score entering into the picture in 1989, I was able to find some then, but in 1990 they seemed to be everywhere! It was great!

1991 was the year that I moved out of my family home and in with roommates. One was a fellow card collector. We hit so many shows, and bought so many 1991 football cards.

There were five of us living in the house, and we were all football fans. As much as the late 1980s teams were the Browns glory years of my lifetime (and yes, I'm aware that this is a very, very sad statement), with collecting, and subscribing to the Browns News Illustrated newspaper, this is when I really started following the team. Before that, all I really had to read regarding the NFL was a football magazine at the start of the season, and whatever was reported in Sports Illustrated.

I'll admit that during Bill Belichick's first couple of years coaching the Browns, I didn't understand what he was doing. When he cut Bernie Kosar, I was up in arms. However, he had really straightened out the team, and I think they were set up nicely for the future (first in the division) when the news broke that the team would be moving to Baltimore. The team collapsed, and Belichick was let go before the Ravens went to training camp for that first season.

A fun item that Mike also provided me with was one of those Pro-Set Collect-A-Books. Since we've probably all seen the outside of them so many times, I've scanned the inside so you can see the whole thing.

Thanks, Mike, I really enjoyed the cards! Sorry about the delay in posting about them.

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