Monday 24 October 2016

Interesting additions to my collection

There have been a couple more Browns losses, and quarterback injuries since my last post. I guess those things are more consistent than my posting.

An interesting waiver claim today, the Browns claimed quarterback Joe Callahan. The interesting part is that Callahan is the name of the star quarterback in the Kevin Costner movie Draft Day. (It was Bo Callahan in the movie.) Sadly, the Browns have been stranger than fiction since the movie came out.

Anyway, I added some interesting cards to my collection since my last post.

1977 Topps Mexican #259
I always check out the Forum Postings at the Trading Card Database, including the sales threads, but usually I don't see anything there that I need for my collection. That changed with a post with a post from user C2Cigars where he listed the above cards as one of the items for sale on eBay (seller name: c2cigars). He asked TCDB members to let them know if they were purchasing anything from him.

Well, after sending him a message, he dropped his price on the card, and then when it showed up he had included another card that I needed with it. (I guess that is the good thing about having cards in my wantlist on the site when trading with another member.) To any other TCDB members, if you see his sales posts, take a look and send him a message! He's a great seller!

2009 Panini Rookies & Stars Longevity #24
Thanks for the needed bonus card!

That wasn't my only free card, but the next one came from a blog reader.

2000 Fleer Tradition - Feel the Game #38

A while back I received an email from the owner of the Collating Cards blog telling me that he had the above card to give me if I wanted it. Of course I did! He was kind enough to send it to my address in Canada and it was a nice surprise in the mail last week after a very long, tough day at work. Thanks a lot, it was greatly appreciated!

I also won an ebay auction that had one item for me, and a little bit of trade bait.

1972-73 Fleer Team Cloth Patch Stickers
Of course, I bought this for the Browns sticker, and knowing that I could give the Raiders one to a friend here in Ottawa if I don't find a taker for it, but it also came with the following sticker too.

1960 Topps - Metallic Stickers
There was something odd about this sticker though, something that I'll have to compare with the Browns one that I own from the set. It feels as though the backing is off the sticker, and that it is just the sticker itself. It looks a little like it should be tacky, but it isn't. The back is all there, no paper loss like it had been torn out of a book, but the top edge is a little dirty. Strange.

From another lot purchase on eBay, I wound up with some needed cards. I'll show the memorabilia and autographed card that were actually listed in the description so I knew that I needed them. There were also some needed base cards but I'll save them for another post.

2004 Leaf Rookies & Stars - Masks #M-31  (#/325)
I have a lot of memorabilia cards, but this card adds the first pieces of a facemask to my collection. According to the back of a card it was from a facemask that was worn by Luke McCown at the 2004 NFL Players Rookie Premiere. Even though a lot of the memorabilia pieces come from the Rookie Premieres and other staged events, I still think it cool to get a piece of a facemask.

2007 SP Rookie Threads - Rookie Threads Silver #RT-BQ
I've said it before, I was a fan of Brady Quinn at Notre Dame and was happy to see him drafted by the Browns. I imagine that this card would have been hot when it came out since he was a first-round draft pick. I like when they shape the card to show something like the player's jersey number.

A card that probably would not have been as welcome to the person that opened it is this one.

2011 Topps Five Star #159  (#/65)
I know that Browns aren't always the most sought after hits, and when you buy a product like Five Star you're probably hoping for a bigger name, and a different team. I get that. I usually don't pull Browns cards, and there are sorts of players and teams that make me go, "Really?" But, hey, I'll take those Browns cards that people don't want, even if it is years after the fact. The autograph is on-card, which is nice, although it seems to be a little faded. (I won't make the argument that all the letters after L in Little were somehow wiped off. I have enough Greg Little autographs to know that is what you get.)

2014 Panini Crown Royale - Rookie Silhouettes #211  (#/199)
I enjoyed West's 2014 rookie season paired with Isaiah Crowell, but the Browns traded him to the Titans early last season. He's playing with the Ravens now, driving me nuts after I picked him up as a spare running back in my fantasy league. He had a nice game a couple of weeks ago while he was riding on my bench. Sigh.

And of course, can I really finish a post without having one of these?

2015 Topps Inception - Rookie Patches Red #RP-VM  (#/50)
Another Vince Mayle card! At least it's a nice one.

I hope to post a bit more this week before heading out to the Phoenix area on Thursday for my mom's birthday.

I mailed some envelopes out to a few people over the weekend, but am still so far behind on people that I want to send things to. I think I've seen other people post zip codes so here is where those envelopes went: 02919, 45067, 70130, 97207, 89436 and 60586. Enjoy!